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2. Make up short dialogues introducing people in different formal and informal


1. At a Conference (formal).

2. At Work formal).

3. At the Theatre (neutral).

4. At an Exhibition (neutral).

5. At a Party (informal).

  1. Topical vocabulary

name surname/family name/second name/ married /maiden name

forename/last name name, v

first name/given, personal/Christian name call, v

patronymic/middle name give/bear/use a name

full name be be christened, v

pet name be be baptized, v

My full name is George Samuel Harris. George is my first name.

Samuel is my second name. Harris is my family name.

And what is your name? How is it spelt?

origin be from, v foreign, a race, n

come from, v foreigner, v

immigrant, n native, a

Where are you from?

Where do you come from?

birth be born, v place, n

give birth (to), v date, n

be alive, v region, n

be dead, v area, n

birthday, n district, n

When and where were you born?

What is your native town / country of residence?

marital status not (un) married, a marry, v

single, a get married, v

divorced, a be married, v

separated, a be engaged, v

widowed, a divorce sm., v

bachelor, n give a divorce

- Are you married, Ann?

- Yes, I'm married to a military man. We got married two years ago.

relations by birth parents, n aunt, n

father/dad/daddy, n uncle, n

mother/mum/mummy, n nephew, n

daughter, n niece, n

son/sonny, n sister, n

grandparents, n brother, n

grandfather/grandpa/granddad, n cousin, n

grandmother/grandma/granny, n twins, n

grandchildren, n triplets, n

granddaughter, n orphan, n

grandson, n

- How many are you in the family?

- We are four. I have a mum and a younger brother.

- That's Lucy. She is a relation of mine.

- Nice to meet you.

relations husband, n mother-in-law, n

by marriage wife, n father-in-law, n

spouse, n son-in-law, n

fiancé, n daughter-in-law, n

fiancée, n stepsister, n

relative, n stepbrother, n

be related, v stepparents, n

- Are you related to Mr. Dickinson?

- Yes, he is my father-in-law.

sex male, n member of the opposite sex

female, n gentleman, n

man, n lady, n

woman, n

age baby, n young, a

toddler, n old, a

kid, n middle-aged, a

child, n elderly, a

teenager, n be of one's early (late) 40 s.

adult, n be under (over) 40

grown up, n at the age of

generation be (come) of age

John has (got) two elder brothers, Jim and Tom.

Jim is three years older than John. Tom is the eldest in the family.

- Is your daughter of age yet? How old is she?

- No, she is 18. They come of age at 21 in Great Britain.

About oneself-Useful expressions


How are you doing? / How are you?/ How are you getting on? / Are you doing okay? /What are you up to these days? / How's it going?

What is your name?

What's your full name?

How is it spelt?

How old are you? / What’s your age? He is in his early/ mid/ late 20ies.

Where are you from? /Where do you come from?

Whereabouts in Belarus are you from?

When and where were you born?

What is your native town / country of residence / citizenship?

What is your marital status?

Are you married/ engaged / divorced / widowed/ single?

How many are you in the family?

Are you related to Mr. Dickinson?

Is your daughter of age yet? When did she come of age? How old is she? How tall is she? Is she dating anyone?/ Is she going out with anyone?

Have you got a family?

Where do you live? / What’s your address?

What do you do for a living? / What’s your job? / What’s your line?

What company are you with? / What company are you working for? What position do you hold? What are your responsibilities?

Are you a student? What year are you in? What is your major?/ minor? What courses do you take?

What’s your hobby? What are you keen on/ fond of? What are you interested in? What are you crazy about?

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