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3. Vocabulary exercises

3.1 Translate the following international words without a dictionary.

Communal, to start, to decorate, modern, central, electric, electricity, gas, lift, telephone, Internet, minute, hall, contrast, comfortable, lamp, perfume, balcony, coffee, favourite, music, to collect, statuette, problem, interest, section, refrigerator, toaster, toilet, style

3.2 Look through the text, pick out words with word-building affixes, define which parts of speech these words are and be ready to do word-building exercises below.

3.3 a) Make adjectives with the help of the given suffixes, define the parts of speech to the stem of which these suffixes are added and translate all the words into Russian.

- able to rely, to understand, to love, to enjoy, to laugh, to agree, fashion

- ish child, girl, boy; sweet, green, blue, grey

- ic economy, diplomat, fantast, optimist, realist, ideology, science

- y sun, rain, snow, fog, thirst

b) Find the examples of the adjectives with these suffixes in the text and translate them.

3.4 Point out the suffixes in the following words from the text. Define the parts of speech these words belong to. Translate the words into Russian. Give your own examples of the words with the same suffixes if you can.

Elegant, delicious, various, favourite, spectacular; entrance, appliance, impression, furniture

3.5 Point out the suffix in the following nouns. Give the verbs from the stem of which the following nouns are formed and translate the verbs into Russian.

Toaster, cooker, coffee maker, dishwasher

3.6 Form adverbs from the following adjectives with the help of the suffix -ly and translate them into Russian.

Warm, cosy, comfortable, elegant, beautiful, funny, merry, special, delicious, wonderful, gay, modern, stylish, nice

3.7 Read and translate the following groups of derivatives. Mind the word-building suffixes.

To eat – eatable – eatability; hospitable – hospitably – hospitability; friend – friendly – friendless – friendliness; to comfort – comfort – comfortable - comfortably; paper – to paper – papery – paperless; place – to place – placement – placeless; bright – brightly – brightness; to refresh – refreshment; to furnish – furniture; to collect – collector – collection; warm – warmth – warmly; to rely – reliable – reliably – reliability

3.8 Match the words to make compounds.
















case (shelf)

3.9 Use the proper word.

1.A house/home is a building for people to live in and is usually built on more than one level (storey). 2. A cottage/detached house is a small, old house, especially in the country. 3. A set of rooms (including a kitchen and bathroom) within a large building is a house/flat. 4. A large grand house is called a mansion/detached house. 5. A house not connected with any other building is a semidetached/detached house while one of a pair of joined houses is a dwelling/semidetached house. 7. The place where you live is your house/home whatever type of dwelling it is.

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