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1.12 Read and translate these dialogues. Watching Television

Ann: I'm going to the "Progress" this evening.

Kate: What's on?

Ann: It's a western: "Cowboy Come Home".

Kate: But there's a western on television to-night. You're welcome to come in and watch it.

Ann: A wide screen and the colour will be better, I think.

Kate: Nothing of the kind. Here you can have a comfortable chair to sit in, a drink at your elbow and no journey to make. Besides there are other worthwhile programs on: a documentary on underwater swimming, a half hour sport review and an instalment of a mystery serial play.

Ann: Do you prefer seeing a story as a TV film to reading it in a book?

Kate: Oh, yes. You can actually see the characters and how they're dressed and watch their expressions.

Ann: But a film can also make everything more exciting and vivid and the darkness cuts out human surroundings completely.

Kate: But you can't choose your program and it's waste of money to walk out if you're bored. It's so easy to turn off the TV - not that I do turn it off very often.

Ann: That's just it. You're drugged by it: you've given up all your old interests. That's why I won't have a TV. I still have time to read, invite friends in for a chat or sometimes go to concerts or to the cinema or the theatre.

Useful hobby

B: - History and reading aren't bad hobbies. My father has it worse.

S: - What do you mean, Boris?

B:- Hey, Dad take it easy , - I'm talking about your hobby.

C: - Oh, and what's that, if I may ask?

B:- Well, father usually stays at home doing the cooking and washing up. He reckons it's his hobby.

C:- And what about your wife, Victor?

S: - Oh, she is a modern woman. She believes in sexual equality. She is always sitting in cafes, discussing the problem with her friends.

C:- Well, in any case, your hobby is both interesting and useful.

B:- I doubt whether it is "interesting".

A talk about career

A: - Boris, you know, your father has got a promotion. He has been offered a place as a head of the department for external economic cooperation.

B:- Congratulations, Dad. You know, I have always said that you were destined to be a VIP (very important person) and earn a lot of money.

S:- Oh, Boris, you're my greatest worry. It's about time you started thinking about your career. I'm afraid by the time you get a serious job I'll be an OAP (old aged person).

  1. - Come off it, Dad.

S: - You don't realize how serious I am . You have done sports, played the guitar, were interested in computers ... And what has come of it all? You chop and change too much.

C:- And what do you do these days?

B:- Again - nothing very special ... . Actually I'm mad about dancing.

C: - Perhaps you can make your fortune at it. People can make more money from dancing than from a more conventional profession these days.

S:- I doubt if he can. He is too idle.

C: - I don't believe in forcing boys to take up careers they are not cut out for.

  1. - Don't worry. Dad. One day I will marry a young and rich American widow and the problem will be solved.

  2. - What a load of rubbish! Put that stupid idea out of your head! It' s ridiculous.

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