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Виберіть правильний варіант речення, трансформованого з активного стану в пасивний:

A little present... to each of the guests yesterday. г) was given

A new dress ... for my sister tomorrow. a) will be bought

After they had published Ins ten novels, he became famous.б) Alter his ten novels had been published, he became famous.

After they had shown us the house, all guests had a walk round the garden. б) After we had been shown over The house, all guests had a walk round the garden.

All local newspapers have just announced their engagement. а) Their engagement has been just announced by all local newspapers.

As the building was dangerous, they had knocked it down at last. в) As the building was dangerous, it had been knocked down al last.

By the time yon arrive there; they will have already sent the invitation. б) By the time you arrive there, the invitation will have already been sent.

He had translated the letter by the time they asked for it. в) The letter had been translated by the time they asked for it.

He knew that all his friends had read this book already. а) He knew that this book had already been read by all his friends.

He says by next spring they will have built these houses in our city. г) He says by next spring these houses will have been built ill our city.

He will have passed all his exams by the end of the next term. a) All his exams will have been passed by the end of the next term.

His letter... as soon as the manager finds out the necessary information. a) will be answered

I am sorry but this room ... now. a) is being occupied

I can't say anything because my words ... against me. в) will be used

I hope that they will have prepared the room by the guests' arrival. г ) I hope that the room will have been prepared by the guests' arrival.

If I... this job, I'll be very much satisfied. 6) am given

If you had written the article earlier, it could have already been published. a) If the article had been written earlier, il could have already been published.

It's not really our house yet. We haven't paid for it. в) It's not really our house yet. It hasn't been paid for

Many new houses ... in our city now. г) are being built

Many readers have read this novel with interest ever since it was published. г) This novel has been read with interest by many readers ever since it was published

Our trip ... because of bad weather last week-end. 6) was finished

Peter was late for the party, so when he went into the room they had introduced all guests to each other. а) Peter was late for the party, so when he went into the room all guests had been introduced to each other.

Pineapples ... in Hawaii. в) are grown

She ... a box of chocolates for her birthday last week. a) was given

She came back to town where she .... г) was born

She said that she had already washed the clothes. a) She said that the clothes had been already washed.

Somebody had locked up the house for a year before they moved in. в) The house had been locked up for a year before they moved in.

Stamps ... in 1840 in Great Britain. б) were introduced

The answer... to you next week б) will be given

The bill ... to your room in an hour. 6) will be sent

The book ... by students now. в) is being discussed

The book ... from the library a month ago. в) was borrowed

The book ... now. г) is being translated

The bridge ... long ago. б) was built

The building ... recently and looks impressive. a) has been repaired

The game ... because of bad weather. a) was put off

The police ... of an accident already. We expect them any minute. a)have been informed

The room ... by my brother now. г) is being cleaned

The telegram to his office ... now. a) is being sent

Their mother had told them a lot of stories before they went to bed. б) A lot of stories had been told them, before they went to bed.

They are doing nothing to restore the building at present. в) At present nothing is being done to restore the building.

They had taken the wounded woman to hospital before the police arrived. в) The wounded woman had been taken to hospital before the police arrived.

They have already sent for the doctor. We expect him any time. а) The doctor has already been sent for. We expect him any time.

They have been built a new stadium opposite our house lately. б) A new stadium has been built opposite our house lately

They reported the fire to be burning out of control. б) The fire was reported to be burning out of control.

They said that the new school ... in that area. г) would be built

They told the mother not to worry about her sick boy as he was out of danger. б) The mother was told not to worry about her sick boy as he was out of danger

They will have published the book by August. а) The book will have been published by August.

This book ... in New York last year. a) was published

This camera ... in Japan. 6) is made

This department store ... this year, let's go shopping there. г) has been built

This portrait... by a talented painter last year. 6) was painted

This suit looks shabby. Sure. I have already worn it for three months. a) This suit looks shabby. Sure, it has already worn for three months.

Usually breakfast here ... at 8 o'clock. 6) is served

We haven't discussed the book yet, let's do it now. в) The book hasn't been discussed yet. let's do it now.

We were so glad to find out that they had taken 50 our students to the international conference. г) We were so glad to find out that 50 our students had been taken to the international conference.

We will learn the results of the game when they ... on the radio. a) are announced

We will send you this report as soon as we have fixed all the dates finally. а) We will send you this report as soon as all the dates have been fixed finally)

We'll have repaired your TV by the end of the week. a) Your TV will have been repaired by the end of the week

When I went into the cinema, they were showing the film. г) When 1 went into the cinema, the film was being shown

Заповніть пропуски одним з нижчеподаних варіантів:

... arrives according to schedule. 6) It

... is our neighbour here. г) She

... like to spend their summer holidays at the seaside. в) They

... likes to travel by air. г) She

... on the hill he could see the whole town. г) Standing

A hare is ... than a frog. б) quicker

Can you help ... friends? г) your

China has got ... population in the world. в) the largest

Do you want the letter... tomorrow or just now? в) to be written

Does ... go to London? г) he

He ... the play before he saw it at the theatre. г) had read

He ... the report tor today's seminar.a) hasn't prepared

He found that the lady was not so young as he ... в)had expected

He likes ... such stories. г) to be told

He said that he ... all his exams by the 25th of June.г) would have passed

Here is my report. I ... it at last. г) have finished

I already ... my things and I am ready to go. 6) have packed

I am busy at the moment. I ... on the computer. в) am working

I don't know…… 6) where your umbrella is

I sent the letter a week ago and they haven't received it.... 6) yet

I think dogs are ... than cats. 6) more intelligent

I usually ... this fence once a year. a) paint

I... my parents since last Christmas. a) haven't seen

If I ... free tomorrow I will have a walk in the park. 6) am

If I ... him yesterday. I would have discussed the question with him. г) had seen

If you ... my sister tomorrow, tell her the news, please. a)see

If you had known the truth you ... to make Smith come to me. 6) wouldn't have been able

If you use pictures and slides your report will be much ...6) more interesting

I'm not so ... as a horse. a) strong

It was really a ... boring journey. в) rather

Let's go out. It ... any more. А)isn’t raining

Martin gave ... his cell phone.6) us

My brother gave ... a very interesting story to read. в) me

My friend can't speak English ... I couldn't take him to the international conference last month. a) that's why

My bag isn't very……. в) heavy

My sister likes to ... the table but she doesn't like to wash dishes. в) lay

People ... English all over the world. 6) speak

She has ... job of all. в) the most difficult

She proved ... a well-read person. 6) to be

She speaks in ... voice than the last time. a) a loud

The children ... their homework now. a) are doing

The problem is easy enough for ... to solve at once. 6) me

The student ... the article asked me to help him. г) translating

The two towns ... by a railway next year. в) will be connected

This is ... problem she has ever had. в) the greatest

This is ... way. г) the shortest

Tom and ... wife have got two children. г) his

Tom is proud ... his father. a) of

Victor ... any mistakes in the text, did he? a) didn't make

We ... to Odessa for our holidays last year. г) went

We are going for a walk. Who (want)….to go with us? г) wants

What's ... first name? г) your

When he ... the people in the hall he couldn't say a word. 6) saw

When I got to the theatre the play ... already....в) had started

When she was young she two foreign languages. a) was taught

When we came out of the water we ... on the grass. в) lay

When you ... some news let me know.6) get

Where is my umbrella? I left ... in this corner. 6) it

Who ... in this cottage? г) lives

Your room is bigger than ....6) theirs

Choose the right word and word combination

Partnership have many…one is that they receive tax benefits from the government. B)advantages

Small….are very often service industries. A)business

The…industries don’t produce material goods B)service

More than 80 percent of all business…are not from sole proprietorship B)receipts

Less than 20 percent of European business are partnership or …)corporations

Sole partnership…only a small part of all business receipt . A)account

Is this bank owned publicly or…? б )privately

There are 3…of business ownership д) forms

Partnership very often receive…from the government.B)tax benefit

Lemited partnership is a common form of ownership in….A)real estate

She has a good …for the position : a collage degree,good work experience б)qualification

….Are there partners with unlimited liability д)general partners

….Has the authority in management but he is not known to public A) secret partners

A secret partners take part in…B)management

General partners have…г)unlimited liability

One advantage of a partnership is that it offers multiplty source of…б) capital

A partnership can bring much…. To the partners г) profit

What kind of … is better:buying stock or buying real estate? г )investment

To attract greater financial… the company issues the stock A) resources

A University can be….corporation б)nonprofit

The partners didn’t put the same… into business. B) amount of capital

The group of people from different countries are going to… a corporation г) to establish

The red Cross is an international…. Organization A ) cheritable

I want to buy some ….in IBM and general motors б) stocks

An education usually reinvests all its money д) institution

We are going to intervine three… or the position. б)applicants

If you need applicants for this position… in a special section of the local newspaper A) advertise

Personnel office will help you to find a new г) employee

All the information about the stuff of the firms can be found in…б) personnel office

I want to find a new secretary, so I’ll call an employment B) agency

The ….of the company includes real estate in California B) ownership

If you are an applicant for the position , you have to write your…д) resume

Don’t ask him…question it will be impolite A) personal

Organization structure shows… between each position and position about and below д)relationships

A sales manager has direct…. Over a salesman б)authority

As a rule a … usually does not give orders to other departments B)a stuff department

When the business gets more…three is a need for the stuff department A) complex

My friend .. of sales manager б) holds a position

The…of stuff departments is to do different service д) task

My friend works in a … he is responsible for the company product б) a line department

An accountant helps….. the activity of a business г) to measure

Do You know the effect of your last… on financial condition of the firms д)transaction

Accounting records provide…..for stock holders, independent analisys A ) data

The second type of ratio helps the company.. its current financial position B) to evaluate

…..Is one the two main records which most of the business prepare regularly A) income statement

All… banks make loans to borrowers г) commercial

I’m sure of the…. This transaction б)efficiency

Our companies current …is very high д)profit

They… form the association with that corporation A) profit

….funding is a financing formed by borrowing г) debt

They have borrowed much money and they have to pay a big…б) interest

Financing by shares is called… funding B)equity

That is very profitable deal, for that purpose we need….г) funding

You can serve your shares and …A) bonds

The current essets of a company usually include cash and…б)inventory

As a result of this deal we ‘ll have greater…. Than outflow B) inflow

Federal government.. and supervise all national banks B) charter

International corporation between banks makers is possible….import and export б) to finance

It’s possible to convert american dollars to swiss franks in… department г)foreign exchange

The…of Germany is the mark B) currency

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