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Self-Study Grammar Booklet - Module 2 - 2011.doc
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Self-study grammar booklet

Module 2



Test Yourself Section



Tense Forms in the Indicative Mood



Progress Test


Module Verbs



Progress Test


Subjunctive Mood



Progress Test

Before starting to do the tasks in this self-study module, test your basis knowledge of English Grammar by doing 3 Self-Tests. Then assess your knowledge with the help of the following table that represents an internationally accepted assessment scale:

Percentage of the right answers

Assessment of knowledge (grade)



100% - 90%

5 (excellent)

CAE (C1) – автономний рівень


89% - 79%

4 (good)

FCE (В2) – просунутий рівень


78% - 68%

3 (satisfactory)

FCE / PET (В1 / А2) – рубіжний рівень


67% - 57%

2 (poor)

PET/KET (А2) – середній рівень або рівень виживання


below 56%

very poor

KET (А2) - рівень виживання

Test 1. TOEFL Level. All the sentences below contain grammar mistakes. Find and correct them. Be careful – some sentences may have more than one mistake.

  1. Because there are less members present tonight then there were last night, we must wait untill the next meeting to vote.

  2. Today in the morning there were shocking news about the earthquake in Italy.

  3. There are such many people trying to leave the burning building that the police is having a great deal of trouble controlling them.

  4. John says that no other car could go so fast like his one.

  5. Some of us has to do their lessons more carefully if we expect to pass this examination.

  6. Although both of them is trying to get the scholarship, she has the highest grades.

  7. The president refused to accept either of the four new proposals made by his advisers.

  8. The students liked that professor course because there were few or no homeworks.

  9. Each of the nurses report to the operating room when her name is called.

  10. The more harder he tried, the worser he danced before the large audience who were watching him.

  11. Nora hardly never misses an opportunity to play in the tennis tournaments.

  12. Neither of the girls have turned in the term papers to the instruc­tor yet.

  13. The new model of the car cost twice more then last year model.

  14. Even though Miss Colombia lost the beauty contest, she was still much more prettyer than other girls in the show.

  15. Einstein is said feeling very badly about the application of his theories to the creation of weapons of war.

  16. Columbus Day is celebrated on twelve October because on that day in 1492 Christopher Columbus first landed in America.

  17. There are only twenty eight days in February, aren't they?

  18. We called yesterday our friends in Boston to tell them about these news.

  19. Are you sure in the diagnosis of this three man, doctor?

  20. We had so wonderful memories of the place that we decided to go there again.

  21. The little boy mother bought to him a five-speeds racing bicycle on his birthday.

  22. Let Nancy and Martha to make all the plans for the party themselfs.

  23. There are a wardrobe, two beds and a big carpet in my parent's room.

  24. Kurt has so interesting and creative plans that everyone want to work with him.

  25. To my opinion, draughts are easier game then chess.

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