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Theme 2.8

  1. Fill in the gaps with an appropriate word or word combination from active vocabulary:

  1. safe, secure, sheltered:

1. Under the bridge they felt ______________ though they say that it is the most dangerous place to hide from tornado. 2. The elderly have always needed a ________________ where they are taken care of and observed by doctors. 3. Is it _________ to leave our begs here? 4. Nowadays to find a ________ job is possible only if you agree to have a moderate salary. 5. They left Jerry, their dog, outdoors with the guests since they were perfectly sure that it was____________ with strangers. 6. A _________ childhood is not always a positive factor in one’s life since it deprives one of the awareness of its hazards. 7. Well, we must go! – Have a ________ journey!

  1. acute, sharp:

1. I am tired of his _____________ remarks now and then. Is it at all possible to stop him? 2. The author's _______________ analysis of the current situation makes an impact on the reader’s consciousness. 3. He sat at the table full of stationery: pens, __________pencils, staplers, paper clips, so that there was almost no room for the papers or a telephone. 4. The car took a(n) ___________ left and disappeared around the corner. 5. She and her sister created a(n) _____________ contrast in their appearance and manners taken after different kin. 6. In your new coat you look ___________, don’t you know? 7. With her ___________ hearing she will catch us hot in the parlour.

  1. to address, to appeal to, to apply to, to consult, to approach:

1. When you ________________ a person at school you’d better add “Sir” or “Madam”, Willie. 2. If you have a mind to buy a house you will have to ______________ the bank ______a loan. 3. In his speech to the public he mainly ___________ their mercy and common sense. 4. The Rada Deputy ____________the Attorney _____ the investigation of the case. 5. You don’t look all right, look, you are trembling all over. Why don’t you ____________ the doctor? 6. One should be stark mad to ___________ the conscience of such a dishonest politician. 7. If you have problems with the course paper why don’t you _______________ your supervisor?

  1. Reformulate the following using active vocabulary:

  1. Their efforts contributed to establishing a stablepeace in the region.

  2. Do you like her manner of communication with the newcomers? She treats them in such anassuredway as if she were a mistress here.

  3. How can I make him listento me if I am just his father, not the chief?

  4. No matter how hard she tried, taking the risk to reimburse her expenses was in vain.

  5. I am quite satisfied with what I have right now. Why should Iventurea battle for something I may never get?

  6. The way they arranged the decorationswas very involved if pleasant.

  7. They finally managed to proveto him that their rivals’ way of actions was nothing but aplot against their company.

  8. Now he was as aware as never beforethat the life was lost and this was beyond his control.

  9. The criminal knew for surethat he wassent before the judgesto be pleaded guilty. There was no other alternative for him.

  10. The Board of Directors is inclined to run risksof selling the control package.

  11. Since the police had been given evidencethat Mr Garlow was beyond any suspicion, he feltobligedto contribute to this assurance.

  12. What if this imploringlook makes him do something toharmhis own family?

1.Translate the following.

повернутися до когось із зверненням, за будь-яких умов, палітра, гострий кут, умовляти когось щось зробити, відданий борець, упевнений холостяк, погляд, який благає, тиха долина, переносити страждання, подавати заяву на роботу, узяти на себе зобов’язання, досхочу, наважитися зробити зауваження, міцні двері, умовляння, звернутися за допомогою, довірити думки паперу, різкий порив вітру, безтурботне життя, як за кам’яною стіною, просити в банку позику, задовольнятися телебаченням, судити когось, подавати прохання на отримання сертифікату

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