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Vinogradov VV Tumors and cysts podzheludochnoy cancer. Moscow: Medicine, 1969. - 184 p.

Lapkina KV, Pautkyn YF Билиопанкреатодуоденальный cancer. M.: UDN, 1991. - 112 p.

Shalimov AA Surgery and liver zhelchnыh tract K. Health, 1975., - 274 p.


Primary and metastatic liver cancer. Case rate and mortality.

Company growth and histological structure. Etiopathogenesis and holanhiotselyulyarnoho hepatocellular cancer. Prevention.

Symptoms of liver cancer. Periods of development and clinical forms.

Diagnostic methods: reaction Abelyeva-Tatarinov, radioisotope scanning. Sonography, CT, puncture liver laparoscopy.

Principles of treatment.

Case rate and mortality from prostate cancer. Prevention.

Pathomorphology: localization, macroscopic forms, histological structure, metastasis.

Symptoms of prostate cancer. The clinical picture depending on the tumor.

Diagnosis. The value of history, objective and laboratory studies.

Differential diagnosis of jaundice on the basis of tumor of pancreatic head.

Modern methods of examination: relaxation duodenohrafiya, endoscopic retrograde Cholangiopancreatography, CT.

Principles of surgical treatment. Results.

test tasks

(Correct answers are marked *)

test tasks

Patient '63 sick for two weeks when I noticed ikterychnist sclera been reported slight pain arching nature in the right upper quadrant. After two days of onset, was cal gray ochrodermia skin which gradually increased. When Dr. Jenny revenues to the department overall is satisfactory. When ultrasonography revealed Expand Mr. tion of intrahepatic and extrahepatic bile ducts and the main avenue at current pancreas. Which diagnosis is most likely?

A. Eral tumor and hepatic ducts

B. Holed at holitiaz with a schemlennya calculus in supraduod e onal cha s tyni choledochal

C. Cholestatic viral norm d e patytu

D. C and liver development

E. Tumor great do at denalnoho Soso h ka *

The patient in '60 jaundice for 3 weeks, started without pain intensity and AI increases. Abdominal palpation soft. P O positive symptom Kurvuaz'ye. With ultrasound biliary marked enlargement of the gall bladder and choledochal. What ne p shoprychyna these changes.

A. Pancreatic Cancer head room at zi *

B. Gallstone min at Rob

C. Chronic indurativny pa n kreatyt

D. Infectious gap and Titus

E. Liver Cancer

Patient in '62 turned to a therapist about pain and mezoh tive trunk area that radiates to the lumbar region, general weakness, poor Titus is up, weight loss. OBJECTIVE: patient subnutrition, skin and sclera pale yellow, soft belly. In the right upper quadrant palpable enlarged, baa with painful gallbladder. Urine dark, feces bezbar in ny.

A. Gallstone min at Rob, m f hanichna Jo in tyanytsya

B. Cancer head of pancreas, m e hanichna Jo in tyanytsya *

C. Hemolytic Oct ference I

D. P and renhi-Oct atozna I ference

E. C and liver development

              The patient arrived in '62 with complaints of persistent dull pain, HN S whose pain in the right upper quadrant. Periodically bouts of pain dramatically exacerbated. Last 2 Months appeared weakness, loss of appetite. In the history of the patient in '20 zhelchekamennuyu min at Rob, calculous cholecystitis. 0b'yektyvno: skin and sclera s in bekterychni, liver near the edge of the arc, in the region of the gallbladder is muscle stiffness. Blood: Hb - 93h / l Er - 4 (1012 / L, L - 6.7 - (109 / l, ESR-25   mm / h, total bilirubin 180.6 mmol / l. Urinalysis: a reaction to bile pigments positive for urobilin - negative.

A. Viral g e patyt

B. Pancreatic hall at za

C. Gallstone min at Rob

D. Cancer Gall at output at current pr

E. Cancer of the gall bladder at first. *

              Patient S., 48 years old, was hospitalized in the infectious disease department with complaints of yellowing of the skin and sclera of the eye. Examination: Ultrasound of gallbladder and bile duct stones not know and deno. Pancreas (head) is not increased. In biochemical examination of blood - a sharp increase faction straight at th bilirubin. Diagnosis - infectious hepatitis shot. Consultation oncologist - suspected tumor of the pancreas. What is OBST tion to VIC at Nata for further diagnosis?

A. Computer tons of mohrafiya with puncture *

B. Duodeno at graphy.

C. R e-graphy aneu n ka

D. Hastroduoden at oxidized.

E. Fluoroscopy (graphy) of the stomach and duodenohrafiyu

              To the doctor turned patient, aged 49, complaining of the appearance of yellow I baser for 3 weeks, skin itch, general weakness, CCS d tion to 6 kg. Borders liver Kurlov 15 x 12 x 10 cm, slightly rounded edge of the liver, under the edge of the rib fate liver palpable tuhoelastychne, maloruhome oval formation fo r we to 7 x 4 cm Stoel clay-gray. With a broken down bilirubin 256 mmol / liter, direct - 96 mmol / l. Your decrees front diagnosis

A. Tumor or cyst of the right hepatic fate

B. Botkin's disease

C. Tumor pa n e kreatoduod tional zone *

D. Tumor gall bladder at th

E. Dropsy of the gall bladder at th

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