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учбовий план, програма









подача заяв (для вступу до учбового закладу)






плата за навчання, навчання












керівництво, нагляд

In the USA the young man who has the High school education must pass through seven or eight years of hard study.

Students who wish to become physicians have three or four years of premedical training at a University preparing them for a medical school. This course of studies is generally called a premedical curriculum. Here they learn the main sciences such as Mathematics, Physics, Inorganic Chemistry, Quantitative Chemical Analysis, Economics, Philosophy, etc. This long list of subjects is made more tolerable by a large number of very good parties, vacations and *sporting events. At the end of their third year the very important process of applying to a medical school begins. Only those students who show good results in their premedical training can become candidates for higher medical education. Those who do not continue their education can work as nurses.

Medical schools train practitioners and physician-scientists in all fields of medicine. The course of study is four years. *Tuition fees is about $30 000 per year. Medical schools have a policy of *need-blind admission and adequate financial aid for those students with financial need.

In the medical school medical subjects are taught. During the first two years the students master laboratory sciences. The students study Anatomy, Biochemistry, because it is the basis for clinical laboratory diagnosis and therapy. The students learn the functions of the body theoretically from books and by laboratory experiments in classes of Physiology. In the USA the curriculum of medical schools has such a subject as Psychology, which teaches the students to *deal with patients and understand human behavior. The students learn all other subjects such as Biomathematics, History of medicine, Microbiology, Pathology, Physical Diagnosis, Pharmacology and Laboratory Diagnosis before they begin to treat patients.

At the third and fourth years the students get instructions and gain practical medical experience in the treatment and care of the patient. At the end of four years all students receive the degree of Doctor of Medicine. But they must serve for one year as interns. After finishing the internship a doctor may begin his work as a general practitioner. However, if he wishes to become a specialist he must work an additional three to seven years under the supervision of a specialist.


* sporting events – спортивні змагання

* tuition fees – плата за навчання

* need-blind admission – прийом студентів “всліпу” (без попереднього ознайомлення з їх фінансовим станом)

* deal with - [dI:l wID] мати справу, спілкуватись

Questions about the text:

  1. What is a premedical curriculum?

  2. What sciences do students learn at premedical training?

  3. Where do students apply after the third year?

  4. Whom do medical schools train?

  5. What is the payment per year?

  6. What do the students study at the medical school?

  7. When do students receive the degree of Doctor of Medicine?

8) How many years should a doctor work to become a specialist?


Medical education in the USA is difficult. It lasts for 7 or 8 years. First the students have 3 or 4 years of premedical training. They study many general subjects. Those who show good results become candidates for higher medical education. In medical schools the students study medical subjects. They study Anatomy, Physiology, History of medicine, Pharmacology and many others. At the third and fourth years the students have medical practice in hospitals. They study many clinical subjects. After the course of studies all students get degrees of Doctor of Medicine. Then they work as interns for one year. After that they may work as general practitioners.