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Dysfunction of the urinary system

Incontinence can be a result of urination or the result of the formation of artificial (nefrostoma, cystostomy, ureterostoma) and pathological (vesicovaginal, mihurno-rectal, etc.) fistulas. This is caused by other factors: weakness, impaired consciousness, atony of the bladder, cystitis, etc. A common cause of urinary incontinence in women can be muscular tension: when you cough, sneeze, etc. The main problems that arise when incontinence associated with providing personal care and protection of the skin. If eliminating causes of incontinence requires appropriate therapy: treatment of infection, anti-inflammatory therapy, etc. To improve the function of the sphincter can be amitriptylin 25-50 mg per night. Caring for real patients much easier Catheterization of the bladder. Caring for a patient with a urinary catheter requires constant participation doctor-urologist. The patient should consume at least 1.5-2 liters of fluid per day. The required constant monitoring of quality and quantity of urine and catheter maneuverability. Urine is better to use special plastic sealed system which should cover linens and clothing. Depending on the condition of urine (sediment, odor, leukocyturia, hematuria, etc.) assigned corrective therapy to prevent or treat infection: flushing the catheter and bladder antiseptics (furatsillin, betadin) every 3-4 hours, appointment uroseptics. We recommend taking klyukvovoho juice (150-200 ml 33% juice 2 times a day), which increases the acidity of urine and has weak bactericidal effect. Patient with incontinence should follow a regime urination trying regularly vyporozhnyuvaty bladder. Activity patients can be improved also by using diapers to be changed every 3-4 hours. Their use does not preclude skin care using protective creams and ointments.

Retention of urine

Retention of urine may be due to renal and extrarenal causes. In renal insufficiency ostentatious treatment of the underlying disease and its complications, the appointment of diuretics. In cases where the cause of urinary retention is extrarenal complications necessary measures to eliminate them (nephrostomy, ureterostomiya, tsystostomiya) and organization with care.


Limfoedema - impaired lymph drainage, usually develops on the extremities, accompanied by an increase limb edema skin chylorrhea, cellulite, feeling of fullness and pain. This problem often occurs after surgery for axillary and inguinal areas after radiotherapy or background relapse. Contribute to the development limfoedemy lack mobility, venous stasis. The development of lymphoma is much demos affects the quality of life for patients at the same time, rarely leading to life-threatening complications.

Treatment of lymph f demos is a complex task and complete cure is usually impossible. Very important infection prevention and skin care, because lymphostasis promotes inflammatory complications, which in turn exacerbate the violation of lymph, creating a vicious circle. Proper care of the skin significantly reduces the risk of infection, recommended daily use of emollients creams and emulsions with aseptic and anti-inflammatory supplements, avoiding the use of soap (peresushennya skin) and lanolin (dermatitis). The need to protect the skin from injury: work in gloves, immediate treatment with antiseptics cuts and wounds, protection from sunburn, use a thimble, a nice shave and trim nails. With the revelation of signs of inflammation required skilled antibiotics and inflammatory drugs including sensitivity microflora. When expressed chylorrhea shown elastic bandaging for 12-24 hours over several days with periodic changing bandages when they are wet.

Some effect in treating limfoedemy provide nonmedical methods: special exercises and position of the limbs. Movement improves lymphatic drainage, prevents the development of fibrosis increases the activity of the patients, contributes to the mobility of limbs. Therefore, patients should recommend regular regular active or passive movements of the affected kintsiky 3-4 times a day. Increased provision limbs less efficient, but also helps to reduce swelling. For maximum effect legs should raise above the level of the heart and hands - to eye level in a sitting position (with a higher rise viddik lymph rather difficult). Necessary to restrict the use imobilizuyuchyh and supportive bandages because it leads to the development of edema and maloruhomosti. At the same time, good effect can give elastic bandaging to ensure external pressure, which limits the accumulation of fluid and can increase lymph flow by muscle contractions. For external pressure using special stockings, headbands and conventional elastic bandaging. Wrapping the limb should begin with your fingers, evenly distributing pressure across the length of the limb.

Affordable and very effective treatment is limfoedemy massage (including self-massage), to guide the current of lymph from the surface into the deep lymphatic vessels.

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