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Do the following





Lock or unlock a layer

Click the Pencil icon

beside the layer







If you disable the Edit across layers button , you can work on the active layer and the Desktop layer only. You can’t select or edit objects on inactive layers.

You can’t “lock” or “unlock” the Grid layer.

You can also allow editing of the active or of all layers by enabling or disabling the Edit across layers button in the Object manager docker. Editing across layers is enabled when the button appears pressed.

You can also lock or unlock a layer by right-clicking the layer in the Object manager docker and clicking Editable.

To rename a layer

1Click Tools ` Object manager.

2Right-click the layer name, and click Rename.

You can also rename a layer by clicking the layer name and typing a new name.

To change the position of a layer in the stacking order

1Click Tools ` Object manager.

2In the Layers list, drag a layer name tag to the new position.

Moving and copying objects between layers

You can move or copy selected objects to new layers, including layers on the Master Page to another page and back.

Moving or copying an object to a layer below its current layer causes the object to become the top object on its new layer. Similarly, moving or copying an object to a layer above its current layer causes the object to become the bottom object.

CorelDRAW: Working with layers


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