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Verb comlementation

Ex.1 Translate the sentences using Delexical Verbs:

  1. Теперь, я думаю, можно закурить.

  2. Давай прогуляемся, хорошо?

  3. Мы не обратили внимания на эту ошибку.

  4. Позаботься о себе сам, ладно?

  5. Он покинул нашу компанию довольно неожиданно.

  6. Он вздрогнул, когда мы вошли.

Ex.2 Translate the sentences using Link Verbs (be, taste, feel, sound, look, smell):

  1. Лимоны кислые на вкус.

  2. Мех мягкий на ощупь.

  3. Она плохо выглядит.

  4. Музыка звучала прекрасно.

  5. Ткань была мягкой и шелковистой на ощупь.

  6. Эти духи удивительно приятно пахнут.

  7. Теперь, когда цветут лотосы, у реки приятно пахнет.

  8. Как ты себя чувствуешь?—Очень хорошо, спасибо.

  9. Это мясо имеет превосходный вкус.

  10. После обработки антистатиком платье теперь мягкое на ощупь.

The keys Syntax

Ex. 1.

1. two-member complete

2. a) two-member complete

b) one-member

c) one-member

3. a) two-member complete

b) two-member elliptical

4. a) one-member

b) one-member

5. two-member complete

Ex. 2.

  1. introductory

2. impersonal

3. emphatic

4. personal

5. demonstrative

Number. Agreement. Case

Ex.1 a. stories, journeys, echoes, thieves, proofs, calves, sopranos, lives, foxes, baths, tomatoes, still lifes, dwarfs(ves), bamboos, volcanoes(-os), toes.

b. boots, feet, brothers (brethren), oxen, deer, children, Romans, ships, mice, salmon(s), Vietnamese, sheep, mouths, geese, Swiss, means.

c. stand-bys, fishermen, mothers-in-law, spoonfuls, women-doctors, man-eaters, passers-by.

d. Kennedys, Misses Smith (Miss Smiths), M.P.s

e. criteria, cactuses or cacti, formulae, encyclopaedias, geniuses or genii.

Ex.2. 1. Comes; 2. Is; 3. Is; 4. Is; 5. Is; 6. Don’t; 7. Was; 8. Are; 9. Are; 10. Are.

Ex. 3.

  1. is, 2 has, 3.is, am, 4 is, 5 are, 6 are, 7 are, 8 see, 9 knows, are, 10 is/was.

Ex.4. I. 1. My sons’ bicycle. 2. My mother-in-law’s knitting. 3. Unchanged. 4. Burns’(s) poems. 5.Florence’s museums.

II. 1. An hour’s delay. 2. Two days’ journey. 3. Seven miles’ walk.

III. 1. Jack and Kate’s apartment. 2. Ryleev’s and Pestel’s wives. 3. Rafael’s and Michelangelo’s works. 4. Adam and Eve’s transgression.

IV. 1. At death’s door. 2. The ship’s crew. 3. At her fingers’ ends. 4. Unchanged.

Ex.5 1. She has got great experience of teaching. 2. Forget-me-nots and lilies of the valley are my favourite flowers. 3. The police are entitled (have the right) to see one’s papers. 4. Tom spent his summer holidays at his aunt’s. 5. Is this a Van Gogh? – No, this is a masterpiece of Goya’s. 6. Your clothes ought to be taken to the drycleaner’s, they are dirty. 7. Fruit and vegetables are the most wholesome kinds of food. 8. These stairs are too steep. 9. Your advice is always helpful. 10. Let us not argue, at least for old acquaintance’s sake. 11. He made great progress in studying physics. 12. There is a school at a stone’s throw from here. – Is this a girls’ school? 13. Geese, sheep and swine can’t bee seen in the zoo. 14. The boy you saw yesterday’s father lives near the brick works. 15. No news is good news. 16. Jane has gone to the hairdresser’s to have her hair done. 17. Pamela is a close friend of Angela’s. 18. Don’t trust Michael, he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 19. Mother gave Jack ten pence – ten shiny pennies. 20. At the grocer’s Martha bought three loaves of bread and two pints of sunflower oil.

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