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Marine engineering

Marine engineering is a special branch of mechanical engineering. Engineers in this field work at designing, mounting and control of ship power plants of all types (steam and gas turbines, diesel engines, nuclear and electrical power plants). They also design and investigate different types of ship engines and machinery such as ship internal combustion engines, steam generators etc., as well as technological processes of their building, mounting and operation.

Marine engineers work at designing and producing systems of power plant automatics and information measuring complexes. Marine automation is the automatic control of shipboard systems and processes. Automatic control of a ship power plant and engine room equipment has great advantages. It increases safety of a ship power plant, reduces fuel consumption and personnel, and achieves high efficiency of the plant operation.

6.13 Match the English and Russian words and word combinations.

special branch

информационно-измерительные комплексы

mounting and control

оборудование машинного отделения

to investigate

работа судовой силовой установки

ship engines and machinery

специальное направление

information measuring complexes

судовые двигатели и оборудование

shipboard systems

высокая производительность

engine room equipment

установка и управление (контроль)

great advantages



изучать, исследовать

high efficiency

бортовые системы

plant operation

большие преимущества

6.14 Phrasal verbs. Match the phrasal verbs on the left to their meanings

on the right .


get up




carry out


speak loudly


be made up of




be in


be absent


be out


be present


put down




get back




speak up


consist of


get to




find out


learn, discover

6.15 Pay attention to phrasal verbs, guess their meaning from the context of the sentence.

1. We’ll buy a smaller house when the children have grown up and left home. 2. Who’s going to look after the cats when we go away on holiday? 3. The computer isn’t working – it broke down this morning.. 4. I found out where he lived by checking in the local library. 5. It was no problem: we looked up his number in the telephone book. .6. My headaches have been much better since I gave up drinking coffee. 7. What’s going on here? What are you doing? 8. He promised to play in the match, but he didn’t come. He let down the whole team. 9. What time does the plane take off?

6.16 If – clauses.

I. If the new device is introduced, the plan will be carried out ahead of time.

Если новый проект будет внедрен, план будет выполнен досрочно.

II. If the new device were introduced, the plan would be carried out ahead of time.

Если бы новый проект был внедрен (сейчас), план был бы выполнен досрочно.

III. If the new device had been introduced, the plan would have been carried out ahead of time.

Если бы новый проект был внедрен (тогда), план был бы выполнен досрочно.

6.17 Translate the following sentences.

1. If I had known that you were ill last week, I’d have gone to see you. 2. If Tom had missed the train, he would have been late for his interview. 3. I’d have sent you a postcard while I was on holiday if I had had your address. 4. If she had been hungry, she would have eaten something. 5. I wish it would stop raining. 6. I wish you wouldn’t drive so fast. 7. She didn’t buy the coat because she didn’t have enough money. If she had had enough money, she would have bought the coat. 8. Ann gave me this book. She would be terribly upset if I lost it.

6.18 Exam task. Read the text and make up your own one about your

future profession.

I study at the faculty of Designing Marine Devices. My future profession will be Automation and Control Systems. I am interested in my future profession and I hope I will be a good specialist.

Computer industry is developing fast and comprises almost all spheres of professional life. Electronic engineering deals with the research, design, integration and application of circuits and devices used in the transmission and processing of information. Computer engineers deal with all aspects of electronic communication. In designing communication systems, engineers rely on various branches of higher mathematics. They work on control systems which are used extensively in automated manufacturing and robotics.

One of the main tasks is the creation of artificial intelligence through development of higher level machine languages. The other task is microminiaturization. Engineers continue to work to fit greater and greater number of circuit elements onto smaller and smaller chips. Another trend is increasing the speed of computer operations through the use of parallel processors and superconducting materials.

Computer engineers have a lot of employment opportunities as each new generation of computers opens up new possibilities for basic and applied research.

6.19 Answer the questions:

1. What is the role of science in people’s lives? Give examples.

2. Would you like to work in the field of science?

6.20 Try to match the discoveries 1-4 with how they were discovered a-d.

1) the equation e=mc2 a) scientists worked together as a team

2) Hubble’s law b) there was a lucky accident

3) penicillin c) a scientist observed something very carefully

4) the first computer d) a scientist had a moment of inspiration

6.21 Read the text and check your guesses from exercise 6.20.

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