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The Control System and Information Security Institute.

Penza state University trains engineers for various fields of science and technology. The Faculty of Control System and Information Security came into existence to meet the modern needs of industry.

The history of the Institute began in 1943 when one of the greatest and the most popular faculties – The Instrumental -Making Faculty – was founded. In 2005 the faculty was reorganized into the Control System and Information Security headed by Professor V.A. Ivanov. It was The Faculty of Control System and Information Security before the January of 2011 year. Then the faculty was combined with The Faculty of Information Technologies and Instrumentation and now it’s the faculty of Instrumentation, Information Technology and Systems.

The staff of the faculty includes teaches, associate-professors and professors who provide a solid basis for carrying out scientific research.

To became highly qualified specialists the students study general engineering subjects: mathematics, physics, computer science, programming and programming language, hardware and software, system and network, digital control methods and devices and number of special subjects. Our students have their classes in laboratories equipped with modern devices, computers and other technical means.

The staff of the faculty including both teachers and research workers organizes great scientific work. The students take an active part in it. The themes of student’s researches are closely connected with the needs of our society and industry. Graduates who have abilities for scientific research may continue their studies at post-graduate courses.

The faculty confers a Bachelor’s Degree after four years of taking the course of studies and defending a graduation project. A bachelor may study two more years at one the leading departments and get a Master’s Degree. The main departments of the faculty of Control System and Information Security are:

Automation and Telemechanics,

Automatic Information and Control System,

Systems and Technologies Information Security,

Computer Management Technologies and

Professional Communications.

Penza State University.

Our University was set up in 1943. In 1958 the Institute was reorganized into Penza State Polytechnical Institute, in 1993 – into Penza State Technical University and in 1998 – into Penza State Classical University.

At present 17 University faculties train specialists in 65 special fields, including engineering, natural sciences, economic, social sciences, law, medicine, military science and the humanities.

The stock of personal computers forms a single corporate network gaining access to the Internet by means of an optical fibre channel. Also The University has its own Space Communication Station.

The University has a rich library and 3 reading-rooms.

Our University is successfully uses the method of remote instruction in its teaching by means of PC.

The course of studies lasts half past 4 or 6 years. Some faculties confer a Bachelor’s Degree after 4 years of taking a special course and defending a graduation project.

From the very beginning our students are attracted to scientific research. Those who are interested in science join the Student’s Scientific Society. A few years ago the Students Design Bureau called “Eltran” (electronics for transport) was created at the University.

The University provides post-graduate courses or its talented graduates.

The University students have all possible facilities to spend their leisure time. There is a great Sport Complex at their disposal. It includes a stadium, a gymnasium, tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool and the like where the students go in for sports and take part in competition. Every year the students give competitive amateur concerts called “Student’s Spring” which are much loved by both students and teaches.

One can acquainted with the history of the University and the names of its celebrated graduates at the University Museum which keeps all the information about the University since the day of its foundation.

The Evolution of Computers.

Computers of 1970’s were very massive and expensive machines used in big business and government. In 1980’s more than 1000 new computer-related firms were set up in The Silicon Valley and made this area the technological capital of the world.

Robert Noyce was one of risk-takers of the Silicon Valley who co-invented integrated circuit as an engineer and co-founded Intel as a businessman.

Steven Jobs and Stephen Wozniak made a great contribution on the development of personal computers and their introduction to the market place and business.

Martin Albert, the founder of Tecmar Inc, designed insertable boards and computer peripherals.

Computer technology has opened a variety of opportunities for electronics engineers and creative risk-takers who contributed to the development of modern computer science and its successful application in all aspects of our life.

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