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External bleeding

Bleeding from rozpadayuchyh, externally located tumors neridkisni in the practice of palliative medicine. To stop bleeding apply similar methods of hemostasis entire arsenal: pressing vessel that bleeds (not less than 25-30 minutes), pressure bandage, bandaging and suturing blood vessels in the wound and over, thermocoagulation, topical hemostatics ( Hemostatic sponge tahokomb, helfoum), the overall haemostatic therapy. If vaginal bleeding is widely used plugging the vagina. For emergency stop external bleeding is the most effective pressing vessels with subsequent stitching and overlay pressure bandage.

Of great importance is the proper organization of patient care: placement in a separate chamber, timely dressing, use a dark (preferably green) linen, which is less visible blood; sedative therapy; permanent residence at the nursing bed patient.



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Methodological development was by md, assistant Muzhychuk o.


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