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Closing multiple line segments can be the starting point for more complex drawings.

To close multiple line segments

1Hold down Shift, and select each object using the Pick tool .

2Click Arrange ` Close path, and click one of the following:

Closest nodes with straight lines

Closest nodes with curvy lines

Start to end with straight lines

Start to end with curvy lines

Text and blends fitted to a path will be detached from their paths when the paths are closed.

You can also connect the subpaths in a group of objects.

You can also select lines by marquee selecting. If the lines are marquee selected, the properties from the top object on a layer are used. To see which object is the top one, open the Object manager docker by clicking Window `

Dockers ` Object manager.

Applying brush strokes

CorelDRAW lets you apply a variety of preset brush strokes, ranging from strokes with arrowheads to ones that are filled with rainbow patterns. When you draw a preset brush

CorelDRAW: Working with lines, outlines, and brush strokes


stroke, you can specify some of its attributes. For example, you can change the width of a brush stroke and specify its smoothness.

You can also create custom brush strokes using an object or a group of vector objects. When you create a custom brush stroke, you can save it as a preset.

The above image was created using different kinds of brush strokes and widths.

To apply a preset brush stroke

1Open the Curve flyout , and click the Artistic media tool .

2Click the Brush button on the property bar.

3Choose a brush stroke from the Brush stroke list box.

If you want to smooth the edges of the brush stroke, type a value in the Freehand smoothing box on the property bar.

4Drag until the stroke is the shape you want.

If you want to set the width of the stroke, type a value in the Artistic media tool width box on the property bar.

If you have access to a brush stroke that isn’t listed in the Brush stroke list box, you can apply it by clicking the Browse button on the property bar, and locating the brush stroke file.

To create a custom brush stroke

1Select an object or a set of grouped objects.

2Open the Curve flyout , and click the Artistic media tool .


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 User Guide

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