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Safety of dentist work

1. Requirement of safety before starting work

1.1. Wear sanitary clothing.

1.2. Remove from hand jewelry (rings, rings). Nails should be cut short, not allowed to have artificial nails.

1.3. In the presence of micro traumas at the hands, scratches, abrasions seal the damaged area to plaster.

1.4. Treat your hands with antiseptic or wash skin with soap and water. After washing, wipe the hands of an individual with a towel (or napkin one-time use).

1.5. Wear gloves (gloves must be worn before any manipulation of the patient).

1.6. Sterile products should be posted on the dental table doctor in a sterile tray or sterile tissue directly in front of manipulating an individual patient.

1.7. Before dental procedures to collect and reflect the history of medical records available for common diseases, haemophilia, chronic infections, extensive surgery, blood transfusions, indicating the possibility of infection with the patient, etc. It should take precautions to prevent and treat infections in all patients as potential sources of haemocontact infection.

1.8. Work to begin only when the running of the general exchange of supply and exhaust, and local exhaust installations.

2. Health and Safety Requirements during

2.1. Get to work on any dental unit and the universal use of other facilities should be strictly guided by the operating instructions and safety data for electrical tools.

2.2. During operation of medical electrical equipment must not use extension cords for electrical connections and devices to the mains.

2.3. Physician, depending on the nature of therapeutic intervention can work in the sitting and standing (with the patient lying, reclining, and sitting). Sitting is recommended to work no more than 60% of working time, rest time - standing and moving around the room. In the sitting position the doctor has to perform manipulations that require long-term, precise movements with good access. Standing operations are performed, accompanied by considerable physical effort, short-term, with difficult access.

2.4. During the treatment of cavities and tooth grinding at high speed drill or a doctor is recommended to protect the turbines from a variety of aerosols produced respiratory masks of four-layer sterile gauze, which should be replaced after 4 h. In order to protect the organs of vision necessary to use special goggles.

2.5. To reduce eye strain selection tool with doctors working in small parts (the boar, broach, etc.) should be carried out in good light (a window or lamp in local coverage).

2.6. To prevent the possibility of a physician neuro-emotional stress due to the relationship with the patient other than easily excitable nervous system, it is recommended before treatment to calm the patient, according to testimony to assign a "minor tranquilizers" and all subsequent treatment intervention carried out with the use of modern means of anesthesia (local and general).

2.7. During treatment, patients should avoid contact; contributing to pollution and the spread of infection sites (you can not take notes, to touch the handset, use makeup, eating, etc.).

2.8. The doctor is obliged to wash and disinfect their hands before each patient examination or performing procedures, as well as after the "dirty" procedures (cleaning, toilet, etc.).

2.9. In carrying out the treatment process to avoid contact with open skin allergy medicines (antibiotics, Novocain, polymers, etc.).

2.10. The change of gloves should be carried out after each patient. Do not allow re-use gloves.

2.11. The physician should monitor the conduct of treatment of head restraints and seat disinfecting solution chairs, lamps and lamp with a universal handle the dental setting, working table after each patient.

2.12. After contact with patient body fluids on different surfaces to their emergency disinfection by wiping with a double cloth moistened with disinfectant.

2.13. The used medical instruments immediately after handling or procedures should be immersed in a container with disinfectant solution.

2.14. Medical waste generated in the process, you need to decontaminate and gather in designated for this purpose packages and containers in strict accordance with the rules of the collection, storage and disposal, approved at the institution.

2.15. Workplace, equipment, medical and other equipment necessary to keep clean.

2.16 Food intake should be regulated only during breaks in designated areas for these purposes in compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

2.17. If any faults in the electrical physician is obliged to suspend its operation and notify your immediate supervisor.

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