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Lesson 25

Text of conversation

Nora: Harry, something has gone wrong with my electric iron. I wondered if you could put it right?

Harry: Why, what’s the trouble? Nora: I don’t know; but it doesn’t work.

Harry: Let’s have a look at it. I’m not an electrician, but perhaps I can see what’s the matter.

Nora: I plugged it in this morning, and for a little while it worked beautifully, but then it suddenly went off.

Harry: Are you sure the current is on? I’ll just switch on the light (Switches). Yes, that’s all right, there’s nothing the matter with the fuse.

Nora: I know – I switched on at the time to see.

Harry: Well, let’s have a look at the socket. Perhaps the connection is loose. I’ll just plug lamp in. There, you see? It lights up perfectly well.

Nora: So it must be iron itself that’s wrong.

Harry: No, wait a minute. It may be the plug, or the flex. Oh, Nora! Look at this! One of the wires has come right away from the plug. No wonder the iron didn’t work!

Nora: Do you think you could mend it?

Harry: Easily.

Nora: Don’t you need a screwdriver.

Harry: No, I can do the whole job with my penknife. You know, Nora, if I can light the fire, or cook breakfast, I don’t see why you can’t mend a piece of wire.

Nora: I know, darling; I’m so ashamed, but I’m afraid of electricity.

Harry: But my dear Nora – if you pull the plug out of the socket there can’t be any electricity in the wire!

Lesson 26

Text of conversation

(The doorbell rings: Nora opens too front door)

Nora: Why, Tom and Mary!

Mary: Hello, Nora!

Nora: It is nice to see you! Harry’s out at the moment, but he’ll be back very soon. Come in and see our new house. It’s nearly tea-time, and there’s a kettle boiling … This way … .

Tom: Let me see, when did we come over last, Nora?

Nora: Last summer, wasn’t it?

Mary: Oh yes, I remember – and there was a thunderstorm on the way home, wasn’t there?

Nora: Considering that you are Harry’s only brother, Tom I think it’s a shame to stay so long. There’s no excuse for you.

Tom: But there’s really so little opportunity. There always seems to be something that keeps us at home on Sundays.

Nora: That’s no excuse. It’s nearly a year since we saw you.

Mary: It’s rather a long way to come.

Nora: That’s nonsense! It’s not far when you have a car.

Tom: Perhaps. But don’t forget the price of petrol nowadays.

Nora: Yes, it does cost a lot to go even a short distance, doesn’t it? Anyhow, remember this: there’s always a warm welcome for you here. Besides, we do live nearer now.

Tom: Oh, yes, there will be more opportunities now.

Mary: And you must come ever to us – it will be an outing for the boys. Why not come next Sunday?

Nora: All right! We will, if it’s fine.

Mary: And tell Harry, there will be fancy cakes for tea.

Harry: (Coming in) Well, it’s nice of you to remember I like fancy cakes!

Nora: (Surprised) Hello, Harry!

Tom: How are you, Harry?

Harry: Now, what’s all this, Tom? What are you doing here? It’s only a year since you last came to see us? (They laugh)

Nora: Tea’s made!

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