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  1. Open the brackets using the necessary type of conditional sentences.

  1. If it (snow), the children will play snowballs.

  2. If you (ring) me up, I`ll tell you his address.

  3. If you (be) a poet, you`d write beautiful poetry.

  4. If he didn`t read so much, he (not/know) American literature so well.

  5. If he (come) to our house yesterday, he`d have met his friend.

  6. If she (not/pass) the exam, she`ll not get a scholarship.

  7. If you (not/help) me, I`d have been in a very difficult situation.

  8. My father would have more free time if he (not/read) so many newspapers.

  9. If I were a famous singer, I (get) a lot of flowers every day.

  10. If only you had let me know, I (go) there immediately.

  11. If you (not/buy) coffee, we shall drink tea.

  12. If he is free tomorrow, he certainly (come) to our party.

  13. My brother would not have missed so many lessons if he (not/hurt) his leg.

  14. If my friend (work) in my office, we`d meet every day.

  15. If you spoke English every day, you (improve) your language skills.

  16. If she (return) earlier, she`d have been able to see him before he left.

  17. If these shoes (not/be) too big for me, I`d buy them.

  1. Choose the correct form.

  1. If I miss/I`ll miss the bus this afternoon, I`ll get a taxi instead.

  2. We`ll have to go without John if he doesn`t arrive/won`t arrive soon.

  3. They won`t refund/didn`t refund your money if you haven`t kept your receipt.

  4. Will you send me a postcard if you will go/go there?

  5. If I make some coffee, do you cut/will you cut the cake?

  6. Did you work/would you work harder if you were better paid?

  7. If you don`t complain/didn`t complain so much, you might be more popular.

  8. Please don`t sign any contracts before I`m checking/I`ve checked them.

  9. Weren`t my friends/wouldn`t my friends be envious if they could only see me now!

  1. Fill the gaps using conditionals.

  1. If I had more money, ____________ (you/marry) me?

  2. He wouldn`t help you if ____________ (he/not/like) you.

  3. ___________ (you/find) the machine is quite simple to operate if you look at the manual.

  4. _________ (your parents/not/be) proud if they could see you now?

  5. If __________ (I/not/revise) thoroughly, I may fail my test.

  6. If you wanted to buy someone a really good present, what sort of thing __________ (you/look for)?

  7. You`d have a lot more friends if ________ (you/not/be) so mean.

  8. How ________ (you/feel) if you were in my position?

  9. Would you change your job if _________ (you/can)?

  1. Complete the questions in the conversations.

  1. - I don`t know what`s happened to my dictionary. I`ve looked everywhere for it.

  • What _________________ if ____________________?

  • I suppose I`ll have to buy a new one.

  1. - I`m thinking of applying for the manager`s job.

  • Really? How _____________________ if _____________________?

  • Oh, about $2,000 a year more than now, I suppose.

  1. - I don`t know what I`m going to do about money. I can`t even pay this week`s rent.

- ___________________________ if ______________________?

  • Well, it would be help, of course. But I can`t borrow from you.

  • Don`t be silly. How much do you want?

  1. - This room is so dark and dull.

  • What ____________________ if ____________________?

  • White, I think. And I`d have white curtains.

  • You`d spend a lot of time cleaning it.

  • But at least I`d be able to see!

  1. - I don`t think I`m going to pass my driving test next week.

  • What __________________ if _____________________?

  • I won`t be able to get the job I want at the warehouse. They said I must be able to drive.

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