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1 Use the affixes in the table to form adjectives from the words below:

history, success, commerce, intensity, continue, practice, direction, nation, physics, electricity, ridicule, vary, remark, continent, expense, structure, response, fame, danger, stress, charity, create, event, break, believe, explosion, magnet













2 Match the words in column A with the words in column B to make compounds which you come across in the text.


  1. day

  2. science

  3. wireless

  4. long

  5. radio

  6. high


  1. based

  2. powered

  3. light

  4. telephone

  5. distance

  6. communication

Use the words below to make word combinations with the compounds:

effect family telegraphy industry(x2) link

  1. Cross out an odd word in each line:

  1. to conduct: an experiment, a baby, an interview, an orchestra

  2. to erect: a station, a leg, a tent, an institution.

  3. short: waves, building, man, speech.

  4. fundamental: mistake, distinction, discovery, hotel.

  5. to assemble: a car, an army, forces, flowers.

  1. Look at the following words that often come together and add at least 3 words of your own to each group. Consult the dictionary if necessary.

  1. to attend: a university, a meeting, ...

  2. to launch: a campaign, a satellite, ...

  3. to send: a telegram, a volunteer, ...

  4. to decorate: a dress, a room, …

  5. to establish: a company, contacts, …

5 Complete the sentences with prepositions if necessary

  1. He tried to qualify … higher education with the help of a private tutor.

  2. Marconi was granted his first patent … a system of wireless communication.

  3. From an early childhood he took a keen interest … physical and electrical science

  4. First he succeeded … sending wireless signals over a distance of one mile.

  5. Marconi was decorated … many international honors and awards.

  6. His tests culminated … the opening of the first transatlantic commercial service.

6 Give English equivalents to the following words and word combinations:

непрекращающееся желание преуспеть; передать радио сигнал; обучался частным образом; проявлял острый интерес к; система беспроводного телеграфа; основал постоянную станцию; возможности беспроводной коммуникации; был оснащен ; антенна; сотрудники; радиомаяк; получатель почетных международных наград; был награжден; фундаментальное открытие; преследовать цель; создать новую отрасль промышленности, опирающаяся на научных знаниях


1 Divide the following sentences into two parts according to the model. Translate the original sentence.

Model: Lodge and Alexander Popov had sent wireless messages before Marconi got

his patent. - First Lodge and Alexander Popov sent wireless messages. Then

Marconi got his patent. – Лодж и Александр Попов отправляли

беспроводные сообщения до того, как Маркони получил свой патент.

  1. The opening of the first transatlantic commercial service between Glace Bay and

Ireland took place after the first shorter-distance public service of wireless telegraphy had been established between Italy and Montenegro.

  1. The military understood the usefulness of remote-controlled vehicles after Tesla’s patents had expired.

c) He gave a practical demonstration of the principles of radar, the coming of which he had first foretold in New York in 1922.

d) It was widely discussed that Nikola Tesla refused the Nobel Prize because Marconi had already received his.

e) He left behind him a world that even before his death had come to regard radio as a commodity, not a miracle.

f) In 1877 Edison made a recording on a little machine which he had invented.

2 Translate paragraphs 10-11 into Russian.


1 Sum up the text using the following key-points:

  1. Family background

  2. Education (degrees)

  3. Areas of scientific and research activity

  4. Major achievements

2 Comment on the statements:

  1. Guglielmo Marconi is one of the most prominent inventors of the 20th century.

  2. Guglielmo Marconi made radio happen.

  3. Guglielmo Marconi is just a successful industrialist and businessman.

3 Do you agree with the following quotations on Marconi’s work?

a) “… the emission and reception of signals by Marconi by means of electric

oscillations is nothing new. In America, the famous engineer Nikola Tesla carried the same experiments in 1893.” Alexander Popov

b) “In a few days time, Marconi won't just hit the ground running; it'll take off as Europe's brightest technology company.” George Simpson

4 Work in groups of 3-4. Make a list of things you would like to know about Guglielmo Marconi. Choose one, find information and make a poster presentation. (Read instruction on page 33 task 2)

Points for reflection

1 Have you learnt anything new about Marconi from the text?

2 Has anything impressed you?

3 What facts were the most amazing?

4 Did you like the text? Why? /Why not?

Unit 3 Nikola Tesla (1856 – 1943)

Рис. 4 Induction motor

Before you start

1 You are going to read about life and work of the American inventor, Nikola Tesla. Before you read the text answer the following questions.

  1. What field of science did he work in?

  2. What is he famous for?


1 Pay attention to the correct pronunciation of the following words.


[ krəu´eIIə ]


[ kéIl ]


[´sə:bIən ]


[ mæg´netIk ]


[´réntgən ]


[ In´dʌk∫n ]


[ naI´ægərə ]




[´é:strIə ]


[ rI´məut ]


[ də´rəkt ]


[ rəu´bétIks]


[´é:ltəneItIŋ ]


[´eks reI ]


[ pəlI´feIz ]


[ tə´restrəIl ]


[ kən´trəul]


[ haI´péθəsIs]

2 Read the text and comment on the title.