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  • For further information, please contact us on the numbers given below.

  • Please telephone, fax or post the coupon right away.

  • Phone us FREE quoting the reference number on this leaflet.

  • If so, give us a call at X and set up an appointment with one of your friendly operators.

Offering advantages:

  • Save up to 5% if you reply before the end of this month.

  • Accept a free gift when you place your first order.

Exercise 36

Read and translate the sales letter.

Find the phrases in the text which do the following:

  • create interest

  • describe potential benefits to customers

  • encourage customers to take action.

CommuniCom Ltd.

Old Harwich Road 

Suffolk SK2 2TH

Tel / Fax 01289 897351

Do you have friends and family you would like to see more often? When you telephone colleagues would you like to see their faces? With the new Home Desktop Videophone this is now possible!

The Home Desktop Videophone is easy to set up and use and you don’t need a computer or any special software. It’s just like making a normal telephone call. All you do is make a telephone call to that special person and the excellent moving picture quality and sound means they are with you.

Imagine … family and friends who live far away can still keep in touch with you. Talking to colleagues in other countries can be more like meeting them face–to–face. Each party needs to have a set, but the good news is that we have a special offer at the moment – buy one set and we will send a second set to your family member, friend or business colleague at half price.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to benefit from the Home Desktop Videophone. Call our freephone inquiry and order line now and get close to the people that matter.

Free–phone number 0199 645645

Yours sincerely

Jackson Brown

Sales Manager

Exercise 37

Read and translate this sales letter.

Document Makers 2398 Red Street Salem, ma 34588

March 10, 2001

Thomas R. Smith Drivers Co. 3489 Greene Ave. Olympia, WA 98502

Dear Mr. Smith:

Are you having trouble getting your important documents formatted correctly? If you are like most business owners, you have trouble finding the time to economically produce good–looking documents. This is why it is important to have a specialist take care of your most important documents.

At Documents Makers, we have the skills and experience to come in and help you make the best possible impression. May we stop by and offer you a FREE estimate of how much it would cost to get your documents looking great? If so, give us a call at 789–8989 and set up an appointment with one of our friendly operators.


Richard Brown President

Exercise 38

Read and translate the sales leaflet in which Paperback Ltd introduces its services.

Underline the phrases in the text which do the following:

  • create interest

  • describe potential benefits to customers

  • provide evidence of the company’s reputation, level of service and customer satisfaction

  • encourage customers to take action.



We are a company with over 20 years’ experience of recycling paper. We will collect all the waste paper from your premises, recycle it and save you the cost of disposing of it yourself.

We provide a flexible service designed to meet the needs of environmentally–friendly companies. See our list of satisfied customers and testimonies to our outstanding service (available upon request).

We can help you by:

  • saving your time and money

  • showing that you care about the environment

  • enhancing your image with your customers

Many people buy only from companies which protect the environment. By using our service, you will show that you TRULY CARE about the environment.

Why not try our one–month trial period, under no obligation? You’ll get your money back if you are not fully satisfied. Discounts of up to 20% are available for long–term contracts.

For a friendly, low–cost “green” service, call us now on 01942 248620 or write to:

Paperback Ltd.

45 Dagenham Road



We will arrange for one of our representatives to visit you and discuss our service in detail.