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Grammar Test №1 syntax

Ex. 1. Discriminate between one-member and two-member simple sentences. Say whether two-member sentences are complete or elliptical.

  1. Without turning, Jim gave a light chuckle.

  2. a) The door closed.

b) Steps on the walk.

c) Then car doors opening and closing.

  1. a) "What makes you think so?"

b) - "Facts."

  1. a) The death of a hero!

b) What mockery!

5. Preparation for her first season helped her to forget her misadventure.

Ex. 2. State the type of "it".

  1. It was too difficult to remember those rows of figures.

  2. It looks like rain.

  3. It was Fred who won the race, not Billy.

  4. I did the exercise quite quickly: it was easy.

  5. It is someone else's pen.

Number. Agreement. Case

Ex.1. Give the plural of the following :

  1. story, journey, echo, thief, proof, calf, soprano, life, fox, bath, tomato, still life, dwarf, bamboo, volcano, toe;

  2. boot, foot, brother, ox, deer, child, Roman, ship, mouse, salmon, Vietnamese, sheep, mouth, goose, Swiss, means;

  3. stand-by, fisherman, mother-in-law, spoonful, woman-doctor, man-eater, passer-by;

  4. Kennedy, Miss Smith, M.P.;

  5. criterion, cactus, formula, encyclopaedia, genius.

Ex. 2. Choose the correct form of the verb. Write the number of the sentence and the verb form required.

  1. I wonder where all their money (come, comes) from.

  2. Mumps (is, are) a common illness among young kids.

  3. Darts (is, are) a popular game in the UK.

  4. Economics (is, are) difficult for people with poor math skills.

  5. News (is, are) broadcast on BBC1 every half an hour.

  6. The jeans (don’t, doesn’t) fit me, I need a bigger size.

  7. The whiskey and soda he ordered (was, were) deliciously cool.

  8. The Philippines (is, are) a state in the Pacific, right?

  9. The company headquarters (is, are) in London.

  10. The staff of the hospital (is, are) very helpful.

Ex. 3. Replace the infinitives in brackets by the correct form of the verb. Use only the Present Indefinite Tense.

  1. Each and every one of you (to be) good.

  2. Either you or John (to have) broken this cup.

  3. It (to be) I who (to be) on duty today.

  4. Three and a half dollars a day (to be) not a lot of money.

  5. A group of men (to be) standing on the sidewalk.

  6. The police, of course, (to be) helpless.

  7. Their party (to be) divided into several groups, each accompanied by two men.

  8. The French (to see) these things differently from us.

  9. Everybody (to know) that the poor (to be) splendid to one another.

  10. The box as well as the books (to be) stolen.

Ex.4. Replace the phrase by the noun in the genitive (possessive) case if possible.

  1. 1. The bicycle of my sons. 2. The knitting of her mother-in-law. 3. The leg of a table. 4. The poems of Burns. 5. The museums of Florence.

  2. 1. A delay of an hour. 2. A journey of two days. 3. A walk of seven miles.

  3. 1. The apartment of Jack and Kate. 2. The wives of Ryleev and Pestel. 3. The works of Rafael and Michelangelo. 4. The transgression of Adam and Eve.

  4. 1. At the door of death. 2. The crew of the ship. 3. At the tips (ends) of her fingers. 4. The politicians of today.

Ex.5. Translate the sentences into English using your active grammar.

1.У нее большой опыт работы педагогом. 2. Незабудки и ландыши – мои любимые цветы. 3.Полиция имеет право проверить документы. 4. Том провел летние каникулы у тети. 5. Это Ван Гог? – Нет, это один из шедевров Гойи. 6. Твою одежду нужно отнести в химчистку, она грязная. 7. Фрукты и овощи – самая здоровая пища. 8. Эти ступеньки чересчур крутые. 9. Твои советы всегда полезны. 10. Давай не будем спорить, хотя бы ради старого знакомства. 11. Он добился большого успеха в изучении физики. 12. Школа находится совсем близко (рукой подать) отсюда. – Это школа для девочек? 13. Гусей, овец и свиней нельзя увидеть в зоопарке. 14. Отец мальчика, которого ты видел вчера, живет возле кирпичного завода. 15. Отсутствие новостей – уже хорошая новость. 16. Джейн ушла в парикмахерскую делать прическу. 17. Памела – одна из близких подруг Анжелы. 18. Не верь Майклу, он волк в овечьей шкуре. 19. Мама подарила Джеку 10 пенсов – 10 блестящих монеток. 20. Марта купила в бакалейной лавке 3 булки хлеба и две пинты подсолнечного масла.

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