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authentic, inspirational, reactionary, conservative, ironic, realistic, controversial, liberal, credible, romantic, cultural, mystical, satiric, didactic, scholarly, objective, significant, orthodox, spiritual, expressionistic, philosophic, subjective, plausible, symbolic, pragmatic, utilitarian, humorous, profound, impressionistic, radical, analytical, well articulated, authoritative, balanced, candid, clear, commendable, competent, concise, creative, decisive, disciplined, dynamic, engaging, enlightening, enriching, entertaining, expansive, explicit, expressive, extraordinary, fascinating, forceful, genuine, helpful, imaginative, impressive, ingenious, inspiring, intriguing, knowledgeable, masterful, noteworthy, opportune, orderly, organized, perceptive, persuasive, plausible, pointed, praiseworthy, precise, professional, progressive, rare, realistic, reflective, relevant, remarkable, significant, skilled, stimulating, symbolic, sympathetic, systematic, thoughtful, timely, unique, useful, valuable, well versed, warm, worthwhile

core, foundation, fundamental, topical, contemporary, important, significant, vital, key, essential, critical, crucial, major, central, necessary, pivotal, principal, beneficial, basic, weighty, merging

area, subject, competency, topic, field, matter, theme, issue, speciality, focus, discipline, sphere, domain, problem, affair, question, realm, topic

Questions, probes, queries, explores, looks into, investigates, searches for, surveys, seeks, examines, delves into, researches, enquires into, interrogates, argues that, confronts, scrutinises, casts doubt on, reviews, assesses, analyses, considers, appraises, charts, maps out, offers advice,

Argument, case, line of reasoning, claim, contention, defense, rationale, basis, an explanation, the grounds, the motivation, belief, opinion, line of argument, view, assertion, declaration, statement, allegation, principle.

Developed, explained, fleshed out, advanced, progressed, expanded, described, defended, rationalised, validated, explained, justified, supported, interpreted, clarified, represented.

Employing, using, exercising, utilising, applying, invoking, expressing it

Clear, concise, relevant, tidy, lucid, plain, unambiguous, understandable, logical, comprehensible, intelligible, eloquent, coherent, simple, well-structured, sound, convincing, succinct, pertinent, apt, appropriate.

Language, style, manner, fashion, approach, method, way, methodology, line, technique.

Further intentions:

to accept, adhere, admit, base, conceive, construe, constrain, posit, presume, presuppose, stipulate, suppose, view; to solve/ resolve/ regard (a problem), supply (evidence), bridge a gap, pay/ shift attention to; place (an issue in a perspective/ an emphasis on); employ (a strategy/ technique), serve as/ form (a basis/ background), require (further comment/ explanation/ justification); admit/ put forward/ draw/ lend support to (a hypothesis); to appeal to (a concept), (introduce/apply) an algorithm/formalism/criterion/constraint/ restriction /extension/ frame/ law/ principle/ rule/ thesis; to formulate/frame (a principle) exactly/ in an orderly manner/ carefully/ thoroughly/ reasonably; to state explicitly/ precisely/ clearly/ accurately/with accuracy/in consonance with; touch upon (a question), paint (in more detail); to add, mention, note, indicate, figure/point out, reiterate, repeat, say.

References, citations, comparisons:

to follow smb in, to conform to/ reject; in accord (accordance/ agreement/ concordance/ conflict/ congruence/ contrast/ line/ opposition) with/ to smb's view; take (up) different stands on/ a (similar) position/ (point of) view, join a debate, stem (originate) from/ contrast with (other) studies, enter into the orbit of research, command support/gain ground/generate controversy (interest/preoccupation) among scientists, receive attention (criticism/ support)/ tend to be dismissed (effaced/ overlooked/ confounded/encountered)/ undergo a change (revision)/ be under scrutiny (consideration); an ambiguity (confusion/ deficiency/ disagreement/ discrepancy/ misunderstanding/ trendiness/ gap) found in the literature, turn up in one's treatise, benefit by examining [NN], a theory/approach/method evolved by F; to quote, excerpt, cite a passage, supply references/a citation; consult literature on the subject; refer the reader for an introduction (further reading) to bibliography (publications, an author/Fs contributions/writings), etc.

Criticism and objections:

abstract/arbitrary/controversial/outdated (approach), ambiguous/vague (statement), artificial/odd/unacceptable/unfortunate (distinction), awkward/crude/ erroneous/ false (assumption), disastrous (mistake), incorrect/ wrong (inference), dubious/ meaningless/ unrealistic (claim), speculative (scheme), misleading (comparison), shaky (foundations), trivial (point), unreliable (conclusion), contradictory to (facts), contrary to (rules), notorious for; skeptical/ critical/ suspicious of; a bias, defect, disadvantage, drawback, error, failure, fault, illusion, mistake, omission, oversimplification, prejudice, weakness; dissatisfaction, doubt, skepticism, suspicion, uncertainty; to doubt, object, refute; to conflict with/overestimate (an analysis), confuse terms, contradict/ disregard/ falsify/ obscure facts, distract (attention), distort (a picture), elude (description), escape (notice), fail (to answer a question), miss/overlook/underestimate (information), undermine (a distinction); etc.

Empirical observations, data, illustrations, examples:

to discover, find, notice, observe, reveal, witness, assess, determine, establish, obtain, estimate, evaluate, validate; an assessment, evaluation, verification; material, object, phenomenon, sample, situation, substance, thing; behavior, change, evolution, existence; to exemplify, demonstrate, illustrate, list; data, details, evidence, fact, instance, information, manifestation, observation, sign, a document, database, program, report, example, illustration, etc.

Results and their representation:

to acquire, affect, approximate, become, break, carry, compose, drive, embody, emerge, function, happen, have, hide, influence, inherit, interfere, intervene, meet, obey, occur, pass, pertain, react, resist, taint, withstand, work; a cause, condition, consequence, gradation, interplay, order, overlap, pattern, phase, root, shape, shift, symmetry; an activity, affinity, bearing, birth, break, capacity, force, impact, independence, influence, life, mechanics, obedience, occasion, precursor, production, resurgence, resource, stream, strength, underpinning, utility, variability, verge, wake, absolute, additional, adjacent, akin, alternative, analogous, bound, comparable, compatible, complementary, constant, co-continual, determined, diverse, equivalent, formal, homogeneous, identical, implicit, independent, individual, internal, involved, lawlike, mechanical, objective, opposite, parallel, partial, related, relative, separate, unreactive, unrelated, unrestricted, unchanged; common, characteristic, direct, different, dominant, normal, random, rare, similar, variable, universal; expected, observable, observational, obvious, perceived, testable, unpredictable; available, inherent, motivated, occasional, optional, oriented, responsible, separable, uncontrolled, unintentional, unsupervised, appendix, diagram, figure, graph, list, pattern, scheme, table, character, expression, formula, mark, note, sign, symbol, etc.

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