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I went to ten countries on six continents to explore cultural notion of beauty and attraction. I tried to explore a commercial side of beauty, and how concepts of beauty have become distorted around the world. I mean it doesn’t exist in nature… please… this is a children beauty pageant, she is six. This was another closed world, am it was the time of Jonbenet Ramsey and a and one mother actually even threatened my life if she saw a picture of her daughter in print. Some kind of makeup has been used in every culture since the beginning of time. The men iin Papua New Guinea are the flamboyant accent and these are Hooley vigmen – a sing-sign In a highlands. The Hooley bachelor called. The men separate from the women for three year to purify themselves and to grow they hair. They water it ten time a day to help it grow, and and then they shave their heads to make these really dramatic vigs, that they consider the essence of manhood and they wear these these vigs for the rest of their lives that festivals in and a court women. We saw the mad men of Papua New Guinea. They paint their body with this clay made of ash and they make these ferocious masks to scare the enemies. This is the mercy people of the Olmo valley in in Ethiopia. The the origins of this tradition are lost to history, but some think it was too discourage the slave traders from taking the women. These large clay plates are now consider the the status symbol and the size determines the bride price of the women. And the Chinese bound women’s feet for a thousand years, the girls feet were broken at age three and them the bandages were wound tighter and tighter around the feet until the toes wrapped completely under the arch, so like like the mercy lip plate, the size of the foot determine the worth of the women. It’s actually very rare picture of an unbound foot, even a husband rarely saw them unbound. They preferred to think of these bound feet is mysterious and erratic. And it’s interesting what I discovered doing this story was that the changes that were made in  men's bodies all made them appear stronger and more powerful. But the women somehow ended up maimed or their movements inhibited somehow. But the world is changing fast, culture traditions are quickly dying out all over the world and western clothing in oceans of beauty aretaking over.  Obviously, some traditions deserve to die, but sometimes we're losing our connection to our history and and crucial ties to our cultural origins, we seem to be throwing the baby out with the bath water.

I still believe in the power of the photograph to communicate and to make you think and care. The most important story, that I’ve done, was on 21st century slavery. Nothing in my life had prepared me for I was going to be seen. I became a photographer, because I wanted to change the world, it’s just been a little bit harder, than I thought it was gonna be. I believe, that photography played a big role in ending the war in Vietnam and I really had ammmm big plans, but now my ambitions a lot more realistic, to just try to do my bit to help cultures understand each other and to try to eliminate are illuminate worlds, that most people will never see. I am a journalist and a storyteller, it hard. The word “storyteller” become such a cliché. But I can’t think of a better way to describe what it is that I do. From the dom of human history people have been sitting around the campfire and telling stories to try to understand their world. My heart is always been in the concept stories- the stories about ideas, rather than places. With places you can after invented the narrative of the story, but with concepts you have a real story to tell and I’d love doing them. The most important story that I've done was on 21st century slavery the trafficking of human beings around the world, true story about how twenty seven million people are bought and sold against their will. Held captive brutalized and exploited for profit. It was a global story on an emotional issue that depended on being behind closed doors. And it was accumulation of all my interests and all my passion and all my experience, and it was incredibly dangerous, but and and I was actually in in tears or in fear the entire time doing this story. Tens of thousands of children are trafficked internally in West Africa. It's the abuse of the tradition where kids from rural villages were sent to the cities to live with relatives to work as domestics in exchange for an education and a chance for a better life. But it’s now become a professional trafficking operation, and most of the kids have become virtual slaves like this little mechanic. This girl’s selling water for her masters, if the girls don't sell enough they're beaten. So they're scared to go back if they had a bad day or if their earnings were stolen, which happens often. Men know this and give the\them money to sexually exploit them. In India millions of children are held in bondage, working on the carpet looms. This loom owners sleeping off a hangover while a little kids working in ?horrible? conditions. They're sitting in a dirt pit in virtual darkness, for 18 hours a day or more, it's in stifling heat, there's no ventilation and their spines become deformed, their eyesight and their fingers damaged, they're often beaten and deprived of food. And it's the same on the silk looms. He sits all day and spins and when he's finished each spindle he bites the end of the thread to cut it. He doesn't know that is being slowly poisoned by the dye. And In the glass making industry the kids are held in debt bondage that was actually incurred by their parents, they work over these gas burners in intense heat and fumes, with no ventilation, no protective gear, in their welding together the ends of these clasp bracelet, that you can actually buy anywhere for a dollar. I was nearly shocked over by the fumes when I was shown this this room when they open these shatters and showed me the children inside working. These kids end up really severely ill from these conditions. And she's dying of tuberculosis wearing the bangles that are killing her. Bonded labour ?contrap? entire families for generations. The brick kiln owners get workers by lending money for emergencies like a funeral or a medical problem and then they charge outrageous interest rates so the money can never be repaid and the dead is passed on to the children. The heat was intense that day, it was 140 degrees and added heat from the furnaces eeeeemmmmm that we're bringing the bricks around them. It was really hell on earth. In India the kids are trafficked into train stations to beg from passengers and there are often maimed to get more sympathy and more money. This babies come to symbolize for me the kind of poverty that would allow parents to think of their own children as commodities to be bought and sold. This baby is in extreme risk of being sold into the illegal adoption trade in Guatemala. And this is the largest red light district in India and and maybe even the world huge numbers of women are lord, tricked, sold into the sex industry in around the world. Some enter knowingly but they don't expect to become enslaved and they have no idea what in store for them. She lives and works in this small cage , they call them, her entire world is there she entertain customers on that that bed, there's a kitchen underneath , it’s a little stove, where she cooks her meals and eats. And she was at that time had been HIV POS positive for seven years. And she'll soon going to the family business. I wanted to show the perps, he's in a jail on the border of India and Nepal, and was convicted of trafficking two women, and it's really eeeemmmmm this small sort of mom-and-pop operations that feed the trafficking victims into that greed pipeline. And this is a brothel in Israel. Israel incredibly enough has become one of the largest importers of European women. They’re now flown into Cairo, where the traffic to cross the desert by the betterment, who raped them, beat them, treat them horribly. Follow the Soviet Union cause the explosive growth of the trafficking of it’s a young women all over the world. And in Thailand until the demand side of this equation is dealt with, it will be impossible to eradicate all reform. Besides the victims and the perps I wanted to show the women, who were annnn who were trying to help who were trying to save the girls. This was in Bosnia it was a shelter for the women, who had been rescued from the problems and it was run by kids very brave Bosnian woman it was completely hidden from view I had they will couldn't tell me where where was where I was going who surrounded by by armed guards. The girls are unbelievably traumatized and broken. One girl had a nail driven through your hand another was found with a syringe buried in her arm and I saw one was cigarette burns all over her body. And this is in Nepal ammm a young girlhood just entered the shelter had been rescued from a brothel in Katmandu. And this is shelter in Tijuana on the border with the US young Mexican boys are trafficked into the US to be prostituted pedophiles in this country. And this is the children of the night shelter in Los Angeles. Children the night shelter is rescued over 10,000 young kids from from the child sex industry in this country. And the kids are taken to sporting events like prize fights and even the Super Wall/Ball and prostituted to to the men. So I found out that it's an it's not a problem in the poverty-stricken countries, although a lot of it happens there, it's the wealthy nations, the rich , us, who eat the food they pick, use the goods they make, sexually exploited women and children, my eyes were opened to this parallel universe that exists invisibly and are wealthy commercialize society and it took me a very long time to recover from this story from having to seek out evil every day and finding it. There is the most important story that I’ve ever done, It got the biggest response in history of National Geographic until then. So in the end maybe I didn't change the world but that world changed me profoundly and irrevocably. I don't I don't look at prostitution as a victimless crime anymore, I don't think that it's a lot of fun to buy things really cheap anymore, cause then drive for cheaper and cheaper goods ,there is no, the temptation is just to graid there's no cheaper labor than a slave. Thank you .

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