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VII. Observe the alterations in Dorian’s soul and speak on them (chapters VII-VIII):

While watching the play, Dorian was puzzled and anxious, because Sibyl was a complete failure. He looked pale and indifferent.

Dorian was very angry when he talked to Sibyl after the play and thought that she had killed his love. Sibyl did not stir his curiosity any more. She was nothing to him since that day. Sibyl’s tears and sobs annoyed him.

When Dorian returned home after a night which he had spent wandering the streets of London he was shocked when he noticed that the painting had changed. However, he thought that it had been the girl’s fault that he had been ovule. She had disappointed him, but then a feeling of regret came over him, as he thought of her lying at his feet sobbing like a little child. Then he remembered that women were better suited to bear sorrow than men as Lord Henry had told him. So he didn’t want to trouble about Sibyl.

Finally, he decided to go back to Sibyl and marry her. When the next day he got to know that Sibyl was dead he was very sorry but Lord Henry managed to convince him not to feel guilty and Dorian decided that it was a turning poing? in his life and to accept a life of «infinite passion, pleasures subtle and secret, wild joy and wilder sins».

VIII. Pick up as many words as you can that pertain to the sphere pf positive and negative emotions (chapter IX):



affectionate- нежный

miserable- жалкий, несчастный

pity- сожаление


sympathetic- сочувствующий

dreadfully bored- ужасно скучный (скучающий)


a sorrow- печаль

moved- трогательный

vain- тщеславный

dear- дорогой



horror- ужас

amazement- удивление

fearful- страшный

solemnly- торжество

martyr- ореол мученичества

to worship- обожать

to suffer- страдать



to admire- восхищаться

unjust- несправедливый

pleasant- трогательный

furious- яростный

devotion- привязанность

ennui- скука


indifference- безразличие

annoyance- раздражение

to be pallid with rage- побледнеть от гнева

troubled- обеспокоенный


to be anger with-злиться

reticence- скрытность

IX. Speak on the old schoolroom and Dorian’s memories:

Dorian’s old schoolroom was a large, well-proportioned room. It had been specially built by the last Lord Kelso for the use of Dorian when he has been a child. There was the huge Italian casson with its fantastically painted panels and its tarnished gilt molding. Dorian had often hidden himself as a boy in it. There was the satin wood bookcase filled with his dog-eared schoolbooks. On the wall behind it was hanging the same ragged Flemish tapestry where a faded king and queen were playing chess in a garden, while a company of hawkers rode by carrying hooded birds on their gauntleted wrists. Dorian remembered in all, every moment of his lonely childhood came back to him as he looked round. His boyish life had been stainless pure and it seemed horrible to him that it was here the fatal portrait was to be hidden away.

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