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Energy - The capacity to do work, which is the result of a force moving a mass through a

distance. Measured in "joules" it is the timeless version of power times time, such as kilowatthours (kWh), A energy conversion example is: 1 watt-hour = 3.4 British thermal unit (Btu), which is used as a measure of heat energy, See zero-point energy.

Ether - (also aether) Simply stated, it is the same as the physical vacuum. This differs from the common understanding of empty space, since theorists regard the ether (and t h e physical vacuum) as having substance (and particles in negative energy states). With the Silvertooth experiments, now showing a preference of direction for the old Michelson-Morley type of experiment, the ether is coming back into vogue. Very compatible with Eastern mysticism.

Free Energy - Energy which is free. Often confused with perpetual motion, free energy has three aspects; 1) no cost for input; 2) plentiful and inexhaustible; 3) one-time capital expenditure. Renewable energy is free energy, Zero point energy (ZPE) is also free and equated with the ether. A prophetic endorsement for free energy comes from Tesla's comment that "it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."1 He implies, what was discovered years later, that in open systems, it appears that energy is not conserved (e.g. ZPE vacuum fluctuations), However, in closed systems, we know that the second law of thermodynamics and energy conservation laws apply. Compare with the physics definition G = H - TS where G is "Gibb's free energy," H is enthalpy, T is absolute temperature, and S is entropy. In words, free energy is the internal energy of a system minus the product of its temperature and its entropy.

Gravity - The phenomenon characterized by the physical






bodies, defined as the product of the masses divided by the






them. Today, physicists are surprised to find evidence of '

antigravity in the accelerated expansion of the distant

galaxies (Science, Dec. 18, 1998) which was called "the

breakthrough of the year." However, Tesla talked about

controlling gravity many times. The fact that gravity is

always attractive and never repulsive is a curiosity that

physicists have always wondered about. The fact that

gravity has to travel many times faster than light speed to

prevent aberrations has caused a lot of commotion.2

NASA recently tested the Allais & Saxl experiments

during a solar eclipse, showing that there is a shielding

effect from the moon when aligned.3 There are many



for creating


gravity and













by Dr. Oleg Jefimenko; Hunt for Zero Point by N. Cook




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Transverse Wave - A standard Hertzian EM vector wave which oscillates laterally, as contrasted with a Tesla electrostatic scalar wave which vibrates longitudinally.

Vacuum - (See Ether.) A plenum which is filled with particles in negative energy states. Dr. Paul Dirac became a Nobel Prize winner for predicting the existence of the positron (antimatter electron with positive charge) after theorizing that under high voltage circumstances, and electron-positron pair can emerge, like magic, from the vacuum and go off in opposite directions, Such experiments (shown here with cloud chamber picture) have verified the vacuum is teaming with activity. See zero-point energy.

Vector - A force or field that has magnitude and direction, compared with scalar fields. EM waves are vector fields and contain momentum.

Wardenclyffe - Name of the first transmission tower in the world, erected 1901-3 in Shoreham, NY by Tesla which rose to a height of 187 feet, The Tesla Wardenclyffe Project, Inc. is a firm dedicated to recovering the property for a commemorative site. Contact CEO, Gary Petersen, POB 2001, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Zero-Point Energy - The energy of the vacuum that is sustained even at zero absolute temperature and no air (complete vacuum). This is the "very wheelwork of nature" and even implicated in the antigravity effect seen on the acceleration of distant galaxies (Science, Dec, 1998) The Casimir effect, experimentally verified, shows that virtual particles, as they emerge from the vacuum, also exert a measurable force, Zero-point energy (ZPE) has so many unusual characteristics that it forms the most intriguing field of study in physics today. It is predicted that, since the ZPE Casimir force already exhibits perpetual wavy motion already in nanotechnology (endless oscillations of nanostructures under tensile stress), we may soon see a revolution in energy production that is fuelless, as Tesla predicted. Recently a vacuum energy transducer was theoretically designed to contain a complete engine cycle with electrical output. "Free energy" was also a phrase used by the JPL scientist, Dr. Pinto, in the abstract of his corresponding journal article.9 See M. King books, Tapping the Zero Point Energy and Quest for Zero Point Energy or "Zero Point Energy and the Future" Report #822.


Further research information on all of the above-mentioned topics is available from the free Future Energy newsletter and catalog from Integrity Research Institute, 202-452-7674 or 800 295-7674

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