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Episode 15 Andy Leaves Home Part 1

Narrator You no doubt remember that the Bensons story started with Peter arriving home from work very late one evening. Well, he is at it again. This time his pet project is not to blame. He's working all hours that God sends in order to supply all sorts of information requested by Superbooks Incorporated. He's tired, irritable and not at all happy.

Sheila Oh, Peter, you look absolutely worn out.

Peter I am, love. I'm completely knackered. I'm just about all in.

Sheila Sit down and put your feet up. I'll fix you a drink.

Peter Thanks, I could do with one.

Sheila One nice Scotch on the rocks coming up.

Peter Cheers. Phew, that's better.

Sheik. Cheers.

Peter You know, I'm sick and tired of it. They're bloody insatiable.

Sheila What is it now'?

Peter Cash flow projections. Needed by first thing tomorrow morning.

Sheila You've already supplied details of turnover, staff levels, the pension scheme.

Peter And profit and loss accounts, bank interest, payments outstanding...

Sheila Don't forget royalty payments to authors. What more can they want?

Peter It beats me what they do with it all.

Sheila I bet they just file it away somewhere.

Peter We should be so lucky.. No, they've got their reasons.

Sheila There can't be much more information to send them, can there?

Peter There can, worse luck. There was a telex on the machine when I left.

Peter They want copies of all bank statements for the past five years.

Sheila Oh! That reminds me. Yes. Bank statements.

Peter What about than?

Sheila One came in today. It was for Andy.

Peter He'll be in the red, as usual.

Sheila No. I opened it by mistake. He's rich.

Peter Rich? Andy? Pull the other one.

Sheila I think you should have a look at it. Here.

Peter Let me see, now. Overdrawn, overdrawn.... £ 60,000 credit!

Sheila I told you. There must he some mistake.

Peter £ 60,000. Oh, my God! Oh, no!

Sheila What is it, Peter?

Peter The shares. He's sold his shares. It was Andy.

Narrator Fortunately for Andy, he's out at the moment Bu he'll be home fairly soon. Peter is more sad and disappointed than angry. But that's only his initial reaction. While waiting for Andy to come home, let's do some repetition and role-play.

Part 2

Narrator Andy is just coming up the drive to the house. It's very late and Sheila's just gone to bed. But Peter is waiting up for him.

Andy Hello Dad. You're up late.

Peter Come in here and sit down, please.

Andy Are you all right? You look as if you've seen a ghost.

Peter Not a ghost, Andrew. Just this.

Andy What right have you to open my letters? What is this? A police state?

Peter Look at it. Why, Andy, why?

Andy £ 60,000! Wow! Do you think I can keep it?

Peter How did it get there?

Andy Well, it must be a mistake. £ 60,000!

Peter Bensons shares. Six per cent. Why?

Andy What do you mean? Bensons Shares? Oh, I see...

Peter Why did you sell them? What got into you, Andy?

Andy You think I sold my shares?

Peter Stop playing about. Of course you sold them.

Andy But I didn't. Dad. Honestly I didn't. There must...

Peter Don't 'honestly' me! Never again. I was fool enough to believe you last time...

Andy But Dad...

Peter All that nonsense about nightmares and that woman. Lies.

Andy No, Dad.

Peter Lies. A pack of lies.

Andy But I didn't sell any shares, Dad.

Peter You're not even man enough to own up. You disgust me.

Andy Trust me. I'm your son, remember?

Peter You're no son of mine. For two pins I'd give you a good hiding.

Andy Just you try! First it was Arnold and now it's me.

Peter Right. That's enough. Just get out of my sight before I...

Andy I'll get out all right and won't come back.

Narrator So Andy has gone off somewhere, into the night, leaving Peter sitting there tired out and dejected. Things don't look so good for him, do they?

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