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Grammar – Vocabulary Test 8

I. Write synonyms of the underlined words in the following word - combination.

  1. to spend money on sweets and cigarettes

  2. to photograph sb/sth by a camera

  3. to spend most of one’s free time online

  4. to log on to the network

  5. to spend more than £ 100 on a piece of clothing

  6. to show diagrams and graphs

  7. to watch a documentary (film)

  8. to turn on a monitor

  9. to use a keyboard

  10. to go on the Internet

  11. to film a scientific experiment by a video-camera

  12. to make an experiment

  13. to repair one’s CD player

  14. to install air-conditioning in one’s flat

  15. to phone sb at inconvenient times

  16. to have a digital camera

  17. to prepare for an exam

  18. to have the latest designer clothes

  19. to transmit information on the Internet

  20. to jam local telephone circuits

  21. to bring/to offer sb enormous advantages

  22. to spend hours on the Net

  23. to make a call in emergencies

  24. to limit access to unsuitable information

  25. to express worry about/ over sth

  26. to be to sb’s advantage

  27. to increase sb’s chances of employment

  28. to work on a computer

  29. to do a computer course

  30. to e-mail one’s friends

II. Write antonyms of the underlined words in the following word-combinations.

  1. to be a convenient way of communicating

  2. to be personal

  3. to be a reliable source of information

  4. to turn on a video recorder

  5. to turn down the volume

  6. to plug in a printer

  7. to log on

  8. to save a computer file

  9. to spend more time face-to-face

  10. to find suitable information on the Internet

  11. to express one’s satisfaction with a new portable stereo

  12. to supply hardware to junior and secondary schools

  13. to be outweighed by disadvantages (2 )

  14. to do sb a lot of good

  15. to demonstrate a responsible attitude to sth

III. Complete each sentence with the correct word. The first letter of each word is given.

1. She’s mad about kitchen g… , her kitchen is just full of them – a juicer,

a blender, a coffee grinder.

2. A f… disk is used to store computer information.

3. A c… can be used in chemistry lessons to film scientific experiments.

4. He changed channels on the TV with the r… control.

5. She wasn’t at home, so I left a massage on her answering m… .

6. Could you make sure we have an o… projector (= an OHP) for tomorrow’s presentation?

7. To l… on to the system you need a password. (пароль)

8. Oh, no! I’ve lost my p… . I’ve no cash on me to buy another one.

9. Modern people can’t live without such m… of communication as television, radio,

fax machines and mobile phones.

10. She checks her e… first thing every morning.

IV. Circle the correct item.

1 . Before … you should save all your data files.

a) logging off b) switching on c) pulling out d) unplugging

2. I don’t find working on the computer difficult, it’s a piece of … .

a) pie b) cake c) roll d) tart

3. I only caught a … of it, but I think it was a remote control or a pocket calculator.

a) look b) sight c) glimpse d) gaze

4. The pace (темп) of modern life is really … and modern technologies and means of communication make it even busier.

a) relaxed b) moderate c) gentle d) hectic

5. I’m an early … . I’m always woken up by an alarm–clock built in my mobile phone.

a) sparrow b) butterfly c) bird d) sun

6. A film about their wedding ………….. was taken by Dan and Lucy’s camcorder.

a) reception b) evening c) party d) dinner

7. – Could you describe the appearance of that man who stole your digital camera? – It was a middle-aged man wearing a black beard and a(n) ……… .

a) glasses b) moustache c) dimple d) mole

8. What a cool mobile phone! It’s colour …. your bag.

a) suits b) fits c) becomes d) matches

9. We use a … to input the data.

a) screen b) keyboard c) hard drive d) mouse

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