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Exercise IV. Paraphrase the following sentences, using words and expressions from Essential Vocabulary:

1. The girl was somewhat plump, with sparkling dark-grey eyes, curving eyelashes and auburn hair in ringlets, nice snub nose and dimpled cheeks, and Jimmy rather liked her. 2. Under the helicopter stretched a vast forest, and above it smoke was coming up in rings and spirals. 3. Jane’s hair was not permed though it certainly looked like it. As it turned out, it was natural. 4. Johnny, you are as graceful as an elephant in a china-store! You have turned the whole flat upside down, and Mummy’s favourite vase is now completely crashed. 5. The mate was passing by, and the conspirators sitting in circle on the quarterdeck stopped their discussion. 6. Fortunately, the fire started when half the team were not yet ashore, so they managed to prevent the flame from reaching tanks and possible disaster was finally averted. 7. “If you love me as you say you do,” said Joan, malicious flames in her eyes, “you must stop seeing Annie once for all. And don’t tell me about business! I know pretty well what kind of business you mean with her.” 8. Mankind’s decisive penetration into space marked he beginning of a new era – the era of high technologies and new international approaches in search of material and moral resources required for space exploration. 9. One of the best known gunmen in the 19th century Western states was nicknamed Billy the Kid, being rather young and very tall, and the nickname has been used up to this day. 10. A decent person is supposed always to do what he/she promised to do. 11. Miss Marple was clever enough to take the fingerprints of a woman she suspected a criminal. She made her touch a lump of very adhesive candies, thus obtaining a complete set of fingerprints. 12. A concrete pathway led to the garage at the rear of the main building. 13. “The court is awaiting your answer to the most essential question: who actually was at the wheel right at the moment of the accident,” said Judge Brent Thompson gravely. 14. Lord Derby got purple with rage on learning that his coachman was drunk again and subsequently unable to perform his duties. 15. She said that the other day Dumbert had met her in the street and proposed to go to the country in his car next Sunday. 16. “I’ve had enough of your care!” cried Herbert hysterically. « I have a pretty clear idea of what you want to achieve: just to get me in the lunatic asylum and take my business into your own hands.” 17. The audience boiling with indignation, Father Coughling was compelled to keep silent for a short while – until his boys finished convincing the liberals in the lecture-hall with their fists and clubs. 18. Poirot suddenly interrupted his walking to and fro, his eyes became very green with unmitigated satisfaction as he had evidently come to certain conclusions. Then he resumed marching up and down the room, his excitement growing stronger, it seemed, with every new step. 19. A heart-rending sound of brakes followed the noise of the motor, and a Chevrolet came to a halt one or two feet outside the front gate. 20. His Majesty expressed his gratefulness to the knight with a cursory half-bow and returned to the rubber he was playing with the Cardinal and both Royal Dukes. 21. The situation did not permit Joan to express her utter disapproval of the suggestion except with energetic motions of her head. 22. He bent his head curtly to confirm Maggie’s words and proceeded with his book, absolutely indifferent to the results of the incident. 23. Jennifer began laughing disbelievingly, and presently she realized that the horrid thing had really occurred and that she was left without any financial resources worth speaking of – in fact, little more than a mere beggar. 24. The remains of once magnificent temples and palaces still attract crowds of tourists to the Mediterranean area, where thousands of years ago great civilizations of Egypt and Greece, Rome and Carthage emerged, flourished and finally fell, leaving enduring memories to their spiritual descendants. 25. Too much spirits taken too often proved to have disastrous effect on his physical and mental abilities. 26. Before sitting to table Benny, as a well-bred boy, went to the bathroom, washed his hands with a piece of soap and dried them on the towel that was offered to him by Becky. 27. “You have to memorize your instructions,” said R., turning to the man at the fireside. “Please, wipe off all the notes you have taken in your pad and do it before you leave.” 28. We’ve fired two or three employees recently, so I think we could engage your guys, at least temporarily. 29. This is a great singer, a real star. She always gets terrific contracts, and I don’t remember her being out of work for the past ten or twelve years. 30. Jim was wearing an odd shirt, three sizes bigger than it should be, and that alone made him look ridiculous, to say nothing of the way he usually walked.