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The Oxford Thesaurus - An A-Z Dictionary Of Synonyms

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immature, callow, green, inexperienced, unfledged, uninitiated, unsophisticated, childlike, innocent, na‹ve: This programme may contain material unsuitable for young ears. 3 childish,

puerile, infantile, babyish, US sophomoric: He's too young to invite to the party.

--n. 4 offspring, babies, issue, little ones, progeny, litter, brood; children: The cat's young should stay with her for a few weeks.

youth n. 1 childhood, boyhood, girlhood, young manhood, young womanhood, prepubescence, pubescence, adolescence, salad days; immaturity, minority: In our youth we do many foolish things we might later regret. 2 child, youngster, schoolchild, teenager,

teen, minor, juvenile, adolescent; boy, schoolboy, stripling, young boy or man, lad, laddie, whippersnapper; girl, lass, lassie, schoolgirl, maid, maiden, Literary damsel, demoiselle, mademoiselle, Colloq kid, (little) shaver, US and Canadian tad, Slang teeny-bopper, Brit sprog: As youths, they used to spend time at rock concerts. 3 children, youngsters, juveniles, adolescents, young people, young, Colloq kids: The youth of today have little respect for their elders.

24.5 yucky...


yucky adj. yukky or US also yuchy, disgusting, repugnant, repellent, unappetizing, vomit-provoking, sick-making, ill-making, nauseous, nauseating, revolting, foul, mucky, revolting,

beastly, awful, Slang Brit grotty: We get this yucky mess at school that we call 'mystery meat'.

yummy adj. delicious, mouth-watering, luscious, appetizing, tasty, toothsome, savoury, delectable, ambrosial, Colloq scrumptious: At our school tuck shop we get the most yummy ice-cream.

25.0 Z =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

25.1 zany...



adj. 1 clownish, mad, wild, frolicsome, sportive, playful, gay,


merry, slapstick, crazy, funny, comic(al), amusing, hilarious,


absurd, nonsensical, ludicrous, silly, foolish, inane, Colloq


wacky, loony, madcap, crackpot, nutty, goofy, US kooky: The


buskers put on the zaniest show I have seen for some time.


--n. 2 clown, comic, jester, fool, joker, buffoon, wag,


comedian, merry andrew, laughing-stock, Slang nut, US screwball:


The two zanies kept the crowd in stitches while the pickpockets


stole their wallets.


v. destroy, kill, slaughter, annihilate, murder, slay,


assassinate, liquidate, erase; shoot, electrocute, Slang rub


out, polish off, knock off, bump off, snuff (out), waste, hit,


US ice: The baddies got zapped by the ray gun, one after the



25.2 zealot...


zealot n. fanatic, extremist, radical, bigot, maniac, militant: We have to deal with ruthless zealots who are willing to die for their cause.


n. fanaticism, extremism, radicalism, bigotry, militantism,

terrorism, single-mindedness, monomania, fervour, frenzy,

hysteria, obsession, obsessiveness: Their attacks on innocent

civilians show how far their zealotry can take them.


n. meridian, summit, acme, apex, vertex, apogee, high point,

top, peak, pinnacle: The dictator reached the zenith of his

power very quickly.


n. 1 nil, null, nothing, nought or naught, aught, cipher,

Cricket duck, Colloq nix, US goose-egg, nada, niente, Slang Brit (sweet) Fanny Adams or F.A., bugger-all, US zilch: Temperatures have remained below zero all day. The visiting team won three games, we won zero. 2 (rock) bottom, nadir: On a scale of one

to ten, she is a zero. 3 nobody, nothing, nonentity, Slang US


nebbish, bupkis: That fellow she married is a real zero.


--v. 4 zero in on. focus on, pinpoint, fix on, home in on,


concentrate on, bring to bear on: We zeroed in on the problem


and then rapidly found the answer.


n. 1 spice, relish, gusto, tang, pepper, ginger, piquancy,


pungency, edge, bite, flavour, Colloq zing, zip, pizazz: Put in


a little of my home-made sauce to add some zest. 2 eagerness,


zestfulness, exuberance, appetite, interest, enthusiasm, hunger,


thirst: Where does Sidney get his zest for life?

25.3 zone...



n. area, quarter, district, region, sector, section, sphere,


belt, territory, province, realm, domain, precinct, bailiwick,


department, terrain, circle, locality, locale, Slang US turf: A


duty-free zone will allow for quicker transshipment of goods.


The northern and southern hemispheres each have a frigid,


temperate, and torrid zone.


n. 1 zoological garden, menagerie, Tiergarten, (safari) park:


When I was a child, I enjoyed going to the zoo almost as much as


I do now. 2 madhouse, mess; chaos, pandemonium, bedlam, Colloq


US three-ring circus, Chinese fire-drill: When my husband and


the three children get ready in the morning the kitchen is like


a zoo.

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