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1 Answer the questions.

a) What did Mr Wonka cry out when he saw what Augustus was doing? - he cried out, 'Oh,

no! Please, Augustus, please! I beg of you not to do that. My chocolate must be untouched

by human hands!'

b) Did Augustus come away from the chocolate river? – No, he didn’t.

c) What was Mr Gloop afraid of? – Mr Gloop afraid of August will be giving that nasty cold of yours to about a million peopleall over the country.

d) What happened to Augustus? He had disappeared under the brown surface.

e) Why didn't Mr Gloop want to dive into the chocolate river? – Mr Gloop didn’t want to dive into the chocolate river because he has got his best suit on.

f) Augustus was sucked in by one of the great pipes, wasn't he? – yes he was.

g) How could everybody see him in the pipe? – Everybody could see him in the pipe because the pipe was made of glass.

h) Was Mr Wonka worried about Augustus? Why or why not? – No he wasn’t.

i) Why did Mrs Gloop scream that her son would be made strawberry-flavoured chocolate-coated fudge? - Mrs Gloop screamed 'My poor Augustus! They'll be selling him by the pound all over the country tomorrow morning!'

j) Why did Mrs Gloop call Mr Wonka "a monster"? – She called him a monster because he sad a joke in that situation that had happened with a boy Augustus.

k) Why wouldn't Mr Gloop allow Augustus to be chocolate fudge? – Mr Wonka wouldn’t allow Augustus to be chocolate fudge Because the taste would be terrible and No one would buy it

1) Where did Mr Wonka ask an Oompa-Loompa to take Mrs and Mr Gloop? Mr Wonka want Oompa-Loompa to take Mr and Mrs Gloop up to the Fudge Room and help them to find their son, Augustus. He's just gone up the pipe.

m) What instruction did Mr Wonka give the Oompa-Loompa? The instruction was 'Go straight to the Fudge Room,' Mr Wonka said to the Oompa-Loompa, 'and when you get there, take a long stick and start poking around inside the big chocolate-mixing barrel. I'm almost certain you'll find him in there. But you'd better look sharp! You'll have to hurry!

n) What did the five Oompa-Loompas on far side of the river suddenly begin to do when Mr and Mrs Gloop and their escort hurried away? the five Oompa-Loompas on the far side of the river suddenly began hopping and dancing about and beating wildly upon a number of very small drums.

o) Did Charlie think that the Oompa-Loompas were joking when he heard their song? – yes he did.

2 Say who said it and when.


a) Come away from the river at once! - Mrs Gloop

b) Gosh, I need a bucket to drink it properly! - Augustus


c) You are dirtying my chocolate! - Mr Wonka

d) You'll be giving that nasty cold of yours to about a million people all over the country. - Mrs Gloop

e) Call the fire brigade. - Mrs Gloop

f) There is no danger! Augustus has gone on a little journey. - Mr Wonka

g) He'll be made into marshmallows in five seconds, Mr Wonka

h) You monster! Mrs Gloop

i) I want you to take Mr and Mrs Gloop up to the Fudge Room and help them to find their son. Mr Wonka

3 Translate the phrases into Russian. Use them in your own sentences or situations.

not to take the slightest notice – не обращать ни малейшего внимания

to lie full length – врать в три короба

all over the country – по всей стране

to keep calm – сохранять спокойствие

to go on a journey – отправиться в путишествие

to sell by the pound/kilo – продать киллограм за фунт

to laugh one's head off – смеяться в одни уста(в одну голову)

4 Role-play the conversation between:

a) Mr Wonka, Mrs Gloop, Mr Gloop (before Augustus was sucked up by a pipe).

b) Mrs Gloop, Mr Gloop, Mr Wonka (after Augustus was sucked up by a pipe).

5 Discuss in class.

a) Was Augustus a good boy? Why or why not?

b) Do you agree that Mr Wonka decided to teach him a lesson? Was it a good way to teach somebody a lesson?

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