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Miscellaneous Enhancements


If it was used in your applications previously, PLEASE CHECK YOUR APPLICATION CODE! it either returned the wrong results; or someone, at some point, did a workaround and reversed the arguments deliberately in order to get the right calculation.

In the fbudf library

Changes in Firebird 1.5 affect functions in the fbudf external function library, as follows.-

1.The *NVL and *NULLIF functions remain for backward compatibility, but are deprecated by the introduction of the new internal functions CASE, COALESCE and NULLIF.

2.If you are porting a database that was created in Firebird 1.0.x and you declared the fbudf functions truncate and round, those declarations will no longer work with Firebird 1.5 because the entry_point names were changed. You will need to drop the functions and redeclare them, using the declarations from the fbudf.sql script in the 1.5 /UDF directory.


Note that fbudf cannot handle string fields bigger than (32Kb - 1) bytes in length. This limit may have ill effects where strings are concatenated before being passed to UDFs taking string arguments. If the sum of field is beyond the limit, the behavior is undefined. The function may return a nonsense result or the fbudf code may perform an illegal operation.


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