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  1. Unit 3. The world of computers


  3. Text 1. Read the text. Translate it. Learn the words below.

  4. Smart tvs - television and the internet

  5. More and more television manufacturers are producing Smart TVs. Although they differ in some ways most of them use the same technology. Smart TVs can be connected to the internet using a setup box, a cable or wireless adapter. As more and more broadcasting companies are showing videos on demand Smart TVs are an investment for the future.

  6. Some decades ago watching television was a completely different experience. If you were lucky you had a handful of channels you could watch. Depending on your rooftop antenna and the signal you got reception was sometimes bad and during storms the signal was lost altogether.

  7. In the 1970s cable TV gave viewers a choice of several different programs, not only from the local area. The arrival of video recorders allowed viewers to record their shows during the nighttime or while they were on holidays. Satellite television in the 80s and 90s gave people access to hundreds of TV channels from around the world. In the last decade Internet television has been growing rapidly.

  8. Today Smart TV offers the user a new way of selecting content from the thousands of entertainment items. Content is often divided into genres, so you when you choose comedy a Smart TV can offer not only the shows and movies that are currently being shown on various TV channels but also display comedy clips on YouTube, Vimeo or other video networks. Smart TV gives its audience a broader selection of what they want to watch. Internet companies like Amazon, iTunes and Netflix are already offering thousands of on demand TV shows and pay per view movies that you can download and watch on your TV.

  9. Because of this wide variety of contents it takes a while to find the things you are looking for. Smart TV has the potential to bookmark content or mark shows as favorites. Such modern TV sets are not only restricted to videos. They allow you to access your Facebook account or communicate with friends around the world via Skype. Smart TVs can talk or communicate with other devices, like your mobile phone or desktop computer.

  10. The new generation of television sets, however, still have a long way to go before they are fully accepted by viewers. For one, the user interface must be made easier. Slow and disrupted internet connections also pose a problem. Nobody wants apps that take hours to download or experience a pause in the middle of a thriller.

  11. Words

  12. • access = here: the right or opportunity to watch something

  13. • although = while

  14. • app = small program that you can download from the internet

  15. • audience = the people who watch TV

  16. • bookmark = to save an address so that you can go there later

  17. • broader = wider, more

  18. • choice = selection

  19. • connect = link, hook up to

  20. • content = movies, clips etc..

  21. • currently = at the moment

  22. • decade = ten years

  23. • depending = affected by

  24. • device = here: gadget, small machine

  25. • differ = to be different

  26. • display = show

  27. • disrupted = interrupted; here: signal that causes problems

  28. • experience = event

  29. • genre = type

  30. • however = but

  31. • item = a piece of entertainment , like a series, a movie or a video clip

  32. • local = in your neighborhood

  33. • manufacturer = producer

  34. • on demand = whenever you want to have something

  35. • pay per view = you only pay for the programs you watch

  36. • pose = create

  37. • rapidly = fast

  38. • reception = here: the signal you get

  39. • restricted = limited

  40. • selection = choice

  41. • setup box = special box that you need when you want to watch certain things

  42. • user interface = how it looks on the screen and the way you work with it

  43. • variety = selection

  44. • various = different

  45. • wireless adapter = object you use to connect a machine to your network without using a cable

  46. Text 2. Read the text. Write out computer related words. Make a list of responsibilities and necessary skills.

  47. The role of a computer programmer

  48. Technology is a way of life these days as many individuals find themselves lost without items such as their computers and PDAs. Therefore, it should be no surprise that the job position of computer programmer is not only one that is high in demand but readily available as well. Those who perform the daily job duties related to a computer programmer know just how interesting the position really is.

  49. The following paragraphs will highlight some of the general responsibilities and specific duties which go along with this popular profession.

  50. What Is a Computer Programmer?

  51. For those who may need further information regarding who a computer programmer really is, the individual who fulfills the job role of computer programmer is one who writes and develops various programs relating to the use of the computer. This individual has many various duties relating to their general responsibility of designing computer programs and what the computer programmer does on a daily basis will depend on the specific job position that is filled. Some computer programmers will perform one or two specific duties whereas others will perform many duties in their daily functions.

  52. General Responsibilities of a Computer Programmer

  53. No matter what type of job a computer programmer fulfills, he/she will have general responsibilities to perform in their role as computer programmer. The first is to develop new computer programming methods. These may include anywhere from basic computer programming methods to more in-depth methods. Another general responsibility which a computer programmer must undertake in his/her daily job role is the development of programs themselves. This is an extremely important concept associated with the role of a computer programmer as these are the individuals who construct the useful programs which are used by many.

  54. Another general responsibility of a computer programmer is to consult with outside parties in relation to the construction of computer programming methods and the programs themselves. Lastly, computer programmers must follow the progress of programs to ensure that they are operating correctly and fix any program errors that might occur along the way.

  55. Specific Duties of a Computer Programmer

  56. There are a number of specific duties which go along with the job position of computer programmer. The primary duty of a computer programmer is to develop computer programs. Computer programs can relate to business concepts, games or personal use by individual computer users. There are a vast array of computer programs which can be developed and different computer programmers will create various types of programs.

  57. Another specific duty of a computer programmer is to perform monitoring tasks to ensure that the programs which they develop work as they are supposed to. This is done by reviewing programs on a frequent basis and making adjustments as are necessary to ensure the proper working of a computer program. The computer programmer may perform this specific duty on their own or in conjunction with others.

  58. Some computer programmers may also be in a supervisory position. This means that the computer programmer may oversee the work of coworkers and subordinates on a daily basis. Those who fill a supervisory role may have to hire new computer programmers and others who work in the computer department as well as fire those who do not work out. Computer programmers who are supervisors may also perform scheduling and payroll tasks.

  59. The maintenance of computer databases is another type of specific duty which a computer programmer may find themselves responsible. The size of the database will depend on the computer department which a computer programmer works within and the company which a computer programmer works for in their job position.

  60. Computer programmers may also find themselves possessing the responsibility for preparing graphs, tables and analytical data displays which show the progress of a computer program. This is important as it follows the working of a program and can be used to relay this information to other individuals within the company or the general public as a whole.

  61. The computer programmer may also be the individual who is responsible for providing technical support to those who use the computer programs developed by the individual and his/her company. This relates not only to those individuals who work for the company but outside parties as well. The computer programmer may use phone, email or in person correspondence to aid individuals in using the computer programs and enabling them to work as efficiently as possible.

  62. Positive Attributes for Computer Programmers to Possess

  63. There are a few different personality traits or positive attributes which computer programmers should possess. By having these traits, individuals who fill this job position may find that their daily workload is minimized much more quickly than if they lack these traits. The first trait which computer programmers should possess is an analytical mind. Since they will have to analyze the programming process every step of the way, possessing a trait of this kind will make their job much easier.

  64. Another positive trait for computer programmers to possess is a teamwork attitude. Many computer programmers need to work side by side with others in the computer department so if the individual has a good teamwork attitude they are certain to make their days progress smoothly. Being a good team player will make a world of difference for many.

  65. Computer programmers should also be efficient communicators. Many of the individuals who fulfill the role of computer programmer will find themselves as a type of liaison for various individuals such as members of the general public and company employees. They will help these individuals to not only understand the computer programs but to walk them through ways that they can correct any problems they may have with the computer programs. An individual who possesses good communication skills will find that this trait comes in handy in their daily job duties.

  66. Lastly, computer programmers should be well versed in various computer programs and methods. A well-rounded computer programmer is one whose daily job responsibilities will be fulfilled in a fast and efficient manner.

  67. Conclusion

  68. Computer programmers have many responsibilities and duties to fulfill in their job position. The amount of responsibility which a computer programmer is given will depend on what type of position they hold, the company they work for and their individual desire to be the best that they can be in the computer field. In order to excel in their job position as computer programmer, these individuals may find it helpful to possess some of the various positive attributes listed above.

  69. Text 3. Read the text. Write out computer related words. Make a list of responsibilities and necessary skills.

  70. Programmer analyst job description

  71. The job of a programmer analysts entails various activities related to software development for a technical firm. Let us understand some other facets associated with the same.

  72. If you are in love with computer programming, then the scope of career opportunities in the field of IT jobs is immense. Hailed to be one of the fastest growing sectors in the last two decades, job openings in information technology related fields have sky rocketed in the last few years, not to mention the competition that has equally increased tremendously. One of the lucrative and decently paid IT jobs is that of programmer analyst.

  73. Job Description

  74. Hailed to be typical information technology professionals, a programmer analyst deal with software development for either the firm they are working with or for the external clients. Outsourcing software development has become a very popular trend in developed countries. The programmer analysts collect and research data about the software performance and then work on to improve its efficiency. He has to be a very good team player when it comes to facilitating training at an individual and team level or in cases of explaining projects to clients. More than being a computer geek, he must have the ability to handle tasks like a project manager, that demands some skills of management. He is also entitled to lead the team in such a way that all targets and objectives are met within the stipulated time.

  75. Responsibilities

  76. There are various responsibilities of a programmer analyst and even these are crucial parts of their job description.

  77. Design and suggest innovative changes in application systems.

  78. Perform various tasks associated with application programming.

  79. Develop efficiency in the design and maintenance of database resources besides managing various tasks related to database management.

  80. Perform full range of works related to application analysis, design, and programming functions.

  81. Work towards understanding and modifying operating interrelationships between business applications and operating systems.

  82. Develop reports for suggesting designs for meeting network system requirements and selecting alternative measures to develop better security technologies.

  83. Develop, understand, improve operational and installation procedures for a wide range of requirements like communication systems, hardware, network, security and software storage.

  84. The job responsibilities of programmer analysts are not restricted to just few of those as mentioned here, instead depending on the software firm requirements and technicality of a project, there can be various other sets of duties too.

  85. Educational Requirements

  86. Three years bachelor's degree in computer science or related field is the primary requirement for being a programmer analyst. Besides that, an in depth knowledge of various programming languages like Oracle, SQL, MySQL, .NET and Java, etc are mandatory to get decent jobs. Besides educational requirements, candidates must have very good communication skills, must be a team player and must have multitasking abilities. A sense of integration and honesty when working on proprietary software are essential traits that must be an integral part of programmer analyst's personality.

  87. Salary

  88. Like various salary ranges, the salary depends on work experience, job location and level of educational qualification. They can earn anywhere between US$48,000 to US$80,000 depending on the type of employer they are working with. Big software companies having a global presence generally pay the highest. Since software industry has been the biggest tool for global interaction of businesses and human resources in the last decades, a career in this field is full of growth opportunities.

  89. Students aspiring to be future computer engineers have a very good option to work as a programmer analyst. With software and hardware becoming more technical and innovative in its design and development, the job is certainly going to be more challenging with every passing day. Mobilizing your efforts in the right area will eventually lead you to your cherished goals! All the best!

  90. Read more at Buzzle: http://www.buzzle.com/articles/programmer-analyst-job-description.html

  91. Text 4. Read the text. Write out computer related words. Make a list of responsibilities and necessary skills.

  92. Computer technician job description

  93. One of the most important jobs of a computer technician is to troubleshoot and rectify the problems that are encountered in the functioning of computers at homes or offices.

  94. The job of computer technicians offers myriad career opportunities to students and builds a strong platform for their future growth in the IT field. Students and youngsters who love solving and analyzing computer problems have great prospects in this field. Although training and education are extremely important, an inner urge and interest to understand and solve the problems related to computers is the fundamental prerequisite to become a such a technician.

  95. Job Description

  96. Simply stated, the job of these technicians is to solve and troubleshoot the problems related to desktop computers, laptops and different types of computers. When we encounter operational difficulties in the functioning of the computers, we need skilled technicians to fix our problems. While some simple problems can be sorted out on our own, by researching and understanding the functioning of the computers, there can be several problems that require the need of experts.

  97. Their job involves planning, designing and implementation of the computer network. Testing, installing and connecting various computers in the networks, troubleshooting and diagnosing hardware problems, computer repairs and desktops at home and offices, are all part of the job.

  98. Technicians who are working in the research and development departments of the manufacturers (after some good educational degrees and work experience) or in consumer electronic shops, diagnose problems, replace parts of the personal computers, and repair hardware problems.

  99. With the increasing demand of the computer technicians and growing challenges of handling computer problems, they are expected to keep themselves abreast with the new technologies. Besides the knowledge of computer hardware troubleshooting, the crucial aspect of the computer job description is to be aware about the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and various other software applications that are introduced in the market with their updated versions.

  100. Educational Requirements and Skills

  101. To become a computer technician, there are certain educational requirements that should be fulfilled. This professional usually possesses a bachelor's or associate's degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering and telecommunications. Some employers also recruit candidates with certificate courses in computer networking and hardware. These training programs are industry oriented courses that are designed in such a way that the computer can have a practical experience of the job. Many of them prefer to work independently and in home owned businesses.

  102. They have to often work in hectic schedule rushing to various calls and troubleshooting problems of many clients and customers. They have to carry all the necessary instruments required for troubleshooting the computers. They also carry the software CDs related to the diagnosis of the computer problems, testers, cables and connectors, anti virus software, thumb drives, LAN wire connectors and other important software. Another important facet of the computer job description is that he must have good communication skills. A good knowledge in English helps them to deal with wide variety of people from different backgrounds. Patience and ability to focus on the job are necessary attributes for anybody aspiring to be a computer technician.

  103. As such, there is no definite path to become a computer technician. Some start it as a hobby in the graduation years and move on to gain mastery in it and converting it into their professions. Some, on the other hand, traditionally follow it by taking educational degrees. If you read the interviews of experienced technicians, then you will find that education as well as good work experience is the key to get a good salary in this field.

  104. A computer technician earns nearly US $40,000 to US $65,000 annually and this can increase with your hard work and ability to tackle problems faster. With advanced certifications and diplomas, he can command higher salaries. Students interested in becoming these technicians must possess aptitude to crack complex problems and solve them with logic and analysis.

  105. Text 5.

  106. Ubix computers financial profile

  107. Ubix computers is a publicly traded corporation actively traded on the NASDAQ. The company was launched in 1999 with an IPO raising $70 million. Shareholders own more than 80% of the company while upper level management and employee stock options own the remaining 20%.

  108. Ubix is located in Denver, Colorado with manufacturing plants in Taiwan and Indonesia. The total cash flow during 2000 was $365 million. While total operating expenses for the past fiscal year totaled $180 million resulting in a pre-tax profit of $175 million. Ubix Computers market share in the US domestic market has grown from 2% to 5% during the past 18 months.

  109. Future plans include the development of a line of laptop computers to export to the Chinese Market. CEO, Robin Lancaster, was optimistic in his vision of the future. While other computer manufactures are losing market share, we are increasing our market share at over 100% annually. Ubix offers consumers computers that are made to meet their specific requirements, while pricing these computers at mass market prices. This unique combination ensures Ubix will be a major market player in the near future.

  110. Answer the questions:

  1. Which market is Ubix traded on?

  2. How much money did the IPO raise?

  3. Who owns 80% of stock?

  4. Where are Ubix manufacturing plants located?

  5. How much has market share grown over the past 18 months?

  6. How much did Ubix spend on operating expenses?

  7. Which market is Ubix trying to enter with its new line of laptop models?

  8. What prediction is made about Ubix in the future?

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