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4.3 Put in the right article.

This is Mike and that is his wife Helen. They are going to ... market. Mike wants to buy … new hat. Helen wants to buy … blue coat. They have … car. … car is black. It is … good car. Mike likes to drive his car. It is his hobby. Helen likes to read … book before sleep. On Sundays they often play … tennis. Mike is … good player. They also have … dog. … dog is very small. They love … dog. They often take it with them when they go out.

4.4 Translate into English:

1). Ты играешь в футбол, не так ли? 2). Мои родители часто приезжают ко мне. 3). Кто говорит по-английски хорошо? 4). Кто сейчас говорит по телефону? 5). В данный момент мама моет пол, а я помогаю ей по дому. 6). Когда он приходит в университет обычно? 7). Мой брат никогда не моет посуду. 8). Все в нашей семье любят читать и смотреть телевизор. 9). Они всегда приходят вовремя. 10). У тебя хорошая семья, не так ли?

4.5. Choose the right variant a,b, c to fill the spaces in 1-10

1. … roof was painted green.

A) a B) the C) 0

2. Isn't it … nasty weather?

A) a B) the C) 0

3. It's not … Rome I knew in my childhood.

A) a B) the C)0

4. There is … good hospital in this region.

A) a B ) the C) 0

5. She went on a diet … lose weight.

A) in order to B) because C) so

6. My neighbour came home … a taxi that night.

A) on B) by C) in

7. How …

A) she studies hard B) hard she studies C) hardly she studies

8. Nobody called on me, …?

A) did anybody B) did he C) did they

9. I forgot to take the spaghetti out of the water and … went soft.

A) they B) all C) it

10. Could you please go and get … chair from next door?

A) another B) other C) an other

4.6. For questions 1-15, read the text below and decide which answer a, b, c or d best fits each space. There is an example at the beginning.

Example: 0. A) long time B) sometimes C) ages D) lately

Dear Trevor,

I know it's been C (0) I wrote to you but I've been very busy ___ (1) we decided to move in the country. The house in the village is not quite ready ___ (2) but as you can imagine ___ (3) the last few weeks we've had to chase up builders and plumbers and we've ___ (4) got a long way to go.

It's been such a long time we ___ (5) work on it I've almost forgotten how long it's been exactly. We must have started it about seven years ___ (6) and we've ___ (7) spent a small fortune on it. We are ___ (8) living in our rather cramped flat where you ___ (9) us a few years ago but it ___ (10) to get unbearable and we ___ (11) moving out. We are still ___ (12) around from morning ___ (13) night and it's been particularly hectic ___ (14) the last week. Anyway, ___ (15) all this was going on Karen fell and sprained her ankle was the last thing we needed!

1. A. every time B. ever since C. while D. before

2. A. still B. already C. yet D. soon

3. A. for B. as C. while D. since

4. A. yet B. already C. nearly D. still

5. A. have started B. start C. did start D. started

6. A. before B. ago C. previous D. since

7. A. still B. not C. already D. yet

8. A. already B. still C. yet D. longer

9. A. were visiting B. have visited C. had been visiting D. visited

10. A. begun B. is beginning C. begins D. begin

11. A. have looked forward B. looked forward C. will look forward D. are looking forward

12. A. rush B. rushed C. rushing D. be rushed

13. A. and B. into C. till D. through

14. A. during B. from C. in D. while

15. A. in B. during C. while D. for

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