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Chapter 1

Firebird 1.5.5 Release Notes

This Edition


For Users of Windows Vista

On the Windows Vista platform, the Explorer crashes when the Firebird 1.5 control panel applet is installed. This crash does NOT occur with Firebird 2.n, but attempts to backport the changes to Firebird 1.5.5 did not work.

The installer now disables installation of the 1.5 applet if Vista is detected as the host operating system.

If you intend to install v.1.5.5 manually from the zip kit, do not copy the Firebird control panel applet to the Windows/System32 folder.

The service can still be controlled, like any other, through the Services administration applet.

This sub-release otherwise addresses some security vulnerabilities reported by RISE Security which were closed in Firebird 2.0.3. Those fixes have been back-ported to Firebird 1.5.5.

A few bugs that arose since v.1.5.4 have also been fixed. For details, see Release 1.5.4 Bugs Fixed in v.1.5.5.

Previous Editions

Firebird 1.5.4 Release Notes

The Firebird 1.5.4 sub-release adds no new functionality but building the software for both Classic and SuperServer for HP-UX11 is now supported.

This sub-release introduces a number of additional retrospective fixes to bugs that became apparent and were fixed in the Firebird 2 tree during the Firebird 2.0 beta cycle.

Fixes to bugs introduced in v.1.5, v.1.5.1, v.1.5.2 and v.1.5.3 are appended to the feature list in the section Release 1.5.3 Bugs Fixed in v.1.5.4.

A further list of fixes is prepended to the Old Bugs Fixed.

Firebird 1.5.3 Release Notes

The Firebird 1.5.3 sub-release introduces a number of retrospective fixes to bugs that became apparent and were fixed in the Firebird 2 tree during the pre-alpha and alpha phases of the Firebird 2 development.

Minor enhancements added since v.1.5.2 are described in Firebird 1.5.3 Point Release Additions.

Note the addition of a new optional compatibility parameter to firebird.conf. For details of this parameter--OldColumnNaming--refer to the section Compatibility Parameters.


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