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pre-authorized withdrawals – попередньо-схвалені платником зняття грошей;

Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) банкомат;

it pays to choose – варто обрати;

bonds, shares of stock облігації, акції.

Vocabulary exercises

Exercise 1. Read, translate into Ukrainian in written form and learn by heart the definitions of the following economic terms and concepts.

  1. Certificates of deposit (Deposit certificate, CDs): certificates issued by banks guaranteeing repayment of principal at a fixed rate of interest after a specified period of time.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

  1. Charge account: an arrangement between a supplier and a customer, by which the customer is allowed to pay at the end of an agreed period for all goods he has bought during that period.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________ _________________________________

  1. Checking account: a current account on which checks can be drawn.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

  1. Compound interest: interest calculated on both the principal and its accumulated interest.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

  1. Consumer credit: money lent by financial institutions to enable individuals to buy consumer goods or services with regular installment payments.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

  1. Consumer loan: the lending of money to the public by banks and other financial institutions for the purpose of buying consumer goods.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________

  1. Credit: An arrangement with a shop, bank etc that allows you to buy something and to pay for it later.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

  1. Demand deposit: money placed with a bank in current account, on which checks can be drawn.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________

  1. Interest rate: the percentage of the principal paid by the borrower to the lender for the use of the lender's money.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________

  1. Rate of return: the amount of interest or dividends stated as a percentage of the principal of an investment.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________

  1. Savings account: an account maintained by a customer with a depository institution for the purpose of accumulating funds over a period of time.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________ __________________________________

  1. Time deposit: money placed with a bank in a deposit account earning interest and needing at least 30 days’ notice of withdrawal.

_________________________________ ___________________________________ _________________________________ ___________________________________

Exercise 2. Give Ukrainian equivalents for the following words and phrases from the text.

  1. a habit of managing your money – _____________________________________

  2. to take bachelor's or master's degree – __________________________________

  3. a variety of options – ________________________________________________

  4. to take a cash advance – _____________________________________________

  5. to pay for the credit costs – ___________________________________________

  6. a pleasant experience –_______________________________________________

  7. to start any savings program –_________________________________________

  8. limitations on withdrawals – __________________________________________

  9. along with the principle – ____________________________________________

  10. a monetary return – _________________________________________________

  11. a pre-determined interest rate – ________________________________________

  12. to result in a penalty – _______________________________________________

  13. to limit the number of transactions – ____________________________________

  14. to store your money – _______________________________________________

  15. to overestimate your ability to repay – __________________________________

Exercise 3. Find in the text English equivalents for the following words and phrases from the text.

  1. Ставати справою минулого – _______________________________________

  2. вибори щодо витрачання – _________________________________________

  3. користуватися новими покупками – _________________________________

  4. переваги та недоліки – ____________________________________________

  5. здійснювати повну оплату – ________________________________________

  6. мати на увазі/ пам’ятати – _________________________________________

  7. відкладати гроші – ____________________________________________

  8. зберігати гроші в банку – __________________________________________

  9. захищаючи ваші гроші від пожежі, крадіжки чи інших нещасть – ________ ____________________________________________________________________

  10. надавати право виписувати чеки – __________________________________

  11. ліквідне майно – _________________________________________________

  12. покласти кошти/гроші в банк – _____________________________________

  13. компанії інвестиційних фондів відкритого типу – ______________________

  14. засоби управління коштами – _______________________________________

Exercise 4. Match the verbs/verbal phrases, prepositions and nouns/noun phrases as they occur together in the text. Translate the expressions they make into Ukrainian.

to have an impact





things online

to keep


to extend payment

for a certain time period

to pay

installment loans

to be offered


to be supplied

government agencies

to refer to

managing your financial affairs

to be kept

our lives

to be withdrawn

the purchase

to be insured

for a full year

to invest


Exercise 5. Copy out from the texts the sentences containing the following words and word-combinations and translate these sentences into Ukrainian.

  1. to make the dream of having money come true: ___________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  2. have more choices: _______________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  3. until the money is paid back: _________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  4. to finance a purchase: _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  5. the risk involved: __________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  6. to keep a close watch on: _____________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  7. to make purchases: _________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  8. have different maturities: ____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  9. managing your financial affairs: _______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Exercise 6. Choose words and word-combinations that have the same or similar meaning to the words listed below. More than one is possible.

  1. готівка (3) ________________________________________________________

  2. дохідність (2) _____________________________________________________

  3. здійснювати платіж (3) _____________________________________________

  4. знімати з рахунку (4) ______________________________________________


  1. класти гроші в банк (3) _____________________________________________


  1. класти гроші на рахунок (3) _________________________________________


  1. користуватися (2) __________________________________________________

  2. кредит/позика (4) __________________________________________________

  3. мати рахунок у банку (3) ___________________________________________


  1. надавати позику (3) ________________________________________________

  2. накопичувати відсоток (2) __________________________________________

  3. платити готівкою (4) _______________________________________________

  4. план заощаджень (2) _____________________________________________

  5. споживча позика (2) _______________________________________________

to deposit money to an account

to deposit money with a bank

to make a withdrawal from a deposit

to pay with cash

a consumption loan

to accumulate interest

to keep an account at a bank

a lend

to place funds in a bank

a savings program

to draw out of an account

to effect a payment

to put money in a bank

to place money on deposit

a credit

to withdraw from an account

to handle a payment

to grant a loan

to supply a loan

to enjoy

money in hand

a debt

to generate interest

to take out from a deposit

to have a bank account

a consumer loan

to pay cash

to pay by cash

a savings plan

ready money

to make a payment

to give a loan

to keep an account with a bank

to put funds in an account

to make use of


a loan

a return

to pay in cash

a yield

Exercise 7. Find words in the text synonymous in meaning to the following. Read the sentences containing them.





to bear in view

a financial condition

to choose

financial troubles

a pattern

a disadvantage

to draw interest

to repay a loan


to make best use of

to put aside

it’s worth

an advantage

an alternative

Exercise 8. Replace the words or word combinations in bold time with their synonyms.

  1. If you take control of your financial state, you will have peace of mind and your dream of having money for a rainy day will come true. 2. Your funds will be protected if you place them in an account insured by government. 3. A bank account will help you accumulate money, since it is often easier not to take out your savings if you have deposited your money with a bank. 4. Depository institution can grant you a consumer loan if you have a high credit rating. 5. The key to solving the financial difficulties is to manage your money effectively. 6. If you can't afford to pay for a desired thing by cash, don't use your credit card to pay for it. 7. Before buying something on credit it is necessary to keep in mind that credit requires the necessary monthly installments. 8. Savings plans are for money that should be used only for saving rather than for anything other. 9. Credit will cost you less in the long run if you can make extra payments of any amount or if you can pay off your loan sooner. 10. The relative ease of getting credit enables consumers to enjoy goods and services when money in hand is not available.

Exercise 9. Match each term in column A with its definition in column B.

  1. Liquidity

a business that keeps and lends money and provides other financial services.

  1. Interest rate

an identification card that entitles the lawful owner to make purchases on credit.

  1. Yield

a plastic card with which a customer may withdraw funds from his account using an automated teller machine.

  1. Debit card

A financial institution that obtains its funds mainly through deposits from the public.

  1. Bank

the percentage of the principal paid by the borrower to the lender for the use of the lender's money.

  1. Credit card

the ease with whiсh savings or other liquid assets can be converted to cash.

  1. Depository institution

the amount of interest or dividends stated as a percentage of the principal of an investment.

  1. Rate of return

actual amount of interest earned that depends on the rate of return and the frequency of compounding.

Exercise 10. At least one word or word-combination has been omitted from each of these sentences. Fill in the blanks from the list of missing words below and translate them into Ukrainian.

  1. The easier it is ___________________ your money from an account, the lower the interest rate __________________ by the depository institution. – _______________


2. If you want ____________________________________, place money in an account that pays _________________________________________. – __________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

3. The most important thing people should do not to face financial difficulties is to learn ________________________________________ actively. – _______________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Liquidity refers to the ease with which your savings can _____________________ ____________. – ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

5. Credit allows consumers ___________________________ they want immediately but ________________________ in the future. – __________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

6. Charge accounts and credit cards, automobile loans, ________________________, and ___________________________ are some of the best known forms of credit. – ________________________________________________________________________________


7. To choose ______________________________________ it’s worth comparing such features as safety, liquidity, interest rate, ________, and limitations on withdrawals. – _____________________________________________________


8. To get the true cost of your loan, you need to add __________________________ to the original amount borrowed. – ______________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Different financial institutions offer different kinds of accounts and _________________________. – ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

be converted into cash


rate of return

is charged

educational loans

redpay a debt

to withdraw

to enjoy the things

a suitable bank account

the highest interest rates

the interest charges

to manage their money

mortgage loans

to earn a monetary return

Exercise 11. Choose word combinations best suitable for the following sentences making sense.

  1. Consumer loan is supplying money/paying in cash/taking a cash advance by financial institutions for the purpose of opening a savings account/repaying a time deposit/ buying consumer goods. 2. Buying items with equal monthly installments, credit cards, and charge accounts are forms of money-management tools/earning the yield/consumer credit. 3. The easier it is to deposit funds with the bank/ to withdraw your funds/to pay back, the greater the liquidity. 4. A checking account provides you with more spending options/check-writing privileges/the highest rate of return to withdraw funds deposited by you from the account. 5. If you want to set aside your extra cash you should deposit your money to an account that is drawn on demand/doesn’t generate interest/earns the greatest monetary return. 6. Demand deposit/debit card/sales credit enables buyers to purchase goods and services without paying off for them immediately and to extend payment over time. 7. Credit costs may vary in size from one lender to another as each lender is entitled to add to the principal/compound interest/ monthly installments different credit fees. 8. Credit card entitles its owner to buy on credit or take out the interest charged/obtain cash advances/ pay by checks.

Exercise 12. Translate the sentences into English using the active vocabulary.

    1. Щоб одержати позику для отримання ступеня бакалавра або магістра чи для фінансування покупки будинку або автомобіля, насамперед необхідно обрати банк чи іншу фінансову установу.


    1. Заробляти гроші та керувати ними – це те, на що кожному потрібно звертати увагу.


    1. Перш ніж використати кредит по відкритому рахунку або розплатитися кредитною карткою, обміркуйте, чи заплатити за бажану річ готівкою зараз, чи заплатити за неї більше з відсотками нарахованими на ваше вилучення з у кінці місяця.


    1. Депозитний сертифікат являє собою вид строкового вкладу, з якого нічого не можна знятим з до настання строку.


    1. Депозитна установа – це фінансова установа, яка надає громадськості різні види ощадних та чекових рахунків.


    1. Позичковий кредит та продаж в кредит є найбільш відомими видами споживчого кредиту.


    1. Ліквідність – це легкість перетворення на готівку заощаджень, акцій та інших цінних паперів, що приносять відсотковий дохід.


    1. Перш ніж покласти гроші на один з банківських рахунків, варто дослідити їхні переваги та недоліки.


    1. Володіння банківським рахунком полегшує спостереження за вашими грошима і змінює ваші звички витрачати.


    1. Безпека, ліквідність, відсоткова ставка, складний відсоток, плата за надання кредиту та обмеження вилучень з рахунку – це характеристики банківських рахун-ків, які вам слід порівняти, перш ніж почати робити заощадження.


    1. Банки та депозитні установи зберігають особисті заощадження громадян країни, гарантуючи надійність, високу норму прибутку та швидку ліквідність та захищають їх від пожежи, крадіжки та інших стихійних лих.


    1. Ощадні рахунки – най прості-ший спосіб заощадити гроші.


    1. Переоцінювання платоспромож-ності та легковажне використання кредиту може привести вас до фінансових труднощів і навіть до банкрутства.


Exercise 13. Answer the following questions.

1. What should a person do to avoid financial troubles or make them a thing of the past? 2. What spending options do individuals have today? 3. 3. Why do people obtain credit? 4. What is the main advantage of credit? 5. What should people bear in view before buying on credit? 6. What is a credit card? 7. What do credit cards provide? 8. What drawbacks do they have? 9. What is difference between credit and debit cards? 10. Why do some people prefer to use debit cards?

11. What is a charge account? 12. Is there any charge for the use of a charge account? 13. What benefits does this account provide? 14. What is a consumer credit? 15. What does consumer credit provide? 16. What is the difference between loan credit and sales credit? 17. What is a consumer loan? 18. What are the best known types of consumer loans? 19. What is a principal? 20. Why may credit costs vary in size? 21. Why is savings considered one of the ways of good money management? 22. Why is it important for people to make savings? 23. What factors should be considered before staring any kind of savings program? 24. What does safety mean? 25. What is liquidity? 26. What is a rate of interest? 27. What is a rate of return? 28. What is a compound interest? 29. What does the yield depend on? 30. What accounts are offered by depository institutions? 31. What characteristics do checking accounts have? 32. Why do some people put their money in savings accounts? 33. What are the benefits and drawbacks of time deposits? 34. What do the certificates of deposit require from the depositors? 35. Why do financial institutions charge the highest interest rates on CDs? 36. What is the difference between money market accounts and money market funds accounts? 37. Why do people keep their money with a bank? 38. What steps should be taken to reach financial goals?

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