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Theoretical Phonetics

  1. The Mechanism of Syllable Division in Various Approaches.

  2. Identifying Characteristics of General American.

  3. Articulatory Reasons for Singling-out Semi-Vowels.

  4. Sonority as a Syllabic Quality and a Vocalic Feature.

  5. The Mechanisms of Vowel Production as Different from those of Consonant Production.

  6. Functional Differences between a Phoneme and a Sound in Various Approaches.

  7. The Prognostication of Syllable Components in English on the Basis of Traditional Sound Clusters.

  8. The Connection between Tone and Intonation in Various Approaches.

  9. Aspiration as a Non-phonological Feature capable of Differentiating Meanings.

  10. Reliable Factors for Syllable Division.

  11. The Treatment of Intonation Structure in Contour Blocks.

  12. Glottalization as a Means of Sound Arrangement in the Flow of Speech (Social and Regional Accents).

  13. Speech Melody as the Basic Meaningful Unit of Intonation.

  14. The Subject-matter of Theoretical Phonetics.

  15. The Interconnection between Rhythm and Speech Melody in an Utterance.

  16. Reasons for Monophthong-Diphthong Comparison in Accent Variations (RP Monophthongs v. Diphthongs in a Regional Accent).

  17. Reasons for Diphthong-Monophthong Comparison in Accent Variations (RP Diphthongs v. Monophthongs in a Regional Accent).

  18. The Connection between Pitch and Intonation in Various Approaches.

  19. Peculiarities of Consonant Distribution in Scottish English.

  20. Peculiarities of Vowel Distribution in Northern English.

  21. The Dynamism of Intonation Components.

  22. The Communicative Value of Loudness (Whisper -> Loudness).

  23. Articulatory Simplification in Cockney.

  24. Methods of Phonological Analysis in Defining Phonemes and Allophones.

  25. Criteria for Revealing the Status of an Affricate.

  26. Criteria for Revealing the Status of a Diphthong.

  27. The Problem of the Schwa Vowel in Phonology.

  28. Diphthongoid as a Transition Unit.

  29. The Influence of Rhoticism on Phonological Oppositions.

  30. Voice Correlation as a Variable.

  31. Fortis v. Lenis Correlation as a Constant.

  32. Identifying Techniques in Establishing Phonetic and Phonological Features (Description and Classification).

  33. Principles of Consonant Classification as Different from Principles of Vowel Classification.

  34. Systematic Features of Facultative Phonemes in RP.

  35. Loudness in the Arc of Loudness Theory.

  36. Shibboleths in Distinguishing Welsh from Irish.

  37. Structural Reasons for the Loss of Phonemes in Regional Accents.

  38. Articulatory and Auditory qualities of [r] as Dependent on its Distribution (Regional Accents).

  39. The Functions of Intonation.

  40. The Articulatory Relationship between Adjoining Sounds in a Sound Chain (Ferdinand de Saussure’s Theory of Syllable Division).

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