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In metastatic and locally common forms of the disease shown combined treatment (polychemotherapy, radiotherapy).

The clinic bladder cancer dominate hematuria and dysuria. Bleeding can be clots, constant or intermittent pain, dizuricheskie pain, difficulty urinating, genuine and compelling urge.

Tsytoskopiya - the main method of study of bladder cancer with biopsy and histological examination.

Cystography - gives a filling defect in the hub cancer, bladder distortion circuit and its asymmetry indicate infiltrative tumor growth.

Transurethral resection with excision of the tumor, large tumor size and its infiltrative growth require tsystoektomiyi. Ureter peresazhuyut the colon. In inoperable cancers - palliative radiotherapy courses distance. Cytostatics - tsyklofosan, adriablastyn; vnutrishnomihurovi instillation dybunolu.

Weather unfavorable 5ti year survival - 36%, and 10richne - 20%.



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Epidemiology, etiology and pathological anatomy kidney cancer metastasis ways.

Classification of kidney cancer in stages.

Clinic and diagnosis of kidney cancer.

Treatment of kidney cancer.

Etiology and pathological anatomy of cancer of the ureter

Clinic and diagnosis of cancer of the ureter.

Treatment of cancer of the ureter

Benign tumors of the bladder. Etiology, epidemiology and patAnatomy bladder cancer.

Classification of bladder cancer by stage.

The clinic, diagnosis and treatment of bladder cancer.


learning problem (correct answers are marked *)

Problem number 1. Patient Yu, 55, turned to the clinic with complaints about the appearance of blood in the urine within 3 days. During cystoscopy revealed a bladder tumor. Diagnosis: bladder cancer T 1 N 0 M 0 confirmed histologically - papillary cancer. Assign treatment.

A. Chemotherapy

B. radiotherapy

C. radiotherapy and resection of bladder

D. chemotherapy + radiotherapy

E. resection of bladder *


Problem number 2. G. Boy, 1 year and 2 months., Entered the surgical department of children's hospital with loss of appetite, weight loss, weakness. Mother while bathing the child felt tight hilly formation, which occupied a large part of the abdomen, hematuria appeared. Made urography. Dr date: Nefroblastoma (Wilms tumor III.). Assign treatment. What is the prognosis?

A. preoperative chemotherapy, nephrectomy *

B. nephrectomy, postoperative chemotherapy

C. radiation therapy, nephrectomy

D. nephrectomy, hormone

E. radiotherapy, chemotherapy


Problem number 3. Patient 40 years complains of hematuria, weight loss of 3 kg. He considers himself a patient for 2 years. OBJECTIVE: general condition is satisfactory. One side of the chest and abdominal pathology were detected. After examination revealed a malignant tumor of kidney. What tactics sick? A. Surgical treatment B. Chemotherapy C. Radiotherapy D. Combined treatment * E. Symptomatic treatment.


Problem number 4.

Patient T., 58 years old, total hematuria. At cystoscopy in bladder pathology is detected. The most likely diagnosis? A. Kidney cancer * B. Pyelonephritis C. Paranefryt D. Hemangioma of the kidney E. Maldevelopment of one of the kidneys  

Problem number 5.

Patient S., 48 years old, pelvic CT revealed a tumor of the right kidney. What treatment is indicated? A. Radical resection nefrureterektomiya + mouth bladder * B. Nephrectomy C. Resection of the kidney D. Radiotherapy E. Chemotherapy



(Correct answers are marked *)

Test number 1 Patient B., 30 years old, a tumor of the right kidney with a solitary metastasis in the right lung. Which shows the treatment? A. Nephrectomy + + Immunochemotherapy lung resection * B. Immunochemotherapy C. Radiotherapy D. Chemoradiotherapy E. Symptomatic treatment  

Test number 2 Patient L., 40 years old, up to 3 cm tumor in the right kidney. Multiple metastases in the lungs from 1 to 4 cm metastasis. What is the treatment strategy? A. Palliative Immunochemotherapy B. Palliative nephrectomy + Immunochemotherapy * C. Palliative radiotherapy D. Symptomatic therapy E. Palliative chemotherapy Test number 3 Patient G., 56 years old during urination allocated clots in the form of worms. The most likely diagnosis? A. Kidney cancer B. Bladder cancer * C. Paranefryt D. Pyelonephritis E. Chronic cystitis  

Test number 4 Patient M., 51, revealed maloruhome formation in the right side flank abdomen, hematuria, recurrent constipation. The most likely diagnosis? A. Cancer of the right kidney * B. Cancer of the colon C. Retroperitoneal tumor D. Paranefryt E. Coprostasia  

Test number 5 Patient B., 67 years, surgery revealed retroperitoneal tumor intimately adjacent to the right kidney and ureter. Which shows the surgery? A. Removal of retroperitoneal tumors with preservation of the kidney and ureter. B. Removal of retroperitoneal tumors with nefrureterektomiyeyu right. * C. Trial laparotomy D. Biopsy of the tumor E. Right-hand nephrostomy

Test number 6 Patient G., 45 years old, discovered bladder cancer, subtotal lesions blocking the ureters. Tumor fixed, fixed to the pelvic bones. What treatment is indicated? A. Ureterokutaneoneostomiya + radiotherapy + chemotherapy * B. Radiation therapy + chemotherapy C. Cystectomy + radiotherapy D. Stenting ureters + radiotherapy + chemotherapy E. Symptomatic treatment


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