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Appendix b: Abstract Title

Russian Plekhanov Academy of Economics

International Economic Relations Faculty

Foreign Languages and Cross-cultural Communications Department

Diploma Paper Abstract

Russia on the World Aerospace Market



Research Supervisor: Prof. L. A. Slavin

Moscow 200…

Appendix C: Technical Production of the Abstract

Paper size and typing

The abstract of approximately 1000-1200 words (around 2 pages in length) should be typed on A4 white paper, and lines should be double spaced.


The left hand margin should be not less than 40 mm and the other margin not less than 20 mm.

Page numbering

All pages should be numbered consecutively throughout the abstract, including the bibliography. The page numbers should be located centrally at the bottom of the page approximately 10mm above the edge.


The abstract must be bound. The title of the project and the name of the author should appear on the front cover (See Appendix B).

A Note on Plagiarism

Plagiarism means the use of the ideas of others without acknowledging them as such. It is an academic tradition that it is totally unacceptable to plagiarize. You must adhere to this tradition.

Plagiarism is an extremely serious academic offence.

All cases of suspected plagiarism will be strenuously investigated.

Proven plagiarism can have serious consequences for you and your final examination mark. Do not do it!

Appendix d: Submission Dates

Two copies of your abstract laid out in the correct format have to be handed in to the Foreign Languages Department Office on or before 10 April.

Failure to meet the deadline for submission without good cause may result in a fail. If you consider yourself unable to complete by the due submission, then you must request a deferral from the Head of the Department. Please note that any applications for a deferral must be accompanied by substantiating evidence, such as medical certificates. No deferrals will be granted for short-term minor illnesses or short-lived work pressures.


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