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________ his serious illness, he kept an eye on the whole business. (despite)

- the limit on the quantity of the imported goods (quota)

. . . . . is a kind of businessman who starts businesses and takes risks. (Entrepreneur)

___ our production costs have gone down by 3%, profits have not improved significantly. Although.

_____ more and more information is available, the number of Internet fraud victims remains high. (Although)

________ hard all year, so I felt that

________ to Turkey every year for your holidays? (do you go )

_________ a full refund (give)

__________is just that can give businesses unlimited actions and allow them to have fair competition. (laisser-faire)

_________ is the word used to describe people who are clever and intelligent (Bright)

__________ is an important part of doing business in South Korea. Drinking.

___________ is one way to break the ice when meeting someone for the first time. Small talk.

___________ are paid to domestic producers to sell their goods more cheaply.(Subsidies)

___________ plays a key role in Italian business culture. Hospitality.

____________ are taxes on imported goods. (Tariffs)

______you ______ (change) them if they don’t improve? (Will /change)

‘Who ________to_?’ ‘_________to get through to Helen’ (are you phoning … I’m trying)

…manager the complain to I’ll …-...I’ll complain to the manager. (C)

A ___ is money that one person, organization or country owes to another. Debt.

A broadcasting of advertisement on TV or radio Commercial.

A buyer, client or guest. customer

A choice of products may also be called a __________ of products. (range)

A date by which you have to do something: __________ ( deadline)

A difficult time for the economy of a country, when there is less business activity. Recession.

A fixed amount of money that you earn each month or year from your job salary

A high - level politician tells a friend in the police not to investigate the murder of his mistress, and not to reveal the murder to journalists. This is a ________. (cover up)

A m_____gn_____t_____c personality helps if you want people to follow your ideas. (magnetic)

A man was slightly injured in the accident but he ______ be taken to hospital. (didnt have to)

A name or design belonging to particular company, used on its products (trademark)

A paper with a list of goods that have been sold, work that has been done,etc. showing what you must pay.(invoice)

A person or company that makes goods from raw materials. manufacturer

A person or company who pro vides work for others. employer

A person or organization that helps to arrange business deals between other people. intermediary

A phenomenon of being troubled or annoyed constantly by somebody (Harassment)

A printed sheet of paper or a few printed pages that advertise or give information about something. Leaflet.

A public notice selling goods or services. billboard

a rule or law that limits what you can do or what can happen (restriction)

a separate amount of money used by an organisation for illegal purposes *a slush fund

A set of rules for behaving correctly: __________ ( etiquette)

a short phrase that is easy to remember and is used by an advertiser (slogan)

A short phrase, easy to remember, that is sold to advertise a product. slogan

A summary or record of what was said or decided at a formal meeting (minutes)

a system in which countries agree not to charge import taxes on certain goods they buy from each other is (fair trade)

a tax on goods coming into a country or going out of it (tariff)

A trustworthy online seller will give you all the details about the products or services. _____ , they will also provide information about refund and cancellations. (Furthermore)

A written promise that a company will repair something you buy from them (guarantee)

A: It would be ______for us to agree to anything else. (difficult)

A: Sure. We can take a short _____if you want to call them. (break)

A: We’d be prepared to increase the offer we made yesterday on the condition that you extend the deal to three years. If necessary, we’d even extend the service contract. (condition /deal)

A: We’d like to ______ an agreement with you by the end of today. (reach)

A: Well, yes, it’s more than we usually ____. And as long as you guarantee us exclusivity…(offer)

About £450. Anyway, while I was leaving (leave), I realised (realise) that I hadn’t paid (not pay) for a very expensive jacket. I was now in the street and no-one in the shop knew…

According to statistics, drivers over age of fifty have ______ accidents than drivers under twenty- five. (fewer)

Advances in ……have revolutionized the way people communicate and do business. Information technology.

Advertising done at the place where a product is sold is called ___ advertising. Point of sale.

Advertising pizza on leaflets might look like not only eye-catching but also ___ . Mouth watering.

After ________ up for a year, Susie bought a motorbike. (saving)

After a few minutes we’d found we have loads of things in common. We just ___ like a house on fire. Got on.

After a long negotiation, we _____ reached an agreement. (finally)

After a lot of difficulty he __________ to start his car. (managed)

After extensive tests, our engineers ______ the fault. (identified)

After she _________ hospital, she had a long holiday(left)

After the product launch (to launch) a few months ago, we were pleased that market feedback said how reliable (to rely) it was. (Launch/ reliable)

After we ___________ all our taxes, we ___________ very little money left for reinvesting in the business. (pay/will have)

all the people who buy a particular product or use a particular service (niche)

All the people who work for a company. employees

An act of sending advertising or information to a large number of people at the same time by mail. Mailshot

An amount of money owed by a business to a supplier or lender. (обязательство, задолженность) liability

An amount of money paid for goods or services. Charge.

An arrangement between a bank and a customer, allowing them to take out more money from their account than they currently have in it. overdraft

An arrangement to borrow money to buy a house Mortgage.

An arrangement with a bank to borrow money with a promise to pay it back at a future date. loan

an attempt to stop people from discovering the truth *a cover up

an attempt to stop people from discovering the truth and therefore protect someone in authority *a whitewash

An extra payment or benefit that you get in your job. perks

An idea or plan that you offer for someone to consider: (suggestion)

an industry that is considered to be extremely important to the economy (strategic industry)

An official record of what was said and/or decided minutes

Are you _________ in applying for the post as assistant manager? (interested)

As a gesture of _________ , your host is likely to open your gift in your presence. Respect.

As soon as the goods ___________ , I ___________ you. (arrive/will call)

As we already represent three major brands, Siemens probably _____ offer us an exclusive contract. (won’t)

As you know, we are ___ a lot of difficulties at present following the recent merger. (a verb) facing

B: ______ on. Are you saying we won’t be able to use any other supplier? (Hang)

B: Can you tell me a little about what you have in_____? (mind)

B: Have I got this______? You’re doubling your offer on yesterday.(right)

B: I’ll have to consult my colleagues about that _____. (point).

Be in charge _________ a department or project. (of )

Be involved _________ doing something. (in )

Be responsible __________ an area of work. (for)

Because the company had been __________, the chief executive had to resign. Mismanage.

Bilateral (найти определение) two

Business conversations tend to be _____ and lively in Brazil . Fast.

buying or selling company shares using information only available to employees of that company *insider trading

Can you ________ us the background on this? (give)

Can you bring us up to date? (up)

Capital that a company has from shares rather than loans. (акция без фиксированного дивиденда, обыкновенная акция) equity

CD doesn’t this work player - This CD player doesn’t work. (C)

Companies are in business to__________ profits. (make)

Companies which specialize in recruitment are called ____________. (headhunters)

Considering something in order to discover how good or bad it is: (evaluation)

Could you __________ your radio, please? It’s far too loud. (turn down)

Could you just hang ___ a moment, please. (on)

Could you tell me what is your salary is? (is)

Could you tell to me why she left? (to)

Could you type up the ___ after the meeting? minutes

Cross out the word which does not normally go with the key word “investment” . To pay.

Cross out the word which normally does not go with the key word “profit”. To do.

Cultural awareness seminars, _____ the company only started five years ago, have become their most popular courses. (which)

Deal _________ an area of work. (with)

decided_________ down the factory in Belgium. (to close)

Demanding money from somebody by threatening to tell unpleasant information about him or her (Blackmail)

Detail, which is something I don’t like, which is something I must deal with. - Details, which is something I don’t like, which is something I must deal with.

Did she talk ___ you ___ her plans to leave the company? (to/about)

Dishonest (найти определение) not

Do you happen to know if they’ve finished? Have they finished?

Do you know where the interview room is? Where is the interview room?

Do you mind if can I ask what your weaknesses are? (can)

Do you mind if we come ___ to that later on? back

Don’t ___ Chinese visitors by introducing “difficult” topics. Embarrass.

Don’t be late for the departmental meeting, or you will get into ___ with your boss. Hot water.

Don't worry, I ____________ the lights before I _________ . (will turn off/leave)

During a routine… check we found a fault.

During the _________ period our future strategy was discussed. reconsider

Each person will receive a _____ according to their sales performance. (bonus)

Entrepreneurs need to be _____pp_____rt_____n_____st_____c and see anything as a way to make money. (opportunistic)

Everybody likes him. popular

Everything _______can be done will be done. (that)

Exboss (найти определение) former

Experts are worried that _________ is damaging the azone layer. (pollution)

Experts predict that there will be a marked shift from financial and technological capital to human capital.

Fair trade food has become a global __________ market. (niche)

Food __________ have complained at new charges on their exports. (producers)

Formal discussion when people are trying to reach an agreement. (negotiation)

Fortunately we withdrew the product as soon as we heard the first complaints, so our reputation was only__________. slightly damaged

Free trade is when goods come in and out of a country without any __________ or taxes. (controls)

Give the synonym to before: predict.

Give the synonym to do badly: mismanage.

Give the synonym to in favour of: pro-European.

Giving gifts in the UAE is more complex _______ in other countries. Than.

Good gifts for a first trip to South Korea include office items with your __________ . Company logo.

Have you __________ all the risks to our staff who remain working there? (considered )

Have you considered __________ your supervisor? (asking)

Have you read the report that which I left on your desk? - Have you read the report that I left on your desk? / Have you read the report which I left on your desk?

He denied accepting _ _ _ when he gave the contract to the most expensive supplier. (a bribe)

He explained __________ was wrong with the car. (what)

He first arrived in England ______May 23rd 1990. (on)

He gave the judge a _______ to safe his brother from prison. (bribe)

He got ….idea after talking to…..beautiful girl on a boat. (The /a)

He is outgoing among people. extrovert

He pretended__________ me, but I don’t think he knew who I was. (to recognize)

He promised _______my salary. (to review)

He refused _________ the contract until he’d spoken to his boss. (to sign)

He tried to cheat the bank by producing false documents, but now he has been found guilty of ____ . (fraud)

He wanted to be sure of getting the contract, so he offered the directors ____ . (a sweetener)

He was brought ____ in the country by his grandparents. (up)

He________a mistake every time he counts the money. (makes)

He’s responsible ________ ( for building our product package)

He’s wasting time ___________ to persuade her – she’ll never change her mind. (trying)

Help is always available with our after-sales… service when you purchase a new machine.

Hiding the origin of money (money laundering)

High quality leads to customer . . . . . . (satisfaction)

His driving test is ___ Wednesday morning. (on)

His parents __________ him study for three hours every evening. (made)

Hold ___ . We need to look at this in more detail. (on)

How about __________ for that job? (applying)

How do you feel about that? (about)

However, ….differences between….two are enormous. The,the.

hypercritical (найти определение) very

I ______ have taken the airport bus, but the last one had left so I got a taxi. would

I ______, on balance, we should… (think)

I _________ one of my special desserts for dinner if you like (’ll make)

I ________a good night’s sleep since last week. (haven’t had)

I …. you as soon as I get to my hotel this evening. Will call.

I admire our chairman. He’s a man of his word and is greatly respected for his ____ . (integrity)

I always find that a quick ______with my staff raises morale. pep talk

I am afraid I haven’t got ______ change – only a $10 note. (any)

I am wonder whether they’ll apply? (am)

I assume that you’re fully aware______their history. (of)

I believe that the benefits western farmers have enjoyed have resulted in widespread___________. (poverty)

I deserved a holiday (I’d worked)

I don’t agree with that at all. (with)

I don’t like my boss. He gets so _____ggr_____ss_____v_____ whenever I ask a question. (aggressive)

I don’t think he did it. He has *integrity and would never tell anyone anything.

I don’t think that book is worth __________ . (reading)

I had to listen___ dozens of customers complaining ___the price increase. (to/about)

I have just started a new job and have been thrown in the ___ end. Deep.

I have no idea who she is. Who is she?

I imagine I'll get a pay rise in January. (prediction, often with I think, etc.)

I must apologise _______being late. (for)

I really felt ___ at the reception. Very few people spoke English, and those who did, didn’t have much to say. Like a fish outer water.

I returned the faulty goods to the wholesalers and they gave me a full ___ . refund

I spent (spend) a fortune yesterday at a clothes shop.

I think managers can be too th_____ _____ghtf_____l. Sometimes they need to be impulsive. (thoughtful)

I think there’s a mistake in these figures. We will have to _______ the calculation again (do)

I think we can compete__ them. It depends __ the success of our new range. (with/on)

I think we should move on now to the next point on the agenda. (On)

I totally __________. (disagree)

I want people who don’t just work nine to five but are p_____ss_____ _____n_____t_____ about their work.(passionate)

I was very uncomfortable when I first started managing this department. like a fish out of water

I won’t lend you the money _________ you promise to pay it back. (unless)

I work as a ________. I have to find the best person for the job. head hunter

I would be grateful if you would advise your staff as soon as possible. Request.

I wouldn’t do that if I were you. Advice.

I__________ (not/sign) if I were you. (wouldn’t sign)

I_________I can’t see as well as I used to (admit)

I’d like to know how would your current boss would describe you? (would)

I’ll do all my packing tonight ________ I don’t have time in the morning. (in case)

I’ll join you later. I need to finish __________this report. (writing)

I’m ________ to get a job in television when I _________ university. (hoping/leave)

I’m _________ a doctor when I grow up. (going to be )

I’m going to put you _______ to my supervisor. (through)

I’m not sure about that. (about)

I’m not sure when does the interview finishes. (does)

I’m on a ___________scheme so I should be promoted soon. fast-track

I’m sorry but we can’t afford ______mistakes like that.(to make)

I’m sorry, I can’t _____ his behaviour any longer. (put up with)

I’ve lived near the airport for so long that I’ve got _______ to the noise of the planes. (used )

If a celebrity ___ a product, they say how good it is in advertisements. Endorses.

If an activity or action is_____, it is dangerous or likely to fail. (an adjective) risky

If I _____ you, I’d ask the teacher for help. (were)

If I ______ on the board of directors, I’d argue against the merger. (were)

If I ___________you, I would turn to a professional website designer. (were)

If Jack phones I ________ you know ( ‘ll let )

If the computer _________ you ________ someone from the IT department. (crashes/call)

If the council ________ all cars from the city centre, there _______ so much pollution. (banned/wouldn’t)

If the jury find him guilty, he’ll be sent _______. ( to prison)

If the order_______ made on-line to a US-based computer and paid in dollars, the transaction is not subject to French tax. (is)

If we________ on the Internet, we’d find it. (looked)

If you ______ (give) us a 10% discount, we’ll place an order of over 1000. (give)

If you _________ about your employees’ health and safety, make sure all relevant regulations are respected. Care.

If you __________ (not deliver) by Thursday, we’ll find somebody who can.( don’t deliver)

If you ___________ online, you’ll get a better discount. (order)

If you …….. your price by 8%, we’ll increase our order substantially. Reduce.

If you care about your employees’ health and safety, make sure all relevant regulations are respected. (a verb)

If you don’t hear from me, you ______ (know) I’m OK. (‘ll know)

If you have any questions, I________ deal with them after my presentation. (will)

If you hear about a new product from a friend or relative, this is called ___ advertising. World of mouth.

If you minimize a risk, you reduce it to the lowest possible level.

If you order by the end of the month we can give you a discount. Promise.

If you reduced your price by 8%, we’d increase our order substantially. (вид договора) bargaining

If you want to get_________ in your career, you have to have clear short- and long-term goals. (ahead)

In many countries, people make a comment about the weather to ___ the ice and start a conversation. Break.

In most cases, people ask _______ establish a rapport. In order to.

In most European countries, you ___ have an identity card on you at all times. Have to.

In my first job I was really given no help. thrown in at the deep end

In some cases we paid compensation (to compensate) but most customers understood.

In some countries, motorists are lucky: they ___ pay a toll to use motorways. Don’t have to.

In the end he bought the computer _____ brother had recommended. (his)

In the morning, she ……. new plans with her colleagues. (discusses)

Ingvar Kamprad, is no ordinary billionaire who, founded IKEA. - Ingvar Kamprad, who is no ordinary billionaire, founded IKEA.

Is Mr.Messier busy? OK, I don’t mind _______ for a few minutes. (waiting)

isn’t good enough it really - It really isn’t good enough. (C)

It is business etiquette in Brazil to ____ hands with everyone in your company. To shake.

It is his ideas that, have made the company so successful. - It is his ideas that have made the company so successful. (no comma)

It is important that your gift is the _____ you can afford. Best.

It is not enough just to_______ your best; you need to have ambitions as well. (do)

It is usual to ask your previous employer for a reference when you apply for a job.

it look right I’ll away into - I’ll look into it right away. (S)

It might be worth considering the benefits.

It only …..our laboratory half an hour to test all ingredients. Takes.

It was (be) clear that someone had transferred (transfer) last month’s salaries as normal but that 10% had disappeared (disappear). But where to? He couldn’t find it.

It was a great eye ___ doing business in Japan. opener

It was an expensive mistake but avoided bad publicity.(compensation)

It was extremely generous______you to let us use your cottage last weekend. (of)

It was foolish to risk so much money on the new dotcom company; we _______ have lost everything. Could.

It was scary! I had to sit in front of an ________ of six people. interview panel

It_____ and the ground was still white. (had been snowing)

It’s a big factory. Five hundred people ________ there. (are employed)

It’s a good idea __________ your supervisor. (to ask)

It’s no use ____________lies. They’ll find out the truth in the end. (telling)

It’s not worth_________ anymore time on this. (spending)

It's getting late. I'll give you a lift to the station. (offer, or willingness)

Jane _________me that you are thinking of emigrating (told)

Just tell us what you want and we________ it for you. (‘ll get)

Kathy _______ a few minuets ago (left)

Keep your receipt _____ you need to return the goods. (in case)

Lack of consumer…confidence was caused by bad publicity.

Leo’s been to Nigeria many times. He knows the culture inside ___ . out.

Let me show you an example _______ (what I mean). (of)

Let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Let’s look at this from another angle

Let’s start ________ (Touch Screen Command). (with)

Management had __________ the staff mood on the new regulations and certainly did not expect a strike. badly misjudged

Manufacturers of toiletries and cosmetics frequently offer free ___ for customers to try out their new products. Samples.

Many business people agree that a good . . . . . is just as important as the product itself. (after-sales service)

Many corner shops were unable to cope______ the competition from supermarkets and had to close down. (with)

Many jobs involve ______the things you don’t enjoy. (doing)

Many people ______ about the bad behaviour of soccer fans in the town centre after the match. (complained)

Many pseudo-companies use the Internet for dishonest “business”. _____ , consumer protection agencies receive thousands of complaints. (Owing to)

Market ……involves obtaining information about what consumers want or need. Researching.

Match the correct words to make partnership “price” Pressure

Match the verb “to capture” with the correct phrase. Somebody’s attention/imagination

Match the verb “to launch” with the correct phrase. An advertising campaign/product

Match these sentence halves: Sales went up beyond expectations, and Kernel Computers made a…Record profit of 150 million euros.

mismanage (найти определение) do badly

money given to someone to help you do something dishonest *a bribe

Money lent to someone so that they can start a new business. Venture capital./ start up

Money paid by a government or organisation to make something cheaper to produce or to buy. Subsidy.

Money paid by the government to local producers (subsidies)

Money risked or invested in a business. (заинтересованность в какомлибо деле) stake

Money that a company, organization or government receives from people. Revenues.

Money that you give or offer to somebody to persuade them to help you, especially by doing something dishonest (Bribe)

Money that you have to pay to the government is (tax)

Money which people or organizations put into a business in order to make a profit. (investment)

Most of us were _________ , we liked the idea of expanding into Europe. Pro-European.

My _________ is out of date. It doesn’t include details of my most recent job. curriculum vitae

My boyfriend……me as soon as he…. Will call, lands.

My brother…..all over the world. Has traveled.

My first meeting with our overseas clients was a real eye-opener. I _______ that style of negotiation before. Had not seen.

My first meeting with our oversees clients was a real _eyeopener__ . I had not seen that style of negotiation before.

My first visit to China was a real learning experience. eyeopener

My parents don’t approve ____ young people who smoke. (of)

My role is ________ ( to manage Marketing & Sales.)

My team leader is so ch_____r_____sm_____t_____c. I’d follow her anywhere. (charismatic)

Next Tuesday I_______ on a beach in the south of France. (will be lying)

Next year it will be the 25th anniversary of our company. (simple fact about the future)

No-one can say they don’t get value…for money with our company.

Not paying enough tax (tax evasion)

not with satisfied it I’m - I’m not satisfied with it. (C)

OK. Let’s get ___ to business. down

OK. Let’s go over what we’ve agreed. (over)

On the one hand it’s a good idea but on the other hand it’s…

One aim of all companies which sell goods or services is to increase their __________. (market share)

one topic on the list - heading

Organisations what are flat are more flexible than hierarchical structures. - Organisations which/that are flat are more flexible than hierarchical structures.

Organization formed in 1995 to set rules on international trade (WTO)

Our company does nothing illegal. We are very _ _ _ . (law-abiding)

Our company is ________ even greater risks from global competition. (facing)

Our engineers carry out extensive… tests before it leaves the factory.

Our new briefing pack is _________ and contains key information about the risks involved when working in certain locations. incredibly wellprepared

Outdoor advertising is growing rapidly because the cost of TV ___ has risen dramatically. Commercials.

Overseas companies are ____________ their goods and ruining our domestic markets.(dumping)

People _____ trust their staff are often good leaders. (that)

People are increasing their spending _______ the rise in unemployment. (in spite of)

people or companies that make or grow goods, food, material (producers)

Perhaps we could get back to the main point. (back)

Please could you fill in this ___________before the interview. application form

Please could you submit the ___ form by 22 August. application

Please hold _______ a moment while I find your records on our database. (on)

Please send a covering letter together with your CV.

Police are looking for a *con artist who is robbing old people out of their pensions.

postmerger (найти определение) after

Practical examples, illustrations and graphs can all be more useful, than words when you are trying to ________ something complex. (explain)

predict (найти определение) before

Production slowed down _____ staff shortages. (owing to)

proEuropean (найти определение) in favour of

Profits continues to rise ___ a slight increase in production costs. Despite.

reconsider (найти определение) again

Refusing to ______ is considered bad manners in South Korea. Sing.

Report directly __________ somebody. (to)

Right, to sum up then… (up)

Robert was arguing __ his boss __ taxation. (with/about)

Sales will increase if we _____ the product under a different name. ___ (relaunch)

Sam is gifted with many skills. talented

Sarah’s very keen ___ Spanish. (on learning)

selling goods in another country at very low prices, so that local companies cannot compete fairly (dumping)

September can be a difficult month ___ sales often fall after the summer holiday. Because.

Sharing a meal is considered _________ way for people to get to know one another. The best.

She ________ have gone home already- it’s only 3 p.m.. Can’t.

She agreed __________ some figures before the next meeting. (to prepare)

She also looks ________department. (after finance)

She always gets very good ________in her exams. (marks)

She asked the clerk if the bank__________for lunch. (closed)

She claimed she ___ ____at work.(was harassing)

She got into trouble for not wearing her uniform. hot water

She had mentioned ________ as a customer care supervisor before. (working)

She is conscientious and works long hours. hardworking

She is keen to get on in her career. ambitious

She is not very talkative. quiet

She is very lively, but her moods are rather changeable. unpredictable

She seems nice when you first meet her, but she can be utterly r_____thl_____ss. (ruthless)

She works too ______ . She needs a rest. (hard)

Should you wish to leave, please_________ us four-weeks’ notice. (give)

Since I first began (begin) working here I ‘ve taken (take) some of the office paper and pens home for the kids.

Six months is the standard _________. probationary period.

Slogans do not have to contain ___ information. They must be clear, ordinary and short. Brain teasing.

slowly bringing to an end (phase out)

Small talk is one way to break the _ice__ when meeting someone for the first time.

So it was surprising when some models were sent back. We made some modifications (to modify) and, as a result, we recalled (to recall) all products. (Modifications/ recalled)

Soft drinks advertising look like ___ and enjoyable drinks. Thirst quenching.

Some businesses are finding it difficult to adapt _______ such a volatile market. (to)

Some people saying being c_____ _____t_____ _____ _____s is a weakness but I think it’s a strength. (cautious)

Some vitamins that athletes used to take ___ (have now become illegal.)

Someone who a business sells to: (customer)-

someone who obtains money from other people by tricking them (fraudster)

Something that is given to somebody to persuade them to do something (Sweetener)

Sometimes it ______ really matter if you don’t know the culture. Doesn’t.

Sometimes it doesn’t really matter if you don’t know the culture. You just need to maintain a goodnatured attitude and go with the flow .

state of continuing to live or exist (survival)

Subvertising is ….combination of…. words subvert and advertising. A,the.

t’s high time he__________ a job. (found)

taking secret company information to help a competitor *industrial espionage

Tanya is someone you can always depend on. reliable

Target yesterday said it saw continued price _______ form rival Wal-Mart. Pressure.

That business trip to Thailand was a real eye-opener for me. That’s when I began to understand the culture. (idiom) eye-opener

That’s the ________ difficult textbook I’ve ever read. (most)

That’s the businessman __________ company is so successful. (whose)

The _____________includes a pension and an annual bonus. financial package

The advertising campaign will ___ younger consumers. target

The assistant to the Head of Finance was working (work) late when he came across the accounts which didn’t add up.

The authorities are going to look ______ the problem. (into)

The ball is in your court .

The campaign set out to make the juices look as ___ as possible. Mouth watering.

The CEO was arrested because she sold all her shares just before the price plummeted. (insider trading)

The CEO’s speeches are so m_____t_____v_____t_____ng. I always feel so positive afterwards. (motivating)

The company can’t pay its debts – I think it’s going ___ . Bankrupt.

The company can’t pay its debts – I think it’s heading for ___ . bankruptcy

The company was unable to pay its debts and went__________. (bankrupt)

The company, where is known throughout the world, has plans to grow further still. - The company, which is known throughout the world, has plans to grow further still.

the delay sorry about I’m - I’m sorry about the delay. (S)

The difference between the selling price of a product and the cost of producing it is called the ___ margin. Gross.

The dollar, the euro and the yen are all types of money. Currency

The economy’s still doing badly. The country’s been in a ___ for years and I can’t see the situation improving. Recession.

The Gatcombe Hotel, which is just outside the city is under new management.- The Gatcombe Hotel, which is just outside the city, is under new management. (extra comma needed)

The goods were poor quality ___ we returned them. . (so)

the government department that gives permission for goods to be imported and charges taxes on them (customs)

The government provided the victims of the flood______food and shelter. (with)

The holiday was more expensive than I _____ expected. (had)

the idea that government should do as little to the economy as possible and allow private business to develop without the state controlling or influencing them (laisser-faire)

The interview panel will draw up a shortlist of only five candidates.

the last topic on the list - conclusion, final, title.

The local import agent hands a customs official $100 in a brown envelope and the goods are let through the border. The money is a _____ or a ______. (bribe/sweetener)

The machine broke _______ after only a few days. (down)

The manager asked her to_______ with complaints. (deal)

The manager before you never said (say) anything.

The money that a business makes. Profit.

The new _______ campaign on the buses and underground is really imaginative. poster

The new boss has a really _____nf_____rm_____l and open management style.(informal)

the new industry in its early stages of development (infant industry)

The new policy of ____________ means consumers will be offered a wider range of high quality products. (deregulation)

The newspapers have printed everything and the police are here! There must be a *whistleblower in the organisation.

The next train to Newcastle ___________ at 3:45 today (leaves)

The participants will enjoy the ___________ of the countryside after a hectic week. peace and quiet

The people ______ work for us are all qualified. (who)

The people which work for us are all qualified. - The people who work for us are all qualified.

The person who buys a particular product for his or her own use. End user

The place where a product is sold. point of order

the principle or practice of protecting a country’s own industry by taxing foreign goods(protectionism)

The prizegiving _____ held every year. (is)

The process of people telling each other about something. word of mouth

The public was_________ by the pharmaceutical company’s arrogant attitude and its refusal to admit its fatal mistake. deeply disappointed

The purpose of subvertisers is usually to encourage people to think, not only about …products they buy, but also about the nature of …society they live in. The,the.

The results from our annual consumer…satisfaction questionnaire were interesting.

The seminar on “Motivation at work” was cancelled through ….. of interest. Leg of interest.

The shop assistant refused to give me my money back________ I showed her my receipt. (unless)

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