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The dream of a holiday maker on arainy night

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Julia Skripnik

The dream of a holiday-maker on a rainy night.

Once upon a time there lived a young lady. Let me call her Jane. She was smart, polite and cute. All what she started had a great success among friends and employers. There was nothing special in her life since childhood till coming of age: usual person with common desires and regular dreams. But still there was something special, that marked her out. I still can’t tell what exactly it was. May be her sweet temper or constant smile. She could easily win people’s favour and strike new relations. Her positiveness and warm heart couldn’t leave people indifferent.

After finishing studying she decided that she is grown up enough to live separately, and have a job. Finding it wasn’t a problem, she became a holiday-maker. It was the only chance not to work at all ,as preparation of parties of any kind gave her real pleasure. She felt happy, she could dream about perfect wedding, birthday or New Years’ party and realize her thoughts on somebody else's money. Years passed in holidays as one week, she enjoyed her life and didn’t want to change anything. And why? Living in endless party, what can be better? She had huge amount of friends, joyous life. She thought it will last forever.

But all her life phylosophy burst like a soap-bubble in one night. It was usual fresh celebration evening slowly turning into cold, dark and very sad night. Jane came back home from some theme party tired and in a very low spirits. It was strange for her. She didn’t want to continue living in such way. Jane was surrounded by crowd of people, considered to be friends, but all changed after one call. It was her doctor, who sad she had cancer. It was a terrible hit, her life crashed, all friends became just colleagues and companions. She thought they just felt sorry for her disease and didn’t want to be with them. That night she brooded over all her deeds and way of life in the whole. She fed up with parties,holidays and hypocritical friendship. She wanted to hide from all people on some island and spend the rest of her life alone. This night was full of thoughts and disappointments, but still very useful. She fall asleep in the morning, woke up in a couple of hours because of terrible headache. Took a pill,pull on smile and went to work with habitual sweet mood.

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