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III reading &writing

3. Here is some information in the travel guide for Toronto.

Read it and write the travel guide for Irkutsk.

So, when you’re in Toronto remember some tips…

1. The earliest and safest way to carry money in Canada is traveler’s checks.

2. You can use credit cards at most stores and restaurants. However, some smaller businesses don’t accept them. Make sure you always carry some cash.

3. Banks usually offer the best exchange rates. Remember to bring your passport.

4. Get cash 24 hours a day from ATMs (called bank machines in Canada) at banks, bus and train stations, and large supermarkets.

5. Leave atip of about 10-15% of a restaurant bill or taxi fare. Restaurant bills for larger groups may include a service charge. Also tip hairdressers and hotel staff.

6. While shopping in Toronto, it’s generally not the custom to bargain for a lower price.

IV listening

4. There is a quiz below that will help you refresh your knowledge about money.

a) Read the questions or statements and circle the correct answer A-C

1. Which method of payment was used first?

A coins B credit cards C gift vouchers

2. The first printed paper money was made in

A England B Greece C China

3. How many different currencies are used around the world?

A 5 B 178 C 2,000

4. Credit cards have been used in Britain since …

A the 1920s. B the 1990s. C the 1960s.

5. Whose face is printed on all British currency?

A Isaac Newton’s B Charles Dickens’ C The Queen’s

b) Listen and check if you are right.

V speaking

5. Summarize the information presented in the lesson and answer the question “What do you know about money?” Don’t forget to draw an outline of your answer with necessary words and expressions to each point.

*6. Penny- wise & Pound-foolish.

There is an expression in English language that perfectly describes someone who is very careful about how he will spend a small amount of money but isn't careful at all with large amounts.

Are you a type of person who manages money in a similar way?

Give an example of such kind of behavior.

**7. Take care of pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

How do you understand it? Consider it with your partner. Try to find some examples. Be ready to present your ideas.

A penny for your thoughts!


1. Match the idioms to their definitions.

1 to spend money like water a. to have a great deal of money

2 to get one’s money worth b. to have become rich

3 to be made of money c. to waste money by spending it carelessly

4 to be in the money d. to get good value from sth you have bought

2. Search for some idioms and expressions about money and spending money.

Write and decorate a story to illustrate any of them .

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