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4. Read the text. Fill in the gaps with the words from ex. 3. Put some verbs into the past form. From the History of Belarus

Belarus is a new, sovereign state the history of which goes back to . The first human being appeared on its territory about 120-140 thousand years ago. There are sites on the territory of Belarus dating 26 000 years ago. The of Belarusians who settled on the territory of present Belarus between the 6th and 12th centuries were Krivichi, Radimichi and Dregovichi. They lived in the basins of the Dnieper and the Zapadnaya Dvina rivers. They hunted, fished and farmed. These tribes were separate, but they needed in a united state. It was Kievskaya Rus that appeared at the beginning of the 9th century.

In the 13th century the Belarusian territories were swallowed by the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. During this time Belarus was largely in peace, but the Lithuanian duchy was at war and by the 15the century the Grand Duchy of Lithuania spanned from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

Later, at the end of the 17th century Belarusian people were placed in to the Polish feudal lords who exploited them cruelly.

It was also by the troops of the Swedish King Charles XII. In 1708 the Russian troops under the command of Peter the Great routed the Swedish troops and by the end of the 18th century Belarus was by Russia until the 18th of January 1919 when the Byelorussian Socialist Republic was proclaimed.

In 1922 it became a number of the USSR. In 1939 Western Belarus, occupied by Poland, joined Byelorussia. During that period new plants and factories were built, national arts and literature, science and education developed .

But world war II broke out and in 1941 Byelorussia was occupied by Nazi Germany. Over one million buildings were destroyed and the human losses totaled over two million Belarusians. The occupation till 1944. In post-war years Belarusian people restored ruined cities and towns, rebuilt plants. During that time Belarus became a major manufacturing center in the Western region of the USSR.

Belarus itself sovereign on the 27th of July 1990 and the former BSSR became the Republic of Belarus on the 25th of August 1991, attaining full independence.

5. Work in pairs. Speak of the main steps in the history of our country to your partner matching the dates and the events and arranging the facts in the right order.

6th -12th centuries, 13th century, 1708, January 1, 1919, 9th century, the end of the 18th century, 1922, 1941, July 27, 1990, 1939, 1944, August 25, 1991

  • German occupation

  • Bondage to the Polish feudal lords

  • The liberation from German invaders

  • The settlements of Krivichi, Radimichi, Dregovichi

  • (Belarus became) a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania

  • The routing of the Swedish troops by Peter the Great

  • A member of the former USSR

  • Annexation of Belarus by Russia

  • Western Belarus joined Byelorussia

  • The end of the German occupation

  • Independence of Belarus

  • The declaration of its sovereignty.

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