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You can also zoom in by double-clicking or dragging anywhere in the drawing window using the Hand tool . To zoom out, right-click in the drawing window.

To pan in the drawing window

1Open the Zoom flyout , and click the Hand tool .

2Drag in the drawing window until the area you want to view displays.

When you are not editing text, you can also access the Hand tool by pressing the H key.

If you want to pan in the drawing window while zoomed in on the drawing, click the Navigator button in the bottom-right corner of the drawing window or the N key. Drag the cross-haired pointer around in the Navigator pop-up window.

Previewing a drawing

You can preview a drawing to see how it will look when you print and export. When you preview a drawing, only the objects on the drawing page and in the immediate area of the drawing window are displayed, and you can see all layers that are set to print in the Object Manager. If you want to get a closer look at specific objects in a drawing, you can select and preview them, too. When you preview selected objects, the rest of the drawing is hidden.

Before you preview a drawing, you can specify the preview mode. The preview mode affects the speed at which your preview displays and the amount of detail that is displayed in the drawing window.

You can also display consecutive pages on the screen at the same time and create objects that span two pages.

To preview a drawing

Click View ` Full screen preview.

Click anywhere on the screen, or press any key, to return to the application window.


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 User Guide

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