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  1. I’d like to tell you about computer history .

  2. The text is divided into 3 parts.

  3. The 1st part describes history of electronics.

  4. This period lasted from 1941 to 1959.

  5. Programmable calculator, transistor, ENIAC, integrated circuit were invented during this period.

  6. Pay attantion to ENIAC, it was developed for military in 1945.

  7. The 2nd part is developed to history of mini.

  8. This period lasted from 1959 to 1970.

  9. Integrated circuit, word processor, 256-bit RAM chip, were invented during this period.

  10. Famous people were Ivan Sutherland, Gordon More and Robert Noyce.

  11. Famouse companiy was Intel.

  12. Pay attention to Sketchpad it was developed for make engineering drawings with a light pen in 1962.

  13. The 3ed part divided into histori of micro.

  14. This period lasted from 1971 to1985.

  15. Blue boxes, Mark-8, Basic, Microsoft Windows were invented during this period.

  16. Famous people were Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Gary Kildall and Paul Allen.

  17. Famous companies were Apple, Motorolla, Microsoft and IBM.

  18. Pay attention to Apple it convered half procent of the personal computer market.

  19. This text gives detayled information about history of computer tehnilogies.

  20. Computer technology has made a big step in his development.

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