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Task 1. Read the patterns and do the exercise according to them; use the verb «to be» and one of the following job names in each case:

journalist librarian doctor psychologist soldier post-graduate writer student flight attendant direct-service social workers computer technician teacher mechanic

I am in the army. I carry a gun. – I am a soldier. We study at a University. – We are students.

1. He writes books and novels. – He ______________ .

2. She teaches courses at a high school. – She _____________ .

3. They can help you to fix any problems with your car. – They _____________ .

4. They treat patients. They _______________ .

5. We are attending a post-graduate course now. – We ______________ .

6. I write the articles you read in the newspaper. – I ________________ .

7. She brings us drinks on a plane. – She __________________ .

8. I help people to solve problems of living and resolve their mental health problems. – I ______________ .

9. We help individuals and their families to solve and cope with their problems in their everyday lives. – We ______________ .

10. She is in charge of a library and may provide information concerning individual books or collections of books. – She ______________ .

11. He repairs and maintains computers and serves. – He _______________ .

Task 2. Practice giving short positive or negative answers to the following questions:

Are you busy at the moment? –Yes, I am/No, I am not. Yes, we are/No, we aren’t.

1. Are you at the University? 2. Are you in the classroom? 3. Are you at the lecture? 4. Are you in the laboratory? 5. Are you in the library? 6. Are all students present in the classroom? 7. Are you hungry? 8. Are you cold? 9. Are you nervous? 10. Are you interested in English? 11. Are you on duty today?

Task 3. Give short negative answers followed by statements. Use the words suggested:

Is your brother a student? (an engineer) - No, he isn’t. He is an engineer.

  1. Are you a social worker? (a student)

  2. Are you a doctor? (a student)

  3. Is your father a fireman? (a surgeon)

  4. Is your mother a librarian? (a doctor)

  5. Is your sister a schoolgirl? (a student)

  6. Is your brother a student? (a psychologist)

  7. Are you schoolchildren? (students)

  8. Are you post-graduates? (students)

  9. Are you prospective social workers? (clinical psychologists)

  10. Are you prospective clinical psychologists? (social workers)

Task 4. Answer the following questions according to the patterns:

  1. How are you? (very well) - I’m very well, thank you. b) How is your friend? (not very well) – He’s not very well, I’m afraid.

  1. 1. How is Fred? (all right) 2. How are your neighbours? (quite well) 3. How is your mother? (not bad) 4. How are your grandparents (fine) 5. How is your teacher? (quite well)

  2. 1. How are your friends? (very well) 2. How is your patient today? (not well) 3. How are your colleagues? (fine) 4. How is Tom? (much worse)

Task 5. Look at the picture below and answer the following questions:

Is the teacher at the blackboard? – Yes, she is. She is at the blackboard. Is the clock below the blackboard? – No, it isn’t. It is above the blackboard.

  1. Is the noticeboard on the wall?

  2. Is the flag above the blackboard?

  3. Are the pupils at the desks?

  4. Are the wastepaper baskets near the blackboard?

  5. Are the notices on the wall?

  6. Is the teacher in front of the blackboard?

  7. Are the students’ desks behind the teacher’s desk?

  8. Is the plant on the table?

  9. Are the teacher’s papers on the desk?

  10. Are the pupils’ pens and pencils on the desks?

Task 6. Change the sentences into Past Simple, using the given suggestions. Change the sentences into Future Simple where possible, using the given suggestions:

I am a student now. (a few years ago/next year) I was a student a few years ago. I will be a student next year.

1) I am a pupil (last year/next year). 2) We are first-year students (last year/next year). 3) I am very tired today (yesterday). 4) My brother is eighteen years old (last week/next week). 5) It is very cold today (the day before yesterday/tomorrow). 6) It is difficult to study at the University (when I was a student/when I become a student). 7) My favourite sport is gymnastics (when I was a child). 8) Today it is 19th of May (yesterday/tomorrow). 9) I am pleased with today’s weather (yesterday’s weather).

Task 7. Answer the following questions, using Present or Past Simple:

  1. What is first name?

  2. What is your second (family) name?

  3. How old are you?

  4. Where were you born?

  5. When were you born?

  6. Where are you at the moment?

  7. Where is our University?

  8. What colour are your eyes?

  9. What colour is your hair?

  10. What are you like? (What sort of person are you?)

  11. What are you interested in?

  12. What is your favourite sport?

  13. What is your favourite book?

  14. What was your favourite subject at school?

  15. What date is it today?

  16. What is the weather like today?

  17. What was the weather like yesterday?

  18. Where are you now?

  19. Where were you at 10 a.m. yesterday?

  20. Where will you be at 10 a.m. tomorrow?

Task 8. Study the following examples and translate the following sentences from Russian into English:

Present Simple

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