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Vocabulary and grammar exercises

1 Choose the correct form and fill in the gaps:

  1. The president told him he would have ________ their discussions with the board of directors.

a) to review b) to impress

c) distress d) offer

  1. I hope that all questions were answered to your _________.

a) nervousness b) dignity

c) satisfaction d) qualifications

  1. Learn ________ of time about the company and its product.

a) behind b) in

c) on d) ahead

  1. I appreciated the opportunity to discuss my qualifications and ________ with you.

a) aspirations b) negotiations

c) dress-codes d) resumes

  1. Let as many people as possible know you are job ________.

a) maintaining b) hunting

c) indicating d) sleeping

2 Ask questions on the underlined words:

  1. Recorded messages should sound clear, short and professional.

  2. This woman will have to accompany her husband to outings.

  3. A potential employer has taken notice of your qualifications and is ready to invite you to the tryout.

  4. Over the years, I have disqualified between potential candidates because of the rude manner in which their family members answered the phone.

  5. Most recruiters have several candidates to screen.

3 Fill in the blanks with prepositions and articles:

  1. Give me ________ break!

  2. If you are ________ one looking ________ work, your voice should be on ________ recording, not your child.

  3. Time constrains and ________ abundance of qualified candidates will preclude recruiters ________ trying to reach you again.

  4. Here are ________ few point _______ attending and answering ________ phone.

  5. The most important thing at the present time is to get rid ________ the prejudice that only special officials can carry on the administration of the region.

  6. Could you call back later? She is ________ the other phone.

  7. One cannot blow and swallow at ________ time.

  8. A danger foreseen is ________ half avoided.

4 Reword the following sentences without changing their meaning. Pay attention to the italicized words:

    1. Finally, if you don't feel you can present a professional image at home, make a small investment in an independent answering service.

    2. The longer your recorded instructions, the more likely a potential employer will hear something offensive that could cause a hang-up.

    3. Teach your children how to take these important calls, or keep away from the phone.

    4. The main requirements are a willingness to work as a member of a team, to cope with pressure, to use the telephone in English and to be prepared occasionally to work long hours when necessary.

    5. Delta Tools were yesterday unable to meet their daily deadline.

5 Match the halves:

1. Who was that

a. He’s just put the phone down on me!

2. Harry’s number is still engaged.

b. by phone or e-mail.

3. The use of mobile phones is not permitted

c. on the phone just now?

4. The line’s got dead.

d. Maybe he’s left the phone off the hook.

5. You can place your order

e. inside the aircraft.


1.1. Note the expression:

I read the exam results out to him over the phone.

2. Note the vocabulary we use specifically for mobile phones:

My new mobile phone has 50 ringtones.

I mostly use my mobile for texting.

Is your mobile pay-as-you-go?

My mobile needs recharging.

6 Correct the sentences that have mistakes in them. One sentence has no mistake.

1 The staff were quite tired because customers had been coming in all morning.

2 Because he had never been working from home, my brother didn’t know what to expect.

3 Somebody else got the job before I hadn’t had a chance to send my application form.

4 Dad had been driven all day so he was really tired when he got home from work.

5 Sarah needs a holiday because she had been working too hard.

6 I had already worked as a manager so I had some experience when I applied to the job.

7 Think of the phrases that can match the following responds:

  • Pretty fair, thank you.

  • Here they are.

  • Not up to the mark, I’m afraid.

  • More or less all right.

  • No trouble at all.

  • By all means.

  • Not so good, I’m afraid.

  • Gladly.

  • Yes, do please.

  • I’m delighted to meet you.

  • Hello, Jack. I’m fine, thanks. And how are you?

  • Happy to meet you too.

8 Pair work. Discuss the statements below and find out your partner’s views on the issues:

      1. If you have great credentials, potential employers will keep calling if they can't reach you on the first couple of attempts.

      2. Family members that take your calls have no impact on the caller's perception of you.

      3. Off-the-wall messages on your answering machine demonstrate your creativity.

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