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3.12 Fill in the missing words and word combinations from the list below.

1. I ___________ with my parents and all of us ___________ of each other. 2. My ___________ are my best friends and we never ___________. 3. He is a bad father, he doesn’t feel ___________ for his family. 4. I have many uncles and aunts so I have many ___________ . 5. My mother is going to marry again, so I’ll have a ___________ . 6. I ___________ my room with my sister. 7. My grandfather’s ___________ is my grandmother. 8. They ___________ adoptive children but they love them very much. 9. My sister ___________ but I know that she doesn’t love her ___________ . 10. Small families, so-called ___________ are typical for most European societies. 11. If parents ___________ , children are left with a mother or a father only. 12. She is in a bad ___________ today. 13. Family relations ___________ on many things. 14. He does everything ___________ to be happy. 15. How many members does your family ___________ of?

______________________________ responsibility, stepfather, get on well, share, mood, take care, siblings, consist, are divorced, bring up, nuclear families, depend, husband, in order, relatives, wife, is married, quarrel

3.13 Match the phrases in column a with those in column b. More than one answer is possible.

Model: I am the youngest in my family. It’s a disadvantage. Everyone tells me what to do.

Would you prefer to be the only child or one of two or three children?



1. I am the youngest in my family.

2. A disadvantage of being the only child is that …

3. An advantage of being the only child is that …

4. I get along well with my brothers and sisters.

5. The advantage of having brothers and sisters is that …

6. I always quarrel with my brothers and sisters because …

a) It’s an advantage.

b) It’s a disadvantage.

c) I am the centre of attention.

d) they tease (дразнят) me.

e) I always share personal secrets with them.

f) they are my best friends.

g) everyone tells me what to do.

h) I can do whatever I want.

i) we always take care of each other.

j) we spend a lot of time together.

k) I have nobody to play and share secrets with.

3.14 A) Match the verbs to the nouns.

to wash

to dust

to do

to iron

to vacuum

to clean

to mop (мыть, протирать шваброй)

the beds

the carpets

the clothes

the dishes

the windows

the floors

the furniture

b) Which of these household chores do you do? How often? Which do you like/not mind/hate doing?

Model: I sometimes wash the dishes in the evening.

3.15 Complete the sentences with the word combinations from the box.

to cook meals, the “hovering”, organized among the members of our family, iron, to keep the flat tidy, do, household chores, take care, my usual round of duties, keeping the house, shopping, wash up

My Household Chores

As I am very busy I can’t help my parents much in ___________. But still I have some ___________. I ___________ my room and my bed and ___________. It’s not difficult ___________ if you do your rooms regularly. Once a week I help my mother to do some other work about the house, ___________or ___________ the clothes, for example. This is ___________.

My brother has his own duties. He repairs electric appliances, does ___________ and goes ___________. All the duties are ___________. But we ___________ of each other and help each other.

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