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To choose a color engine and rendering intent

1Click Tools ` Color management.

2Click on the Internal RGB .

3In the Advanced settings dialog box, from the Rendering intent list box, choose one of the following:

Absolute colorimetric — preserves the white point throughout conversion

Automatic — default setting, which uses saturation for vector graphics and

perceptual for bitmaps

Perceptual — good for a variety of images, especially bitmaps and photographic images

Relative colorimetric — good for producing proofs on inkjet printers

Saturation — good for vector graphics (lines, text, and solid colored objects)

4 Choose an option from the Color engine list box.

Correcting colors for display

You can correct colors so that they display as accurately as possible on screen. If you correct only the display colors, the colors are shown according to the internal RGB, and monitor color profiles.

If you display colors as they will print, on-screen colors simulate output using the Internal RGB, monitor, and printer color profiles. Simulating printer output may cause on-screen colors to appear dull.

To correct colors for display

• Click Tools ` Color management.

Arrows appear orange when they are turned on, and grayed and broken when they are turned off.

The display simulation of a separations printer on a composite printer does not affect output.


CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 User Guide

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