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Separate Battery and I/O Ports

The Battery Port accommodates basic tests

The I/O Port assists in advanced tests

Building a laboratory system

The C8000 forms a command center to operate thermal chamber, external load bank, heating element, pressure gauge, cell monitoring, safety circuits, alarms and more.

Load Capture

Captures load signatures; uses simulated load as discharge protocol to check battery runtime

Setup of Load Capture Unit (LCU)

Takes load signatures of up to 100A

Digitizes information for replay in the C8000

Maximum sample rate 500 microseconds (2kHz)

(discharge only)

Dual Power Port Cable (DPPC)

The Dual Power Port Cable allows parallel connection to double the current to 20A

(one channel only)

External load bank enables loads of up to 2,400W and 48V

Drives several environmental chambers

Reads registers of SMBus batteries, identifies battery anomalies

Lifecycle test

Load test





Provides battery stress test and stores data in PC-BatteryLab™

Simulates GSM, CDMA, etc. 50 s intervals; minimum setting 500 s

Monitoring individual cells

Four floating analog inputs enable voltage check of up to 5 cells; 4 direct and one by voltage extraction

Battery interface made easy

Adapter Unit

Custom Battery Adapters

The Adapter Unit provides simple interface

Over 1500 Custom Battery Adapters in stock

Battery Adapters are programmed for a battery type


1, 2 and 6-bay versionsCoded battery adaptersInterchangeable adapters12-36V input, 25W each

Battery Chargers


1 and 5-bay versionsAdjustable charge voltageFactory configured

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