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I. Translate the following word combinations:

достижения в области медицины, в средние века, эпоха Возрождения, культурное движение, по анатомии человека, многочисленные вскрытия, строение тела, как циркулирует кровь по телу, люди и животные, пульс и сердцебиение, сердце прокачивает кровь по артериям, открыть безопасный способ, профилактика заболеваний, пытаться притупить боль, уменьшение боли, причины инфекционных заболеваний, живые организмы, некоторые виды микробов, вызывать определенные болезни

II .Match both parts of the sentences to make them complete. Translate the sentences into Russian:

1. The chief medical advances in Europe a. to write the first scientific

during the Middle Ages were … human anatomy, a work

called “On the Structure of

2. During the late 1400’s and early 1500’s the Human Body”.

the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci b. many experiments to learn

performed … how blood circulates through

the body.

c. a method for determining

3. Andreas Vesalius used his findings … which bacteria cause

particular diseases.

4. A French army doctor named Ambroise d. the founding of many

Pare improved … hospitals and the first

university medical schools.

5. The English physician William Harvey e. many dissections to learn

performed… more about human anatomy.

f. that ether gas could safely

6. In 1796 an English physician named be used to put patients to

Edward Jenner discovered … sleep during surgery.

g . a safe method of making

people immune to

7. In the 1840’s Crawford Long and William smallpox.

T.G.Morton discovered … h. surgical techniques to such

8. Paster, a brilliant French chemist, proved… an extent that he is

considered the father of

9. Koch, a German physician, invented… modern surgery.

i. that microbes are

living organisms and that

certain kinds of microbes

cause disease.